Connor walked out of the security office and headed toward the parking lot. Roman had asked him to get something for Shanna,Radinka and the kids. Of course going in around mortal he had to take the lexus and he had changed out of his kilt into a pair of faded jeans. As he was outside he thought her seen something out of the corner of his eyes but he didn't hear anything of smell anything so he walked closer to the lexus. Pressing the button on the keys he unlocked the lexus but as he went to open the door he heard something coming from the guard house in front.

He turned just in time to see someon on a dirtbike jumped the fence and came flying toward him. He went to reach for his sword and forgot he didn't have it. He backed up several spaces and sent a message to the other that they had company. The person got nearer and when they were a few feet away the person jumped off the bike and plowed into him sending him back a few more feet and falling down to his back.

Just when he went to push them off BOOM. The lexus exploded and the person covered him. As they did so he felt breats pushing against his chest. A woman. It baffled him a woman on a bike just kept him from being killed. He tried to see her face and only coulde see her helmet.

Shouts come from the from the front as people ran out to the woman was still laying on Connor and she was hardly moving. Robby adn Ian ran up nad grabed who they thought was a man about to hurt Connor.

"Wait. Ian,Robby. It's okay."

They let her go and Connor sat up as she groaned and rolled on her back her chest expanding with a shaky breath. She was dressed in Black leather riding jean and a large leather riding jaket. Connor knelt by her head nad undid the helmet and slowly pulled it off.

The face he saw knocked the breathe out of him. SHe was gorgouse eben covered. Her hair adn a hundred different colors of gold, yellow, blonde and brown. But it was her eyes that held him as she looked up at him with pain laced behind them. They were a ice blue so bright it looked as if it could be glowing.

Roman ran up and knelt beside Connor who looked at the car on fire then back at the woman.

"Lass ye just saved me from being roasted."

She gave a shaky laugh. "Well why let someon die when they are protecting so many from evil."

He drew back she knew about vampire and still tried to save the smell hit him. She was injured.

"Ya hurt where."

She smiled."Its a good thing I wore a five pund leather jacket."

Connor went to ask what she meant when he saw her hadn go to her side and fold over something and with a hiss of pain through her teeth she pulled the large piece of glass from ehr side and toosed it to the side.

"It didn't go deep", she tried to assure. But Roman was already on her other side pushing her Jacket aside to see the wound.

"Like she said its not deep but it need to be cleaned."

Robby stepped forward to pick her up but Connor waved him away she picked her up in his arms. But froze when she groaned.

"Sorry lass."

"Its not you. Its my riding pants.. Wait can someon get my duffles off my bike. You might want to keep the one on the front."


"Because it holdes my weapons."

Robby and Ian fetched the duffles off the bike and followed the others in.
Connor followed Roman and Shanna into the imfermary and layed her on the bed.

"Shanna , Connor get that leather off her."Shanna went adn took the girls shoes off and looked up at Connor who face was slightly pink.

"Connor can you get her jecket off."

He nodded and helped the girl out of her jacket. Shanna smiled down at her.

"Whats you name."

"Jessica. Jessica Legend"

"Jessica. What are you wearing undering the riding pants."

She smiled."I have on some shorts... But its my side."

"I know dear but the leanther jeans will hurt you they stay on."

Jessica nodded and Shanna helped her pull the leather pants off. Connor the whole time couldn't help looking the woman over. She wore a soft loose tank top that just touched her belly button and know shorts that just cover her thighs. His mouth went dry. Bloody hell this woman was a woman in all the right places.

"Connor", Angus nearly shouted. He looked up when the hell did Angus Jack Ian and Robby come in.


"We called ya four times ye looked like you were sturck dumb."

"Sorry Angus I was just thinking."

Angus eyes glanced at Jessica who was being treated by Roman and then back to Connor.

"About what were ya thinking."

Connor did his best to hide his emmotion like usual an glare at Angus."I was wondering how someone could get by and plant a bomb on the lexus and we not know about it."

Jess anwered his question.

"It wasn't a vamp it was a mortal. His name is Vescon he escaped from a high security prison a few months ago. He'd been apart of the Russian mofia. He's an expert on explosives. Add to that he thinks lives are nothing but fly that need to be squached."

Angus sat in the chair near the bed."How do you know all that lass."

"I was a highly prised agent in the FBI."


She looked at the bandage Roman was putting on."I saw files in the computers that didn't make scence and I question the other agents . People though I was crazy expecially since the files disappeared and there was no evidence."

"What files?"

"On a case called the Apollo case were college girls were disappearing and suddenly reappeared not to long ago with no memory of what how I found out about vamps. Not to methion the night everyone forgot I heard what sounded like a voice in my head telling me I wouldn't rm,ember the Apollo case."

Connor and Robby exchanged turned back. "What ya do."

"What do you think I went against my job and against the law. The reason I was a prised member is becuse I can hack into any computer anywere. Even the pentagon given time. I was cuaght deleting files there about a Casmir. And when Vescon misteriously fot out of a prison in the middle on the water. I learned more about vamps. The I learned about the factions and the reasons to them." She gave an appologetic look to Roman. "I'm sorry I had to know and what I found astonished me."

He looked up with a quizical look she knew what he was going to ask and answered. "I hacked my way into Romatech computer and learned about the Bottle blood and vampire fushion cusine."

Roman was atonished at what he was hearing."What?"

"I'm sorry but I found out later that I was acually protecting your computer."

"How would you?"

"When I learned about the bottle blood and things I saw it was true there were good vamps and bad ones. When I pulled out I set up certain fire walls that told me if anyone ever tried to hack in and alert me. I was right to do that. Yesterday someone tried to hack in adn I was alerted. I traced the person and it led me to Vescon. I followed him her this morning and saw him plant the bomb only this morning I dind't know it was till I saw his face. I tried to stop him up he tied me to a tree out there in the forest across the street adn when he was someone come out and head to the car I got away but I saw I had very little time so I grabbed my bike and got over her as fast as I could. Please trust I'm telling you the truth."

Connor stepped forward. "Jessie-lass why should we trust you after you hacked into our computer."

With her wound bandage she sat up adn glared at Connor. "I saved you ass didn't I. You said it yourself If I hadn't came when I did you would be nothing more then a pile of burnt ash."

She turned at the sound of laughed. Phineas, Jack, and Gregori were tring not to laugh. She knew that black man.

"Plus not to mintioned that the cops not longer want Phineas."

Angus looked at Phineas. "And why would they."

Phineas looked at his feet. "I had an outstanding warrent I didn't want to tell you because you believed in me." He looked at Jessica. "And what did you do to make sure dudette."

She laughed. "Like I said I can hack into anything I hacking into the police mainfram adn deleted you record and your warrent from the system so you never have a problem with them."

"Wow thanks."

He held out his fist to her. With a shy look she knoucke pounded him. Then looked at Connor and Angus.

"Please at least let me earn your trust. Let me help you against Casmir. I owe her that."


"My best friend. I got to close to him a while back and he killed her thinking she was me."

Angus looked at Connor and Ian. "Well lads whast your opinion."

Ian smiled."She damn good if she can hack into here."

Connor looked at her as she started at him with ice blue lost his track of mind for a second. If she worked for them she would be close adnhe wasn't sure he could handle thet. Then again if seh was she would be forbidden adn he always followed the ruled.

'famous last word' his concious said.

"She know to much and she can't be controled so she might be of some help." He glared at her." But you Jessie-lass have to earn trust and you have started with saving my ass."

'A what an ass' Jess's eyes strayed to the tight fit of his jeans for a second but passed it off as looked hind his to the others.

Angus smiled. "Well then lass welcome to McKay S&I"