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Also, I'm going to list a couple things I'm borrowing for my fic (with permission), and who it's from...

Sparkling shells - and basically the idea of the spark growing inside the body for some time, before being transferred to a shell. The idea was (as far as I've seen) hummergrey's from 'If an Autobot, do NOT do the following'.

Certain lines, or prank ideas were borrowed from Tatyana Witwicky's 'Guidelines to Living with Robots'. I'll list what I borrowed, in the chapter I used it for, so keep an eye out. XD

And I want to thank everyone for letting me use their ideas. Thanks guys. ^.^

Warning : Rated 'M' for language and adult situations (mostly language). I've been watching my language so much, but sometimes the scenes just call for the 'F' word or something. XD

Summary : Two real world Trans-fans are simply hanging out one day, when they happen across a man driving a yellow Hummer. Immediately, friendships are struck, and the trio grow closer until... The entire world changes. One day, the man is just a paramedic driving a Hummer, and a good friend, the next...he's so much more.

Pairings : Mostly canon with some OC pairings. Not mentioning who yet, though (unless I already told you through Review Reply/PM/Msn/Yahoo) ^^

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'Internal communications'


(Scene/POV Changes)

(Bella's POV)

One downside to living in the city was the constant bustle of other people. Fire trucks, ambulances, police, gun fights... They were all far too common. And yet, the upside to that -and amazingly enough I could find an upside to that- was that after a while, you learned to sleep through everything.

It helped when I realized, the hard way, that I lived next door to a small building that amulances were dispatched from, just down the street from the hospital.

So the sirens were also easy to get used to, and when I did wake up to flashing lights and wailing sirens that would make most people throw their televisions out the window at the sound, I only rolled over, popped my ear plugs in, and went right back to sleep again.

So today, when I walked down the street, seeing an ambulance rush past was no big deal. It was a yellow search and Rescue Hummer H2, and my immediate thought was of a certain fictional medic from a movie I loved, but I shook it off. I watched the flashing lights, pursing my lips at the second thought of someone in danger, and then shook my head as I continued on. There's nothing I can do. A small part of me was angry, however. I'm twenty one. I have the grades to get into paramedics.

The thing about that was, I wasn't sure if that's what I wanted to get into.

Seeing a familiar bob of white-blonde hair, I rolled my eyes. Well, the style and the body it was attached to was familiar, even if the color wasn't. Again, Rika? "Hey, whitey!" I waved as the form turned, smirking with a raised eyebrow as she dashed over. She's gonna go bald, and I'm never gonna hear the end of it.


I shrugged, still grinning as I gestured to her hair. "Would you have preferred 'snow hoe'? What is this, the third time this month you've died your hair?" I tilted my head a little, reaching out to run my fingers through it. "You're gonna lose it and go balder than Britney Spears on a bad day." I murmured warningly as I shook my head. Then we both laughed.

"Don't let her hear that, she might come after you with an umbrella." My friend shot back, rolling her eyes. "Seriously. Good Musicians Gone Bad seems to be becoming alarmingly common, don't you think?"

"No offence to them, they're all pretty awesome in their own ways. Besides, it's not just musicians." I began walking down the street again. "Celebrities in general. They can't seem to stay married, get tons of kids and then are constantly in court over them, do insane things... I honestly hope to Primus I never get 'discovered'." I even used my fingers to make the air quotes.

"There you go again. 'Primus'? Seriously, you watch too much Transformers. How many times have you even seen the movies??"

Funny how I started out musing about my future, then talking hair, to celebrities, and now we were on Transformers, my favorite movie. Glancing to my watch, I barely stifled a laugh. Four topics in five minutes. Not bad. "I've seen the first one twice and the second one like..." I thought a moment. "Three times. Can you blame me?"

"I've only ever seen it once, so I wouldn't know."

"Mhmm." I nodded and raised my eyebrow at her. "How's the tat, Ri?" I smirked evilly when she blushed and stuck her tongue out at me, before moving her hair out of the way. There, at the base of her neck, was a small red face. The Autobot insignia. I nodded at it. "Nice, it's healing perfectly." Then I pulled the neck of my halter to the side a little, showing off my matching tatoo over my heart on my left breast.

