Author's note. Inspired by all those cute Youtube videos about baby transformers. Sequel to 'The Autobot Prank.' You might want to read that in order to understand the story.

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The Mech's in the room winced as a certain purple Seeker made known his unhappiness. Trying to comfort him was Thundercracker with an arm around his trine mate who was bawling his optics out. It was little more than a few cycles since the 'incident' with the Autobots, an incident still fresh in everyone's processors, one they would all dearly like to forget.

"Those mean old Autobots" Skywarp sniffled noisily. His voice suddenly rose in volume.

"I want my Sparklings."

Megatron growled softly as he slumped on his throne, pinching the bridge of his nose, trying to delay the processor ache he knew was coming. It wasn't just Skywarp's constant wailing that was wearing him down, it was because he had been desperately, angrily trying to think of a plan to get total revenge on those accursed Autobots who had humiliated him.

To his left was his annoyingly treacherous Second Starscream who was moodily picking at some pink paint flecks on his armour. And was another thing was made Megatron boil with anger, it had taken ages to remove the pink paint that had covered them, in fact, there were still a few spots left on him. Needless to say the mood on the Decepticon base was not a good one.

How was he going to get revenge, how could he make Prime and those miserable Autobots pay? He wasn't going to terminate them, no, that would be too easy, he was going to make them suffer in the most humiliating way possible.

How to go about it was another matter, because though the same thought was going through everyone's processors, nobody had come up with a sensible suggestion.

"Prank phone calls indeed," he muttered, peeved that none of his soldiers had come up with a better suggestion.

"It's not fair."

Primus, was that idiot never going to shut up about those stupid Sparklings.......

Wait a minute.

Megatron suddenly smiled, a cold sneeringly triumphant smile as he thought of the perfect revenge. Oh yes, he was going to enjoy this.

"Skywarp," he said pleasantly. "I think I may be able to get you your Sparklings after all."

Author's note. Yes this is a ridiculously short chapter, but the reason is I want you to tell me which Autobots should end up in the Decepticons tender and loving care. Any Autobot you like, maybe someone could suggest one or two Femmes, and after all, Skywarp did want a few.

The next chapter will be much longer, with your choice of Sparkings. Till next time.