The day went back fast and Jess looked forward to seeing Connor. She remember many things and one was she had said she loved him out loud. Hopefully there wasn't a problem. Although she had a recollection of Connor carrying her last night. He had been so gently she hadn't woken up.

Her brothers questioned her non stop. Wanting to know what she had been up to. What was the deal with the then pointed out that she was a shifter and her a vampire there was no way she could have a life with him. No children. No future. He told her after they learned what they could and start working for Angus he was going to ask for them to be station else where.

"And if I wish not to relocate."

Tyzoon who was always closet to her layed a gentle hand on Jess's shoulder.

"You must come with us. You have no place here."

She hated the thought of never seeing her new friends again. Never seeing Connor again.
The hours passed and the vamps woke their quarters the found their wives and Connor and Roman went to see how Jess was. Her brothers Donovan and Daniel were sitting on the floor outside her door.

Connor looked around. "Something amiss."

Donovan rose and stood to his full high glared at Connor."She's locked herself wont let any of us in."

"Why not?"

Tyzoon walked up. "She angry at us."

Roman knocked on the door. "Jess its Roman could you please let me in."

Her voice came out but was muffled. "No I know my brothers are out their and don't teleport in.."

Connor looked at Donovan. "What have ye done to upset her?"

Donovan growled and stepped closer his crossed arms brushing Connor's chest. "It none of your business. What happens in our family stays there.."

Tyzoon placed a hand on Don's shoulder. "Enough you know that behavior is what made Jess lock herself in."

Connor gave Jess's oldest brother a grim smile."I'll talk with her."

"She said to leave her alone," Don growled.

"She'll talk to me," Connor smile grew at the anger on Don's face.

"You'll just complicate things.. Leave her alone."

Connor smiled so she locked herself in because her brothers said something about him she didn't like.

"Non the less I will talk to her." With a small laugh at her brothers he teleported in her room.

"I told you not to teleport in." She turned thinking it was Roman but was surprise it was Connor.

She quickly turned her back to him. "Please Connor leave."

He walked up and gently slid his hands around her waist and pulled her against his chest.

"Whats wrong lass."

He could feel her struggling to not cry. He kissed the back of her neck. "Tell me."

She stook a deep breathe. "Donovan said we all had to relocate. Plus Don was upset because he didn't want me involved with you. He said there was future with you."

She turned in his arms. "But I know there can be. There is for Shanna and everyone else."

Connor sighed "Your brothers arm wrong." She smiled up at him and it was his undoing. His mouth came down on her in an intense kiss that lifted her off her feet. He moved and layed her back on the bad and followed her down.

Meanwhile outside Don was made."Kyle use you lock pick and opened the door."


"Just do it.." With a sigh Kyle did as he was asked. When he got the door opened. They rushed in but came to a halt. The brothers mouths were on the floor. Connor and their sister were on the bed and engaged in some heavy petting.

Don cleared his throat. Connor and Jess sat up.

With a growl done stepped forward. "I told you to stay away from my sister."

Jess stepped in front of Connor. "Don enough you don't decide who my heart wants."

"But not him."

Connor laughed. "Well to late on that fluffy."

Jess looked at Connor and smiled but her brothers shouts drew her attention. She looked and saw her brother had shifter into his wolf form and was growling.

"Donovan no."

Connor pushed her to the side and Don attack pouncing on Connor sending then flying back.


Connor pushed the wolf a few feet he brother came at Connor stepped in front of him and raised her fist as Don jumped she struck her fist connecting with the wolves jaw sending the wolf back to the floor and back into human form.

"I don't give a damn what you say I'm staying here. Mom always told us to follow our heart. But your has turned to ice brother. Its time you find a way to melt it."

Donovan looked at his sister. She had always did what he said. But she was willing to fight him over something like her heart. Then he remember his mothers words about their heart should ruled most of their actions.

He slowly stood up and looked at his sister. Connor took a step froward and put an arm around her waist his finders gently caressing the side of her hip. Don was resolved his sister when her heart is set on something never back down and was nearly always right.

"I'm sorry Jess." He walked closer adn held out his hand to Connor. "No hard feeling I hope."

Connor hesitated for only a second then placed his hand in her brother and shook it.

"Nay no hard feeling... If ye don't try and rip my head off."

Don laughed his full laugh Jess hardly heard after he returned from the military.

"You'll do Connor. You'll do."