Rachel and me have added on to this poem but made a couple small changes to the rest of it to flow better. With that being said I just put the whole here again.

Enjoy and you reading mean very much to me.

He shouldn't be worth my time

He shouldn't be worth this pain

This is not a simple rhyme

My life is not a love game

I've spent to long crying

And too long wishing

Behind these blood shot eyes

My soul lies wilting

I have no wish to die

But no will to live

I have nothing more to offer,

Nothing left to give

Apologies will go unanswered

Forgiven he will be not

He's left me with sorrow

Felling lonely and Distraught

For trust no longer exists

With promises broken

Let the blood drain from wrists

Arms stained red

I pull down my sleeve

Yet the feeling never leaves

My souls turned black

From the endless feelings to lack

Let rivers of ash flow around me

For my no longer beats red

And forever my tears will always shed

*Okay before I end this I would like to say that I am very much against suicide and cutting, I'm not emo nor is my friend Rachel who help write this poem. If you ever feel depressed or have suicidal thoughts I will try to be there, I wrote this poem in honor of Robert a family friend who committed suicide a few years ago. Heres to you go Robert where ever you are we miss you…………