Yo! The name is Amal I'm a huge fan of naruto … you can say I'm in love with him even thought he's an anime … any way this is my 2nd fanfic here even thought I didn't finish the first since I got bored of it anyway R&R … bye see you later

'Baka': talking.

'Baka': thinking.

'Baka': kuubi talking

'Baka': kuubi thinking

So let's begun ok? … Good!

Naruto Uzumaki: the god

There is one and only truth, a truth which everybody knows, a truth that cannot be denied, a truth about a single person, about Naruto Uzumaki; this truth has a story, along story about Naruto Uzumaki who became a god.

Naruto Uzumaki is a nice person, with a heart as big as the universe. There was no hate it even thought he grown up felling lonely and hated with no parents, family or friends. The poor kid didn't know where he came from nor why he was treated like this but even so he smiled bravely, some says its stupidity and some says its ignorance however they have never seen that that smile was a mask, a mask that hide his true self. One day, at night, he was wondering in konoha streets by himself, suddenly five kunai went flying towards him, and since he was only five at that time, he couldn't dodge them all, so 3 of the kunais hit him, One in his leg, one in his right arm, and one in his stomach. The poor kid started bleeding heavily, he couldn't move; he was paralyzed because of the blood spreading from his injuries around. He was scared and terrified, he was confused, his mind went blank due to the shock, he tried to know why it's always him, why was he the one to be beating around, why was he the only one to be called with hateful words? All this questions started to pop out in his mind while he seemed to fall deeper in his mind then suddenly he found himself in front of a huge cage, behind it a enormous figure with 9-tails swinging behind it.

He wanted to scream but couldn't, he wanted to run but his foots betrayed him, his eyes winded from fear and terror of this thing who is looking at him with red like blood eyes, which only shows hatred and rage, anger and pain.

"Wh-WH-WHO A-A-ARE YOU?"shouted naruto with a shaking voice.

"Me … I am the greatest demon in the world. I am the lord of hell, the kuubi no kitsune, the nine tails demon fox!"kuubi said with a sound full of sadness and rage.

"Y-y-you're k-k-kuubi?" naruto said surprised.

"Yes I am. Your father the yondaim sealed inside of you, to save this pathetic village" kuubi said with pain and hate.

"m-m-my father? … You're LYING?-" naruto screamed with anger.

"I wish I was kit, I wish I was!" kuubi said with sadness.

".. (starts crying)why? Why would he do that to me? What have I done to deserve this? I never did anything wrong? Why? Why does he hate me? Why? (Cries)": said naruto.

"… poor kit!" : Kuubi said in his mind.

"… (cries harder)…" naruto.

"Stop crying kit! He is not worth your beautiful tears. Stop crying, you're making my heart break to peaces … sniff": kuubi said while tears went down his furry cheeks.

".. (He looks at kuubi who's crying)... (Then he cries harder)… ": naruto

"I-I-I will teach you all you need to be the perfect ninja, I-I-I will help you train and become stronger, I-I will always be there for you? Always by your side naruto, always till death make us apart!" kuubi said while trying to cheer naruto up.

Naruto then stopped crying, looking at the huge fox with surprise of what it said.

"r-really?" said naruto not sure of himself

"Yes!" kuubi said

"Th-thank you!" naruto gives it a small smile that shows real happiness

"No problem kit!" kuubi said happily