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Chapter 7

Dr. Lance Sweets stepped off the elevator on the BAU floor and walked quickly towards the glass doors that held the main bullpen for the unit. He stepped through the doors and took a moment to look around before spotting the person he'd come to see. He walked confidently towards the desk and stopped next to it and tapped the surface to get its occupant's attention. "Hey."

Dr. Spencer Reid looked up from the file he was reading and smiled when he saw who had interrupted him. He'd met Lance during his days at the academy. They were both eggheads and while Reid had advanced to become an agent, Lance had eventually transferred to the non-agent field of psychology, opting to be one of the non-agent support staff rather than go through the physical requirements of becoming an Agent.

Reid didn't really blame him, he might've gone the same route if it hadn't been for Jason Gideon. The man had taken him under his wing and had eventually pulled strings to get him a pass on the physical stuff. "Hey Lance, what brings you back to the BAU?"

Lance looked around then said, "Um, actually Spencer, can we go somewhere private to talk? I kind of need some advice."

Reid stood up, "Yeah, we can go into the conference room, there's no one there." Reid led the way to the round table room where the team briefed cases. Lance followed, actively ignoring the speculative looks cast his way by the two other agents in the room. He didn't know them but he mentally recorded their faces for future reference.

Reid waited until Lance was in the room before he closed the door. "Okay, we're alone now. What's going on?"

Lance took a breath before he explained about Strauss and her program and the current status of the partners therapy he was supposed to be doing. He then explained about Strauss'…well, threat was the only way Lance could describe what had happened in her office earlier. "I just…I don't know how to convince these two to continue therapy. I mean, they weren't exactly cooperative the first time around."

Reid took a moment to think about it and he realized that Lance had a real problem but he soon found a solution. "This Agent Booth, he's what you would classify as a 'typical Alpha Male' agent?"

Lance nodded, "Yes. Completely."

"And Dr. Brennan is… smart, analytical, and not a fan of the 'soft' science of psychology isn't she?" Reid had come across more than one person like that in his time with the BAU, though usually they were men who didn't think psychology could help catch a killer.

Again, Lance nodded. "Yes."

Reid nodded to himself, thinking it through. He smiled as he remembered that Dr. Brennan had a side job as an author. "Okay, how about this? Tell them you're doing research for a book, that you want to study them as part of that research. The same therapy schedule you had before with them and nothing changes except that you'll be doing research for the book."

Lance looked at Reid skeptically, "A book? That's your idea? What would it even be about? And why a book?"

Reid, accustomed to people not thinking as fast as he sometimes could, just smiled as he explained, "Dr. Brennan has written a couple of books herself so she knows about the research process of writing a book. I've read her books, they're very detailed and accurate as far as the forensics go. The interpersonal aspects though could use some work and really just distract me from the main plot but that's neither here nor there. As for what it would be about, you tell me. Tell me more about them."

Reid sat down and invited Lance to get comfortable too, he had nowhere to be and he wanted to help his friend, but he was also fairly curious about these two seemingly disparate people working together.

Lance sat down, not needing to be anywhere and he began to tell Reid about Agent Booth and Dr. Brennan.

He explained about their polar opposite personalities and attitudes toward just about everything and how, despite all of that, they still managed to work well together and catch killers. Together they had one of the highest case closure rates in the Bureau…second only to the BAU.

Reid listened and it soon became clear to him what Lance's book should be about. "How about this, a clinical approach to efficacy and focused outcomes." The confused look on Lance's face prompted Reid to explain further, "From what you've told me, these two shouldn't work well together. They should be butting heads at every turns, arguing more than they agree and should be working solo. Dr. Brennan in particular seems like someone who should be more at home in the lab than in the field and yet, she goes into the field and seems to enjoy it. I think it merits further study Dr. Sweets to see if you can discover why these two individuals who are like night and day, can work so well together. I think that's your hook to get them back into therapy for Strauss' program."

