Postscript: Notice Of discontinuation of the story

Yes the official notice that I'm not going to be continuing this version of the story but starting a complete rewrite of it. The new story, which the first chapter is up, will rather boringly be called Who Saves the Hero (AU Version). Do pay attention to the AU, as I've changed around the setting quite a bit.

Due to popular demand I've figured out how I want to publish this story both on FFN and AO3 but alot of things will only be found on AO3. You can find an easy link to my profile on AO3 on my FFN author's page.

Over on the AO3 side you will find the story and supporting documentation for the story. The Documentation section includes my Intro page, which I strongly suggest you read in order to understand the why of the re-write, Codex file changes important to the story And some Artwork, including drawings of Amanda Shepard! Explicit chapters will be fully published over on AO3, I will put in a notice when sections of a chapter are missing from FFN so you can go over there to read them.

Summary for the new story:

Humanity imagined many things when they took to the stars, yet they really didn't expect an alien attack, an almost invasion, and then to discover that they were very much newcomers to the Galactic scene. The Citadel Council has been in existence for 10,000 years, the Asari Republics space faring for 18000 years prior to its founding. In a galaxy where Humanity makes up less than one half of one percent of a population of three and a half trillion beings; one mere human, no matter who she is, feels like one impossibly small light striving against the vast darkness. How can one formerly dead human Spectre, working for a terrorist human supremacist organization she does not trust, prevail against the Collectors while attempting to discern Cerberus' true intentions? Where can she turn to for allies when the Council openly doubts her sanity and the Alliance does not trust her? When everything around her has changed during the two years she was dead, including her own body and mind, can she find something solid enough to rebuild her life upon?

Lazarus being brought back from the dead had been a miracle; to Spectre Amanda Athene Shepard that seemed to be the easy part.