Hueco Mundo High School

Chapter 1: First Day Jitters!!

"STARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRK!!!" a loud, somewhat shrill voice sounded as a petite girl was trying to wake up, in vain, her sleeping brother. "Starrk!! Come on, Wake your lazy ass up!! It's my first day of high school and I'm counting on you to show me around!!" Her brother's response was a simple yawn and a hand motioning her to go away. "Why do you ALWAYS have to do this the hard way?" she sighed, "Not that I mind of course" the young girl said with a mischivious smile on her face.

With a kick to his lower regions, her brother rose from his bed. "LILYNETTE!!! WHAT THE HELL MAN!?" a tall man of average build, with shoulder length brown hair, shouted towards his younger sister.

"Well, you wouldn't get up when I shouted, so what was I SUPPOSED to do? Hmmm?" Lilynette asked.

Starrk simply responded by placing his hand over his face, "Ugh... whatever, you might as well get ready Lily." Lilynette simply stared at her brother with an annoyed look on her face. "Well, I don't want you to be late on your first day after all" Starrk said heading towards the bathroom to make his preparations.

"This coming from the laziest man on Earth..." Lilynette thought to herself.

A few minutes later...

Starrk came out of his room and made his way towards the kitchen for a quick breakfast. He was wearing a lightly rumpled dress shirt and slacks with an open blazer. Starrk always had a habit of keeping his shirt tail out as well as his blazer open and he always wore comfy, but outdated, loafers. Lilynette was close behind her big brother and her attire consisted of a red mini skirt and a black tanktop with a neon pink heart on it. Much like her brother, Lilynette developed a habit of keeping her blazer open.

As the two sat down to eat their breakfast, a bowl of cereal and some orange juice, they were greeted by their uncle. "So, Lily, this is you're first day of high school, I bet you're nervous."

"Not really" Lilynette said with confidence, even though her brother knew better.

"Now Starrk, you keep an eye on your younger sister, keep her safe and make sure nothing happens to her" the older man said.

"Yeah, sure" Starrk replied to his uncle's request.

"Well, I'm off for work now kids, I'll see you both when I get home."

"Bye Uncle Dordonii!!" Lilynette said cheerfully as their uncle dashed out the door.

"Looks like Uncle Dordonii's got the right idea Lily, we should get going ourselves." Stark said bluntly as he got up and took the empty bowls to the sink. Lilynette simply nodded in agreement as she made her way toward the front door.

Meanwhile at the Campus...

A light blue jeep pulled up into the campus parking lot and parked. Out of the Jeep stepped a toned, blue haired man wearing his dress shirt open and blue slacks. He looked into the parking lot and discovered, much to his surprise, that he was the first one to arrive. "The hell? I'm the first one here? How lame..." The man said to himself just before another vehicle pulled up.

Inside the minivan, the young man saw a pretty boy with long blond hair and a Hawaiian shirt on under his school blazer, a buff man with long unkempt red hair on one side and buzzed down on the other. There was another man who looked more stern and kept his ponytail in a braid and wore the more traditional school uniform. And finally there were among them, a heavy set fellow with a bowl cut and a smaller boy with a helmet on his head, both wearing a more traditional uniform as well.

"Huh huh huh huh Hey Yylfort" the heavy set man said, "Your mom's got big boobs."

"Heh heh heh heh heh Yeah, she's hot! Heh heh heh" the shorter fellow chimed in.

"Aw come on bro, you've been saying that all morning" the blond haired man said.

"Hey! Yylfordt, I thought you'd be the last one here, or at least one of the last ones anyway." The blue haired man said as he approached the minivan.

"Normally, I would have been bro, but Mr. Prim and Proper back here wouldn't have it" Yylfordt replied as his friends began to exit out of the car.

"Yylfordt, Grimmjow, It's the first day of classes and I don't wish to be late, deal with it," the more distinguished looking man said as he walked towards the building.

