Seba grinned at the General and the tech. "If you want, I can go divert the others and get you a little downtime…" she teased, making Bao Dur blush and glare at his feet.

She was surprised when the General blushed and smiled, and then said, "Would you, please?"

After a moment taken aback, Seba grinned. "You two head down to the cargo bay, I'll go distract the nuisances." Which meant Atton and Disciple.

Grabbing a jug of jialba wine – one of her last, the General had better appreciate her… efforts – she headed to the map room. She was in luck – both boys were there. Mira, Hanharr, and the droids wouldn't go near the bay even if – especially if – they knew what was going on there; Visas knew and respected the privacy of her Master; Seba couldn't do a thing to stop Kreia; and she could hear Mandalore chuckling already.

She grinned and sidled up to the arguing boys, who turned to head to the cargo bay before realizing she was there.

"Hey, Atton," she grinned, setting a hand on the table, "could you teach me Pazaak? I've played variations, but…"

"Can it wait? I needed to go see the Exile-"

Seba faked slight horror; they knew she was oversensitive to the General; and asked "Why, is something wrong?" in a voice just short of panic.

Atton rubbed his head. "No, no, nothing like that, we just need to-"

She clapped and grinned. "Then you won't mind showing me, would you?"

He grimaced. "Wait until after I've talked to her, okay?"

Seba sighed and sidled along the table. "Fine," she said, as he walked past, and then turned to Disciple "You know how to play, right?"

Atton froze midstep and whipped around. "Disciple? He drops his card half the time!"

"I do not, I-"

"You suck!"

Seba grinned.

Walking hand in hand with a certain Zabrak engineer, the Exile blinked as a Force vision came to her: Seba sitting before both pilot and scholar, grinning as she laid down a +/-2 card. Atton groaned, and Disciple whimpered; both were in their skivvies, while Seba had only lost her outer robe. Atton frantically scanned his hand, then turned to his partner in luck and searched HIS.

Seba smirked and made a little come-hither motion. Both boys sighed and stood…

The Exile shook her head. That couldn't have been right…

She was proved wrong as, a few seconds later, Seba sped down the hall clutching two sets of boxers, a pair of yelling boys hot on her heels, trying to cover themselves with nothing but a shirt apiece.

Seba stopped, turned to the General, and winked.