Lance took a moment to think about that, knowing that Spencer used his title to emphasize his role in the process. It made sense and he knew that his friend was right. He smiled, "Thank you so much Dr. Reid. You've been a big help."

Reid smiled. "Anytime Dr. Sweets…and if you do write a book, I'll look forward to reading it."

Both men stood up and shook hands. Lance agreed to Reid's request and he soon left the BAU.

Reid went back to the bullpen and sat down at his desk to finish his work. Before he could start reading again though, Morgan was at his desk with a curious look on his face, "Who was that?"

Reid looked up at Morgan, "That was an old friend, he just needed some advice is all. He was on Johnson's team for about a month before he was chosen for a special assignment."

Morgan nodded at the mention of one of the other two teams that made up the BAU. "Oh…okay. Well I'm heading out. See you in the morning."

"Bye Morgan." Reid still had two more files to go through so he settled in and continued his work. He noticed that Emily was still at her desk working and he smiled, glad to know he didn't have to be in the bullpen alone.

Later, after everyone else had gone home, JJ sat in her office with the paper from the doctor that had her pregnancy test results on it. She was staring at the paper, half hoping she'd read it wrong. But no, she hadn't. JJ lifted her hand and rubbed the bridge of her nose. She knew what she had to do, she just wished she didn't have to do it.

Before she could think about it anymore, there was a light knock on the door and Emily was standing there.

Emily had sent a text to Joy about seeing her, but she hadn't gotten a reply back yet so she decided to just head home, knowing that if anything, Joy could just come over to her place later. She noticed JJ's light was still on so she stopped by to make sure the blonde was alright.

Just because JJ was straight and with someone else, didn't mean that Emily's feelings for her would just go away. She was hoping that her association with Joy might help her get over JJ but she knew that was going to take some time. Besides, this case had seemed personal to JJ so Emily wanted to check on her.

"Hey, everyone's already left, you coming?"

JJ looked up at Emily and smiled, despite the gloomy mood she had been in just a moment ago. "Yeah, in a minute. You go ahead. I'll see you tomorrow."

Emily hesitated for a moment then said, "Keri's going to be alright JJ. It all turned out okay."

JJ just nodded, knowing that the case was the last thing on her mind but not ready to tell Emily anything more.

"I know."

Emily nodded slowly, knowing that sometimes, people just needed to be alone with their thoughts. "Okay, well I'll see you tomorrow I guess."

JJ just waved as Emily moved from the door and left. She took a deep breath and picked up her cell phone. She dialed Will's number and waited for him to pick up. When he did, she let out a shaky breath then said, "Hi, it's me…there's something we need to talk about." JJ paused as Will asked her what was up. JJ took a moment then said quietly, "I'm pregnant."

The silence on the other end of the line was deafening as Will struggled to absorb what JJ had told him. In that moment, he knew, that nothing would ever be the same again.

Dr. Temperance Brennan left the courthouse after her testimony. She and Booth had done everything they could. There was really nothing left to be done but wait for the jury to deliver a verdict. Tempe was walking towards her car, her day was over and she had no plans for the rest of the afternoon and evening. As she reached her car, her cell phone alerted her to an incoming text. She fished the phone out of her pocket and checked the message, smiling when she saw it was from Emily.

{hey beautiful, any chance I can see you tonight? –E}

Tempe got a warm feeling in her chest at the thought of Emily. She knew that if her father was freed, she was going to be responsible for him. Finding him a place to stay and keeping him out of trouble seemed to be landing on her shoulders. She was the only truly responsible one in her family, Russ was an ex-con with his own problems, and her father wasn't much better.

Tempe knew the jury had already been dismissed for the day and wouldn't bring back a verdict for at least a day maybe two. So she quickly typed out a reply, stating that she would be by Emily's house in two hours.

She got into her car and drove quickly to her place to take a quick shower and pack an overnight bag. She fully intended to spend the whole night with Emily and she knew she'd need clothes for tomorrow so she wouldn't have to leave Emily any earlier than absolutely necessary.


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