"Dude, chill out man" Yylfordt replied.

"Yeah Shawlong, life's too short to spend with a branch up your ass," Grimmjow added.

Shawlong simply ignored their words as he entered the school building with Edorad silently following. Shortly after a silver car, looking similar to a Rolls-Royce, pulled into the parking lot. Exiting the car was a young man with semi-long, unkempt black hair and a pale white complexion. He, like all of the students of Las Noches High, wore the traditional gray blazer, but his dress shirt was black as were his pants. But perhaps his most distinguishing feature were his emerald colored eyes and the emerald colored make up he wore.

"Well, looks like King of the Emos just arrived" Grimmjow said with complete disdain.

"Yeah, I swear man that bro dresses as if he's either coming from a funeral or attending a Satanic Mass or something" Yylfordt replied.

Ulquiorra looked over after hearing the two's exchange of words and asked in a calm, monotone voice. "Shouldn't you two dregs get inside? Or are you trying to get arrested for truancy?"

"Bite me Satan-spawn!" Grimmjow snapped.

"Spare me, blueberry bumpkin..." Ulquiorra replied as he walked towards the door of the building.

"Stuck up little bastard... Who the hell does he think he is?" Grimmjow said angrly as he and Yylfort began walking towards the doors.

"Yeah, I know right!? Just because he has money doesn't mean he's better than us bro..." Yylfordt added equally annoyed at Ulquiorra's pompous attitude.

Shortly after Ulquiorra and Grimmjow's exchange an older looking car pulled into the parking lot to which seemed to calm down Grimmjow. "Heh, I know that car anywhere" Grimmjow said amusingly as he saw the owner of the car exit. "Yo! Starrk! What the hell kept your lazy ass?" Grimmjow asked as Starrk walked towards him.

"He was busy in bed, probably having wild sex dreams!" A shrill voice chimed in.

"Lilynette!! That's not an appropriate thing for a young girl to say." Starrk replied.

"Oh come on Starrk, I'm 14 years old!! I'm pratically grown!!" Lilynette said in an irritated tone.

"Doesn't matter, it's still inappropriate and I DON'T have wild sex dreams..." Starrk replied bluntly.

"When the hell did Lilynette become such a pervert Starrk?" Grimmjow asked trying to stifle a laugh.

"I have no idea..." Starrk replied lethargically as the quartet entered the building.

As everyone entered the building the first note of buisness was the introduction speech from Principal Barragan Luisenbarn. Of course all of the upper classmen had to attend as well since it also serves as a reminder of sorts to them.

"Ugh... every year that old fart gives the same speech." Grimmjow said in an annoyed tone.

"Meh, it never bothered me" Starrk replied.

"That's because you sleep through it like you do half of your classes" Grimmjow retorted.

"Ummmmm" Lilynette asked nervously, "Where's the auditorium?"

"Just stick with us munchkin and you'll be there in no time" Yylfordt replied when suddenly a loud voice boomed through the halls.

"AWWWWWWWWWWW MAAAAAAAAN!!! Why do we have to go the assembly NOW??!! I'm starving over here!!!" The loud voice shouted.

"Yammy... settle down, you're embarassing yourself." A familiar monotone voice said.

"But, but Ulquiorrrrrraaaaaaaaa...." Yammy whined, "I want bacon now!!!" Ulquiorra simply sighed and walked into the Auditorium with Yammy behind him. Soon after Starrk, Grimmjow, Yylfordt and Lilynette followed suit. Inside the auditorium all of the students gathered and sat in place. Lilynette, still a little nervous, sat with Starrk who sat with Grimmjow and Yylfordt sat with the group he drove to school earlier. Ulquiorra of course chose to sit by himself, or rather as close to by himself as he could get since Yammy sat close by him.

