Rest Stop
By: Olivia

"She's talking in her sleep/It's keeping me awake and Anna begins to toss and turn/And every word is nonsense but I understand and/Oh, Lord, I'm not ready for this sort of thing."-Counting Crows-"Anna Begins"

"We're here."

Monica blearily opened her eyes at the sound of John's voice and the cessation of the car from moving. She looked out the window out into the darkness and saw John's house.

"John, what are we doing here?" asked Monica confused. John had offered to take her home from Novi, where they were investigating the murders.

John was already out of the car and getting both of their overnight bags out of the trunk. He popped his head back in the open driver's side door. "I'm too tired to drive all the way back to your apartment in D.C. and from the looks of it, you're to tired too. You can sleep in my bed and I'll sleep on the couch. We have to get back down to Novi early tomorrow morning. We'll save time this way. No sense in you getting up early to get back down here."

Monica opened her mouth to protest, but then closed it. She could see in his eyes that he was as tired as she was. It was a gruesome case they were working on. At least she had gotten some sleep while John had driven. There was no point in arguing. It made sense her staying here. John lived in Virginia and was therefore closer to the scene of the crime than she was.

Monica got out of the car and took her overnight bag from John. She followed him up the steps into his house.

"Just go right up the stairs. Second door on your right is my bedroom. Right across the hall from it is the bathroom," explained John.

As John turned to head towards his living room sofa, Monica said, "Thank you, John."

He turned back and gave her a quick, tired smile, "You're welcome, Agent Reyes."

Monica watched him for a few minutes as he turned and headed towards the sofa for the second time. Then she herself turned and proceeded up the stairs and into John's bedroom. He's being very formal these days. Wonder if he'd care more if I were Dana, Monica thought irritably. She quickly pushed that thought out of her mind. It was the sleep talking. She knew John cared about her. He was her partner, her friend.

Monica got undressed and put on her nightgown. She got into bed and pulled the covers over her. As she laid her head on the pillow, sleep quickly took back its hold on her. She breathed in deeply. She could smell John's lingering scent. What would it take for him to believe in extreme possibilities was Monica's last thought before she drifted off into troubling dreams.