A/N: The inspiration for this story came to me one night when unable to sleep, I watched a few Heart-wrenching Jenny/Gibbs episodes. While watching the little scene in Judgment Day (part 1), between Mike and Jenny, it came to me as they were talking. When Jenny left Gibbs in Paris, he never went after her. Never tried to change her mind. Make her want to stay. If he would have went after her, fought to keep her his forever, I think they could have had a great relationship…However, he let her go, and she moved on, as well as he did. She left and pursued her dreams, he moved on and married Diane, ex wife number 3.

Jenny sat at the table in her and Gibbs apartment in Paris sipping black coffee and watching the sun rise. The sun hadn't quite managed to rise above the tree line yet, and Jethro was still in the bedroom down the hall sound asleep. Tomorrow they would finally be flying back to the US. The mission they had been sent on was finally complete after 14 long months of hard work. Jenny spun her cup around slowly on the dark wood table as she thought about the last 14 months. Working undercover, staying up for hours on end on stake outs, waiting to move to the next location. So many nights she and Jethro had sat up at that very table, watching and waiting…So many nights they had spent in each others arms, comforting, consoling, making love. She knew she would have to end the relationship. It wouldn't work out between them. They were co workers. He even had a rule against it. Rule number 12: Never date a co-worker. He had definitely broken that one…many times. She knew she would have to end it before they got in too deep. Before it was too late. He didn't fit into her five point plan, and she didn't want anything to stop her from getting where she wanted to be.

"Lovely sunrise, isn't it?" Jethros strong, sexy, sleepy voice broke the silence like a knife cutting through butter. Jenny turned and smiled at him. "It is..I'm gonna miss it." She took a sip of coffee and stood to pour him a cup. Jethro came up behind and hugged her, placing a kiss on her neck. She smelled of lavender and rose petals. "Take plenty of pictures. Then you will be able to look at it everyday."

"It won't be the same." She turned to face him. His deep blue-green eyes pierced into her eyes, taking her breath away. Everytime he looked at her that way she lost the ability to breathe…to think clearly. She hoped she wasn't in this too deep.