Other students started entering the auditorium, some in particular caught the attention of Grimmjow, Starrk and Lilynette. One such was a very tall individual with long black hair and perpetually squinting eyes and a look on his face that screamed "Convicted Sex Offender". Following behind him was another student who had blonde hair and under his vest he was wearing a white shirt with a yellow exclamation point on it. This one seemed enamoured with the taller individual as he seemed to be carrying not only his things but the taller students belongings as well. Elsewhere, another group of students were taking their seats, one of which had long unkempt black hair and tattoos all over his face. He also had a habit of screaming compulsively and sometimes incoherently and he enjoyed wearing shirts with eagles or phoenixes on them. Sitting next to him was another student with long flowing hair, much like Yylfordt's. Next to them was a rather large, but quiet student who, like Shawlong, wore a more traditional school uniform, and sitting beside him another large, but overweight, student sat with a eerily happy look on his face; it was clear that this student suffered some form of head trauma.

Sitting in the middle of the group was a short fellow with black unkempt hair and, like Shawlong, he kept his hair tied in a braided ponytail. The final member of the group was probably the most frightening as he sported long purple hair and wore a female version of the school uniform.

"Ugh... No matter how many times I see that you I always get the creeps" The shortest member said.

"Oh Ggio" the buff man in drag replied, "Your just jealous because you can NEVER look as beautiful as me"

"GEEZE CUULHOURNE!!! SIT THE HELL DOWN!!! I DON'T WANNA SEE YOUR PACKAGE!!!" The tatooed man shouted with disgust.

"Exacta!!" Was all the blonde haired student said in agreement.

"Hey guys?" The overweight student asked, "Where are the nachos? I'm kinda hungry, yes!"

"Dammit Nirgge!! There aren't any nachos and Avirama, STOP the damned screaming and Findore, If you say "Exacta" one more time I'm gonna bust you right in the nose!!" Ggio said clearly irritated with the whole bunch. The largest student among them simply ignored them and focussed more on his book in hand.

Further in the back of the auditorium Lilynette looked on at the display of the group of six. "Is everyone here that insane Starrk?" Lilynette asked her brother who was already taking his first nap of the day.

"Eh, it's just Ggio Vega and his group, they're pretty much harmless." Grimmjow said confidently.

Lilynette contiuned to look around at the auditorium and saw a group of three girls taking their seats, arguing amongst themselves over who knows what. Lilynette then elbowed her brother to wake him from his nap. Starrk simply grumbled something incoherent as Lilynette faced back towards the stage. Yylfordt looked around the auditorium and immediately noticed a pink haired, rather flamboyant looking student sitting on the opposite side of the auditorium.

"Yes! YES!!" The pink haired student said triumphantly as he was holding up an odd looking concoction.

"Um, Monarch?" a rotund looking student asked curiously, "May I ask WHAT exactly your making?"

"I'm "making" as you put it, a work of PURE genius!! A formula that can enhance the brain's output twenty fold!!" The bespectacled etudent stated. Yes! With this potion! I will be able to complete a whole YEAR'S worth of assignments within minutes!! And with MY genius, ALL of the answers WILL be correct!!"

"Truly, you are a genius amoung geniuses Master Szayel Apporo!!" Another somewhat rotund student said in cheer.

"But of course! I am the deliciously fabulous boy genius Szayel Apporo Grantz after all!!" Szayel stated as he laughed triumphantly. "So, who's going to be the test subject?"

One of his "Minions" asked. "Myself of course! After all, I will probably be the one to benefit the most from my newest invention" Szayel replied as he drank the strange concoction.

Elsewhere in the audotorium Yylfordt looked up from his seat to find Szayel drinking his 'smart potion'. "HEY BABY BRO!!! MAYBE NEXT TIME YOU CAN INVENT A GIRLFRIEND!!!" Yylfordt shouted.

"WHAT DO YOU KNOW OF GENIUS YOU POOPIE HEAD!!" Szayel retorted, in a sudden state of shock.

"Um... sir? I think something might have gone wrong with the concoction..." one of his lab assistants stated.