She nodded a little. "Looks good. I bet it's easier to get the ointment there, too. I shoulda gotten mine there."

I laughed and shook my head. "Your own problem, missy." Winking, we paused at a crosswalk.

"But seriously, how cool would it be to have Transformers come to life? I mean, I think it would be awesome. I so call Jazz as my own personal guardian."

As if that'd ever happen. First of all, there's more than enough speculation he's Mikeala's guardian, if he's even alive. Pursing my lips a moment, I waited for the little white man to show up before walking across the street. "I think it's a toss up for me. Boss bot would be kinda cool, though he doesn't seem to have as much of a sense of humor-"

"Better than Ratchet or Ironhide."

"And let's not forget Prowl." I began counting on my fingers as we made our way down the street. "Sideswipe would be cool, but then you gotta put up with his pain in the aft brother, Sunstreaker. Prowl would be ok, but a total killjoy, not to mention, if the movies are right, he's not even on earth. Barricade would be cool, if he went neutral, or even Ratchet, just 'cause I'd love to ride around in a rescue Hummer."

"Yeah, well, if you ever get to ride him-"

I blushed. "In Him"

She paused, laughing quietly a moment, before shooting me a nasty sly look. "If you ever get to ride him, don't forget your seatbelt. After all, safety first." She snickered.

I felt my eyes widen, and I slapped her arm as we both busted up laughing. "Of course not! One must always wear protection when partaking of a ride." I laughed again at the look on her face. "But seriously, that's not even possible, girlie. First of all, I dunno if they even have those parts-"

"Some fanfictions muse they do."

"Some fanfictions muse the bots are like fast food restaurants, too. Fast, easy and cheap." I raised an eyebrow. "And other muse the twins are gay."

"Which is such a hot thought." She groaned slightly. "That, and Jazz and Prowl are together. Maaaannnn what I wouldn't give to see those bots in action!" Shaking her head, she turned off the sidewalk and into a park, and I followed her. "I wonder if Bumblebee really is innocent?"

"If they were real, he wouldn't be for long, not with you around." I rolled my eyes. "And second, before I was so rudely interrupted." I walked over to the familiar tree. "If they did have those parts..." I shuddered. "Holy pit that'd hurt! Talk about being split in half from the cooch up." I shuddered again as Rika nearly fell over laughing.

Rolling my eyes, I plopped down at the base of our favorite tree, where we sat almost every day, when we enjoyed a relaxing time. I didn't work, and Rika work four late afternoons a week. I'd been employed as a cashier for McDonalds, and I really did pity those who owned the place. There were no rules, what so ever. After dealing with being singled out by all the power hungry managers who got on my case for not being telepathic, I quit, so at the moment, I was still on Unemployment.

After all, was it really my fault, I couldn't read minds?

Every day my best friend Rika and I would get together, shortly after noon, to sit in the park and enjoy life. We'd sit and chat, sometimes we'd roller blade, sometimes we'd doze in the warm sun. But we always hung here, under this big, leafy tree. Sitting with my back against the tree, I smiled as Rika sat across from my on the green grass of the park.

"Oh! Did I tell you I saw Ratchet today?" I had to blink, the irony of the statement making me giggle. "And no, I didn't dream about him or watch the movie." I watched her raise an eyebrow and smirked. "And no, I'm not on anything." We both laughed. "No, I saw a search and rescue Hummer H2 heading down the street just before I ran into you."

For a moment Rika just stared at me, then she snickered. "Oh Lord. We'd better warn the driver to not freak out if it disappears overnight. It'll just be you taking it for a ride, I'm sure." She winked and giggled, leaning back when I playfully swat at her.

