Chapter 1

The bar she'd chosen was nameless, to her at least, and anonymous. She'd needed a place where no one knew her name or who she was and this place fit that bill perfectly.

She had just come off a hard case. She'd gotten far too attached to the baby boy, Andy, and it had awakened a long-buried desire in her to settle down and, maybe even start a family. She knew that her co-workers thought she was oftentimes cold, distant, even maybe emotionally stunted, but she wasn't. It was all an act she had perfected to avoid getting hurt.

Usually after a case, she would grab a drink or a snack with Booth, the FBI agent she worked so closely with but, this time, she'd declined. This time, tonight, she needed something she couldn't get from Special Agent Seeley Booth--anonymity.

She sat at the bar, nursing her drink and watching the room. She was waiting for someone--anyone--to be bold enough to make a move. It was the only time she was ever passive. She didn't have to wait very long.

Special Agent Emily Prentiss of the Behavioral Analysis Unit of the FBI walked into the bar that she'd only ever driven by on her way home. The team had just gotten back from Miami the night before and Emily knew she would need a drink before she faced her empty apartment. She had managed to avoid going home last night by staying to do paperwork but, today Hotch had put his foot down and ordered her to go home.

So Emily had left, reluctantly. Emily's mind wandered back to Miami as she drove to DC. She saw, in living color, JJ walking away from her and toward that detective from New Orleans--Will. She saw JJ kiss the man and felt the crack in her heart widen. It didn't matter that she knew JJ was straight and that she'd suspected the blonde had been dating the detective on the sly, it still hurt to see her with him. She heard herself put on a convincing act with Derek and Reid before she walked away, unable to keep watching. Emily knew she had pushed JJ into admitting she was dating Will, she just wished her plan hadn't worked so well and that she didn't have to witness the proof of it with her own eyes.

Emily walked up to the bar and ordered a beer. She looked around as she sipped her drink. Down by the corner of the bar was a very beautiful brunette who caught and held her eyes. Emily let her eyes roam over the woman and she smiled as she noticed the woman tilt her head to the side.

Emily answered with a tilt of her own and a raised eyebrow, silently asking if she could approach. The woman gave the tiniest of nods, never looking away.

Emily grabbed her beer and slowly approached the stunning brunette. When she was close enough to be heard, she smiled as she said, "Hi, I'm Emily."

She looked at the bold woman and decided to take a chance. She smiled, "Hi Emily, I'm Joy."

And just like that, Dr. Temperance Brennan of the Jeffersonian Institute became Joy (the name she'd been given at birth), just another woman in DC.

Emily and Joy talked for a bit, small talk. They never exchanged last names or disclosed what they did for a living. Conversation was...superficial at best. Within twenty minutes though, Joy was in Emily's car heading to Emily's apartment.

They stumbled into the apartment, their mouths fused together as Emily kicked the door shut before leading Joy up the stairs to her bedroom. Clothes melted away and they fell onto the bed in a tangle of limbs. It was a long night filled with muffled screams and endless pleasure. It was just what they both had needed.


A/N: This has been floating in the back of my mind for a while now (ever since it hit me that both shows are set so close together. Feedback is appreciated and more will come if there is interest.