"Who is the creepy pink haired nerd?" Lilynette asked looking over towards Szayel.

"That's Yylfordt's little brother, the self proclaimed "genius" Szayel Apporo." Starrk said lazily.

"Wow, surprised your ass is awake Starrk" Grimmjow said sarcastically.

"It's kinda hard to sleep when Mandork over there is laughing like a deranged psychopath." Starrk replied.

Shortly after the various students' exchange, a rather elderly looking man sporting a gray, three pieced suit and a fedora stepped out onto the stage to take the podium. "So, that geezer on stage is Principal Luisenbarn?" Lilynette asked observing the elderly gentlmen preparing to speak.

"Lilynette!! Watch what you say! Principal Luisenbarn doesn't have a sense of humor!" Starrk said, suddenly awake and alert. Grimmjow simply laughed at Lilynette's statement.

"Students of Las Noches High School! I am Principal Barragan Luisenbarn and to you freshmen entering the halls of MY campus for the first time, I do NOT tolerate insubordination!!" Principal Luisenbarn said in a commanding tone. "And to you upper classmen, you're all a bunch of slothful, degenerate, perverted punks!!" The elderly principal stated somewhat angrly. "Back in MY day, we had respect for our elders! We NEVER painted ignorant little "pieces of art" on the hallowed halls of our campus nor broke objects haphazardly!!" Barragan ranted on as Starrk found himself awake, not due to the principal's speech but due to the sight of someone he'd never seen before.

Sitting among the three arguing female students was another girl. She had blonde, unkempt hair with three thin ponytails and tanned skin, as well as two darker lightning bolt shaped marks under her eyes. Her uniform consisted of the usual gray vest and white dress shirt which seemed to show off her well developed chest. However her skirt was a sea green color, and she also wore white socks and brown shoes. But perhaps the most distinguishing feature this mysterious new student had was her teal colored eyes. Starrk found himself captivated on her eyes more than any other part of her body, of course that didn't keep him from staring at other parts of her as well. However he kept most of his focus on her eyes, which seemed to have an air of authority to them but an hint of gentleness as well.

"Nor did we find ourselves treating women as objects for us to sodomize with our vast imaginations!! Ahhhh how I miss those days when we didn't have these horrific "hormones" or these "rebellious natures" or even worse, this "music television" I hear so much about!" Principal Luisenbarn ranted on.

Grimmjow simply rolled his eyes as Barragan's speech continued "Good god... he does the same fucking speech EVERY year!!!" Grimmjow said under his breath when out of the corner of his eye he saw a young girl with a build very similar to the blonde girl Starrk was starring at, However she sported bright green hair and a white beret which worked well with her uniform.

"NOR were we LATE when our elders were giving a VERY important speech!!!" The principal shouted angry while pointing his finger at the green haired girl.

"Eh he he he...." The girl giggled embarassingly "I'm sorry Principal Luisenbarn, I er, got caught in traffic this morning." The green haired girl simply took a seat towards the back of the auditorium after having been somewhat embarassed by the principal.

"Now then! With all that said, freshmen, allow me to introduce you to the faculty that will guide, or in the case all of you, ATTEMPT to guide you on the path of proper education." Principal Luisenbarn said. But before he could introduce the first faculty member a pink flash suddenly flew onto the stage. Szayel's potion suddenly took effect, however the result was not as he desired. The self proclaimed genius suddenly glomped Principal Luisenbarn and started cuddling him and talking to him as if he were his pet.

"Awwwwwwww, awen't you just the most cuddwy pengwin ever!!! I just wanna take you home and cuddle wuddle you fowever!!!" Szayel stated in a cutsey tone of voice. His fellow classmen simply laughed at the hilariously embarassing scene taking place.

"Starrk!! Dude!!! Check this out!! Szayel's finally lost his mind!!" Grimmjow said trying to break Starrk's hypnotic gaze over the mysterious new student. Lilynette had already fallen into the floor in a fit of giggles while Ulquiorra simply placed his hand over his face. Yammy belly laughed at the display taking place on stage as was Ggio and his gang.