"Please." I scoffed, rolling my eyes. "I'm not Mikeala, as cool as she is. I know how to hot wire, but I'm not a mechanic. I can take things apart, I just can't put them back together again." I tried to picture working on one of the Autobots, and rewiring him backwards so he blew cannon blasts out of his aft and walked on his hands, and shook my head, dispelling the crazy thought.

For two hours we switched back and forth, hopping from subject to subject as we soaked up the sun. Unfortunately, before long Rika was up, stretching and complaining about having to work afternoons.

"Oh, please." I rolled my eyes. "At least you weren't the McDonalds butt monkey for two years."

Rika paused mid-stretch and seemed to think about that a moment, before shaking her head with a face. "Nice mental image there."

"Not my problem you're twisted." Sticking my tongue out at her, we laughed as we made our way towards the sidewalk. We walked back to my building, where we laughed again, before we both found ourselves staring in awe.

The yellow search and rescue Hummer H2 slowly drove down the street, the lights silent. I felt my jaw drop as it made it's way past us, the driver inside not even looking at us as he drove. Almost as if against my will, my eyes lowered to the door, where I remembered one of hte Autobot insignias being placed, in the search and rescue emblem on the base.

It wasn't there.

Sure, there was an emblem, but it was a normal one.

It was almost sad the way my heart dropped in disappointment. Even as the ambulance pulled over in the parking lot and the driver climbed out, I found my eyes roaming over him, absently comparing him to what Ratchet's human holoform would probably look like.

And in this case, I could honestly admit I wasn't disappointed.

A tall, lean man exited the cab of the Hummer, dressed in a dark blue paramedic uniform. He had tanned skin, with black hair that was layered to the backs of his ears, and when he turned around, I found myself facing deep brown eyes, and even white teeth that he flashed in a smile our way. He didn't look like he could have been any older than his early fourties, maybe.

Ok, a little old for me, I supposed, but damn! He didn't look it!

A nudge in my side caused me to jump, and I blinked, seeing the man raising an eyebrow at us. Smiling sheepishly, I felt the heat rushing to my cheeks as I ducked my head and turned away. "See? Told you I saw Ratchet." I struggled to ignore the heat in my cheeks as I chanced a glance at the man, noting he was leaning into his ride, revealing a rather tight looking ass clad in dark blue. "Hello cowboy." I wolf whistled loudly, and then realized what I'd done, spinning away again as he leaned back out of his cab to undoubtedly see who was whistling at him.

Rika was, by this point, on her ass on the ground, clutching her stomach as she laughed.

"I hate you." I muttered in embarrassment, causing her to laugh even more.

"Excuse me."

The sudden, deep voice behind me caused me to yelp and jump, spinning to blink dumbly at the man behind me. "Jeez!" I swallowed heavily, my hand pressing against my chest, where my heart pounded angrily from the start.

Brown eyes widened and he hefted the bag he carried higher on his shoulder. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to startle you." Slowly, his eyes seemed to narrow. "Are you hurt? Your friend?" His eyes glanced past me, his tone purely professional -with the faintest hint of amusement- as he seemed to scrutinize us.

"Huh? No. She's just laughing." I pointed over my shoulder at Rika, whom I could still hear braying in the background. Shaking my head, I smiled a little. "Sorry." With a bit of a shrug, I just...stood there.

Ok, so we both just...stood there.

He looked like he was uncertain whether to press his concerns, question our mental health rather than physical, or turn around and walk away, and I kind of felt like running off into my apartment, finding a hole and never crawling out. After a long moment, he flashed another smile and nodded. "Alright then. I should be going. I just started this route, and I don't want to leave a bad impression on my first day by being late."

"You are so lucky." Rika was at my side in an instant. "You drive a Ratchet-mobile! You wouldn't happen to know Sideswipe personally, would you?" She was grinning broadly at the man.

He laughed. Not just a chuckle, either, but a full smooth laugh that made you want to hear it more often. Obviously he knew the movie, and seeing as Rika seemed to break the ice, he seemed more at ease. Shaking his head, he rubbed the back of his head with one hand as he turned to look at the said Hummer. "Ratchet-mobile huh? I've heard a lot, but never that one. I tend to call it Old Yeller."

