This is dedicated to all Tony/Carol shippers who feel they were robbed of at least one scene. This is my interpretation of what should have taken place during the episode "The Darkness of Light". No infringement is intended, the characters belong to whomever created them -- I just wanted to take them out and play with them for awhile. Enjoy!

Tony and Carol are standing in the squad room discussing the murders and their hinterland.
Tony: "Conscious or unconscious we only go so far. It's not that we're scared, we just act out of habit".
Tony walks towards her.
Tony: "We never go beyond where it is comfortable, do we?"

Time seems to stop. Her radiance is overpowering. His hands move to encompass her face. Her perfume is intoxicating. as he moves his hands thru her hair. He hesitates, and as if she knows of his hesitation, she moves closer to him. He again hesitates because he knows that to go forward will change the nature of their relationship, but he cannot help himself. So close, one more step, he takes it and his lips brush against hers and he feels the slightest murmur, and it is enough to urge him onwards. He deepens the kiss and she responds. All thought and logic slip away as he luxuriates in the feel of her lips on his. He prods a little and her lips open to entice him in. He tastes her and he feels flighty - how can this be real? So warm, so inviting. This is how he had imagined having her would be like and he is not disppointed. He has lost the power to analyze. He is engulfed in the seduction and warmth of her mouth. His hands are in her hair as he feels her arms encompass him and pull him closer to her body. Why has he not done this before? The rapture is inticing. The kiss deepens and he feels they are one. Something is tugging at his memory - pulling him backwards - he fights it but it is too strong. He feels himself moving away and he cannot stop - a mist seems to lift and he hears her saying...

Carol: " I don't know......"

For a moment Tony is speechless - could it be he remembers this missing scene??? Hmmmm...