"WOW BABY BRO!!! I DIDN'T THINK YOU'D COME OUT OF THE CLOSET ON PRINCIPAL LUISENBARN!!!" Yylfordt simply shouted while laughing at his little brother.

Principal Luisenbarn ordered one of the faculty staff to pull the potion crazed Szayel off of him. A large, rather buff, individual with a black eye patch over his left eye and black hair in spikes single handedly pulled the berserk Szayel off of Principal Luisenbarn.

"Come on nerd!! Off you go to "cool off" for a bit" The tall, rather intimidating man said as he carried off Szayel.

"I WANT MY CUDDLY WIDDLE PENGUIN!!!" Szayel shouted as he began flailing his limbs about in a tantrum.

"Ahem..." Principal Luisenbarn said, clearing his throat, "We ALSO didn't physicaly assault our elders, speaking complete gibberish while hopped on dope!! Now then, as I was saying, allow me to introduce the faculty..."

Standing up first was a man wearing a green dress shirt and slacks. He had light blonde hair and wore a white and green hat and seemed to have a perpetual mischievious grin on his face. "Greetings freshmen" the gentlemen began, "I'm Kisuke Urahara, I'll be teaching Science and Chemistry. Let's try not to blow each other up now" Urahara said with a rather mischevious grin on his face.

Next up was a rather pale, thin man who wore a white dress shirt and slacks along with a gray vest. But the most noticible feature on this man was his snow white hair and a perpetual cough. "Hello there students and to you upper classmen, welcome back. I'm Juushiro Ukitake, professor of History and I look forward to sharing my knowledge to all you eager young minds" Ukitake said cheerfully.

Following Ukitake's introduction was another man with long brown hair tied into a pony tail and wearing a bright red t-shirt and a hawaiian shirt unbuttoned over it. He also wore black jeans and tennis shoes and had similar stubble on his face as Starrk. As he approached the podium he yawned a bit before begining his short introduction speech. "Hey there kiddos, the name's Shuunsui Kyoraku and I teach the Literary Arts." he said as he stepped down and took his seat.

Next up to the podium was a woman who, though rather young, had a perpetual stern look on her face. "Greetings students," the bispecticled woman said bluntly, "I am Nanao Ise, and I will be teaching Mathematics. Bear in mind I will tolerate no nonsense in my classroom."

"She sure looks cute when she's grumpy." Shuunsui said looking on as Nanao took her seat.

Stepping up next was a young man with effeminate features and purple hair in a bowl style cut. His outfit was rather intertesting as he was wearing a bright pink dress shirt with matching slacks and a light purple vest. He also enjoyed wearing a red feather, yellow feather and a green feather in his hair. "Hello there students, I'm Yumichika Ayasegawa and I will HOPEFULLY instill into your minds the concept of beauty and art!" The rather flamboyant instructor said as he stepped down from the podium. Principal Luisenbarn then stepped back up on the podium and stated "And since he is busy tending to that hopped up junkie, Zaraki Kenpachi will be the one who'll keep you little hooligans in line and in shape!"

"Now then, you all will be handed a class schedule as you exit the auditorium." Principal Luisenbarn said, "Be sure you get one, because you won't be coming to MY office to get a copy because you were too stupid to pay attention!!" Soon after the principal stepped down from the podium and each student started to exit the auditorium, but not before picking up their respective class schedules. As most of the other students picked up their respective schedules, Lilynette's anxieties began to reappear. After all, she didn't know where anything was and from the looks of her brother, he was too captivated with the new girl to show his baby sister around.

"Starrk," Grimmjow said trying to get his friend's attention. "Dude, you've been staring at that girl the whole time she was in here."

"I can't help myself..." Starrk replied, "There's just something about her that just draws me."