I got the reference right away, and giggled into my hand, flushing again when his eyes locked on mine. Down girl. I bit my lip as he smiled. He's really cute, though. Ducking my head sheepishly, I struggled to push away the thought.

"Old Yeller, why haven't I ever thought of that? It suits Ratchet, too." Rika was giggling, talking smoothly with the man, even as she draped herself over my arm.

I couldn't help the small bout of jealousy at her easy handling of almost any situation, and the way she got along with everyone. Of course I ignored the feeling, but that didn't stop it from hitting me now and then.

He grinned cheekily at her, before holding out his hand. "Oh! Sorry! I'm Richard. Richard Wrenchit."

I blinked a moment. "W...Wrench...it...?" I slapped a hand over my mouth loudly, as a cross between a snort and a laugh escaped me. Oh Primus! Don't laugh at his name! Don't laugh at his name!

Shaking his head again, he sighed with a smirk. "Go ahead, laugh at my name. I've heard it all before, trust me. Yes, I was the butt of some huge cosmic joke." He began to laugh again, in earnest, his eyes crinkling in the corners with laugh lines. "And I've gotten over it, too."

"I'm sorry." I blushed, cursing the easiness the blushes were catching me with and at the same time, flushing deeper when the sound came out more a muffled 'mrph' from under my hand. The giggles refused to stop, but I struggled to smother them, causing tears to come to my eyes, and my body to almost vibrate on the spot from the force.

He took one look at me and began laughing again. Then he reached out and grasped my wrist in a warm, strong hand, pulling it away from my face. "Breathe, or you really will need a paramedic. You face was turning alarmingly red there."

I blinked rapidly, the tears gathering in my eyes and cooling on my lashes as I gasped for air. At least I can blame the redness from the laughter. "I never, in a million years would have expected to ever come across someone with the name 'Wrenchit'. Seriously." Another bubble of giggles erupted from me before I could tramp down on them.

"Well, as much as I enjoy chatting with two lovely young ladies, I have to get back to work. It was nice meeting you..."


I jumped at Rika's shout and turned to find her eyes wide with panic. Realization set in and I turned back to Richard dryly. "Work here is late for her job." I pointed a thumb over my shoulder as I spoke, grinning wryly. "And I'm Bella. Well, Isabella Cameron, but I much prefer Bella." I couldn't even stress how much I preferred 'Bella'. It was so much more casual...like me.

"Well it was nice meeting you Bella...Work." He looked like it was his turn to muffle the laughter as he turned to Rika.

"Rika. Rika Kendrix. I'm sorry, but I'm so late. I gotta go." She turned and roped me into a quick hug. "Talk to ya later girlie!" She turned, flapping a quick wave in our direction before taking off like the hounds of hell were on her ass. Seriously. I was surprised I didn't see smoke rising from her feet with how fast she was moving.

"She really is...exhuberant, isn't she?" He looked a little dazed by her exit. Shaking his head, he glanced over his shoulder a moment before turning back. "I really should go, it was nice meeting you." He nodded and held out his hand.

I took hold of his hand immediately, my body warming at the heat and strength of the grip as I returned the handshake before pulling my hand away. "It was nice meeting you too, Richard." With a wave of my own, I turned and climbed the stairs to my apartment complex, grabbing my keys from my pocket as I went. Unlocking my door, I headed inside and closed it behind me, before leaning against the door with a sigh.

Oh my Primus, he's so hot!

Note : I bet you all think you know who Richard is...right? Well, at the moment, you're all very likely wrong! XD

P.S. : I did not come up with the title of the story, my mind was blank, so I asked Faecat for help. Thank you, Faecat. :) And this story IS finished, despite the (as usual) crappy ending. So no need to worry about the muse dying half way through.

And this story DOES involve at least two humans who are turned Cybertronian. Some people may consider that cliche so I wanted to warn everyone ahead of time in case you don't like that sort of thing.

Otherwise? Enjoy!

Written : Jan 19, 2010

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