"Yeah, I can tell she's hot but come on man, stop staring at her so much." Grimmjow replied, "You don't want her to think you're some kind of perverted stalker do you?"

Realizing this Starrk quickly averted his gaze on his class schedule and his attention on Lilynette who had already left in search of the room where her first class was supposed to be. "Crap..." Starrk said in a concerned tone, "I was supposed to keep an eye on her and show her around, and now I lost track of her. Damn it all...." Starrk said annoyed with himself.

"Come on Starrk, quit acting like a dumbass, Lilynette's a big girl." Grimmjow replied.

"Yeah but with guys like Nnoitra running around..." Starrk said, concerned for his younger sibling.

"Bullshit!!!" Grimmjow retorted, "That kid'll simply kick him in his shriveled balls if he tried anything funny. Besides, you're one to talk about being a pervert Starrk" Grimmjow said with a smug grin on his face.

"What the hell are you talking about Grimm? You know damn well I'm no pervert." Starrk responded in defense.

"Bullshit man" Grimmjow replied, "I saw you checking out that new girl, why else do you think you lost track of the munchkin?" Starrk simply remained silent after hearing that, after all Grimmjow was right. "Anyways, what class you got first Starrk?" Grimmjow asked.

"Looks like I got Ukitake first." Starrk responded.

"Heh, me too, how convenient." Grimmjow chuckled as the two walked out of the auditorium and headed for their class.

Elsewhere Lilynette was wandering around aimlessly trying to find the room her scheduled class was. "Dumbass Starrk..." Lilynette said angrily, "He was supposed to show me around and help me find these things... that asshole..." she said in an irritated tone of voice.

Before she could get anymore words out she bumped into another student. This student looked to be closer to Lilynette's age and sported short blonde hair and her outfit, again, consisted of the school's trademark gray blazer and a matching gray skirt. Her dress shirt was also white to go with the remaining gray pieces of clothing. "Hey, watch where you're going!!" Lilynette said annoyed at the other student.

"Hey you were the one who bumped into me!! I'm freaking lost here you know!" the student replied.

"Wow, you too eh?" Lilynette asked, "What class do you have?"

"Algebra 1" the blonde student replied. "But I can't find the right room... URGH!! This building is so confusing to me!!"

"Well, what do you know, I have that same class as well." Lilynette said, "Might as well walk with you then since I'd rather be lost WITH someone than be lost alone."

"Oh, there you are Kiyone, I was wondering where you went to" a softer voice suddenly chimed in.

"Eh?! MOMO!! WHERE IN THE HELL WERE YOU!?!?!" Kiyone asked suddenly surprised by the other student's sudden appearance. Lilynette simply stood there, confused as to what was going on around her.

"Oh, hello," the black haired girl said, "My name is Momo Hinamori and this is Kiyone Kotetsu. Pleased to make your acquaintence." Hinamori's attire consisted of the gray blazer and much like Kiyone, she wore a gray skirt and white dress shirt. Hinamori had a tendancy to keep her black hair up in a bun which she thought looked "cute."

"Name's Lilynette "Gingerback" Starrk" Lilynette said nervously reaching her hand out towards Hinamori.

"So, Lilynette?" Hinamori asked, "Are you looking for the Algebra 1 class?"

"Yeah, you know were it is?" Lilynette asked in response.

"Mmm hmm" Hinamori nodded as she replied, "Just follow me, I'll escort you both there, even though Kiyone CLAIMS she knows where everything is." Kiyone simply gave Hinamori a glare as the three new friends walked down the hall. A few minutes later the three girls found the room they were searching for. "Here we are" Hinamori said pointing at the door.

"Way to be a show off Momo..." Kiyone said, somewhat annoyed.

"Maybe you should have come to the open house Kiyone, then you wouldn't have gotten lost." Hinamori replied.

"Thank you so much Hinamori!!" Lilynette said cheerfully, "My stupid, lazyass brother was SUPPOSED to show me around some but he got a little distracted..." Lilynette said still rather annoyed with her brother's sudden aloofness.

"Awwww, don't say such harsh things" Hinamori replied. "Odds are your brother had some other things on his mind at the time and just simply forgot. It happens sometimes."

"Oh yeah, he had a couple of somethings on his mind alright..." Lilynette replied, "He was starring at them through the whole assembly."

Kiyone and Hinamori starred at Lilynette for a second, confused as to what she was talking about as they entered the class room. As the other students took their seats, Lilynette decided to take a seat closer to Kiyone and Hinamori.

Soon after everyone was seated, the instructor, Ms. Nanao Ise, entered the room and began calling the roll. Each student of course answered and then the introductions commenced. As the class wore on with the first lesson on Lilynette found herself a little bored and nodded off a few times, only to have Ms. Ise wake her. "Urgh!! ANOTHER one," the instructor said sternly, "Ms. Gingerback, PLEASE remain awake during class." Ms. Ise said, clearly irritated with her new sleepy student. Most of the other students laughed as Lilynette was suddenly awakend from her impromptu nap. As the class wore on, Lilynette soon learned that Ms. Ise would be on her list of "Un-Favorite" teachers, if for one reason, sheer boredom.

After the instructor's final notes and homework assignments, Lilynette took off with Momo and Kiyone to their next class, history with Ukitake. "Wow... NO WONDER Starrk sleeps through class..." Lilynette said disgruntled, "I mean Ms. Ise might be young but DAMN she's BORING!!!"

"That may be so but she really does love her job." Momo replied.

"Whatever, but did she have to give us homework on the FIRST DAY?!" Lilynette said, again, disgruntled as the trio was walking down the hall. As the three friends entered the classroom, Lilynette soon found that Mr. Ukitake was nowhere near as bad as Ms. Ise, for Ukitake's methods of teaching were more creative and interesting. Ukitake was known to bring in props and would have the class re-enact famous historical events, this aspect of the class turned out to be one of Lilynette's favorites and of course Mr. Ukitake quickly became one of Lilynette's favorite teachers.

After Mr. Ukitake's class came Phys. Ed, another favorite class of Lilynette's, after all of the two siblings, Lilynette was the more energetic. Starrk and Grimmjow ALSO had Phys Ed. at the same time and as usual, Starrk was sleeping on the bleachers when Coach Kenpachi walked up on him. "YOU LAZY BASTARD!!! WAKE YOUR SORRY ASS UP AND GET OUT THERE AND SWEAT!!!!" the coach yelled causing Starrk to run perhaps the fastest 100 yard dash in the history of the school, with perhaps the exception of Ggio Vega of course.

Observing this from the volleyball field, Lilynette couldn't help but giggle at the sight of her brother running. "Hehehe, serves you right ignoring me like that." Lilynette giggled to herself. Between the combination of making new friends and the sight of Coach Kenpachi's assistant and token adorable mascot, Yachiru Kusajishi, running Starrk around the gym, Lilynette's nervousness and anxieties about high school were quickly disappearing.

"Come on Mr. Sleepy Pup!! You gotta feel the burn!! hehe!!" the energetic pink haired child said chasing Starrk around. After gym of course was lunch, during which Lilynette took the opportunity to work on the homework assignment given to her by Ms. Ise.

"Um, Lily?" Momo asked, concerned for her non-eating friend, "Why are you not eating lunch?"

"Well, I wanna get this out of the way since math bores me to no end. And besides, I wanna keep my cute figure" Lilynette replied while working on the aforementioned assignment.

Elsewhere in the cafeteria Starrk, once again, found his gaze on the blonde haired student from this morning. "Ugh... Come on dude, you're gonna end up with Nnoitra's stalker rep at this rate." Grimmjow said, slightly annoyed at Starrk's gazing.

"Oh shut it, "Kitty" you're no better with Nel you know!" Starrk quickly retorted.

Grimmjow's eyes suddenly widened at this sudden information. "Wait wait wait, you know that girl's NAME?!?!" Grimmjow asked frantically.

"Yeah so?" Starrk asked in response.

"WHY didn't you tell me about her man?! Why do you have to hold out on me?" Grimmjow asked, again in a frantic tone.

"Dude, Nelliel and I go waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back. I've only known her since pre-school." Starrk simply answered.

"You bastard, why the fuck didn't you tell ME about her?" Grimmjow said, somewhat angered,

"Well, you never asked me" Starrk replied lazily. Grimmjow simply gave his trademark salute of a belch and a middle finger in response.

"Ok, seriously give me some info on her man." Grimmjow asked with a serious edge in his tone.

Elsewhere in the cafeteria another student was watching all the girls, thinking up a plan to snag a "random hottie" in his eyes. His eyes spotted the green haired girl from the assembly and like a weasel in a chicken coup he struted up to her. "Hey baby," the serpent faced student started, "How would you like to spend some time with the N-man?"

"Nnoitra..." the green haired stutent replied, "You hit on EVERY girl here EVERY day. You KNOW the answer is gonna be the same."

"Aw come on Nelliel, you know you want me, EVERY girl wants to get with the world's greatest lover, Nnoitra Jiruga." Nnoitra responed. Clearly Nelliel sensed the desparation in Nnoitra's voice, and being tired of the constant passes Nelliel suddenly got an interesting idea.

"You know what?" Nelliel asked, "I think I will take you up on your offer" Nelliel winked as she and Nnoitra walked out of the cafeteria. A couple of minutes later a loud bang sound was heard from the hallway followed by a very high pitched scream. Several minutes later, Avirama looked out the window and noticed something interesting.

"HEY EVERYONE!!!" Avirama screamed, quickly getting everyone's attention, "CHECK THIS OUT SOMEONE'S GETTING TIED TO THE FLAG POLE!!!" Soon after everyone was leering out of the windows of the cafeteria. Much to the delight of the other students, Nnoitra was suddenly tied to the flagpole, wearing the school's chearleader uniform and Nelliel walking off with a smile on her face.

"Oh and by the way Nnoitra..." she said, "the answer is still "NO."

Grimmjow observed Nelliel walking back towards the school and said to himself "Hot damn... This girl is after my heart." Starrk simply raised his eyebrow before Grimmjow quickly responded, "What? I love a woman who can kick my ass." before both found themselves laughing at Nnoitra's predicament. Ulquiorra simply took out his trusty camera and took a quick shot of the sudden "Spoon in drag" tied to the flag pole. With a smirk on his face the black haired wonder simply said "Click" as he took the picture. Lilynette had been working on her assignment as this all took place, little did she know that Starrk would tell her all about it later.

After lunch, Lilynette's next class was Literature with Shunsuei Kyoraku. She knew this class would be interesting since Mr. Kyoraku reminded her very much of her brother both in looks and behavior. Of course when the other students arrived they noticed their teacher was missing. Little did they know Mr. Kyoraku had been napping on the school's roof for the last couple of hours. It was about 30 minutes later that the other students began to worry, well most of the other students anyway. Lilynette knew about Shunsuei's napping habits and she knew why he reminded her of her older brother after all he was their uncle. Finally fed up with waiting Lilynette went to the top of the roof and awoke her sleeping uncle.

"Uncle Shuuuuun!!!" Lilynette said nagging, "class started over fourty minutes ago!!"

"Huh? What?" Shunsuei replied lethargicly, "It did? Whoopsie..."

Shunsuei then sluggishly got up and walked with Lilynette back to class. Of course not much of anything was accomplished due to the impromptu powernap of the instructor. After this, the final class of the day was up next. Lilynette found it hard to concentrate on the task before her, mainly because she couldn't stop focusing on the flamboyant outfit the instructor wore.

"This is this guy's idea of beauty?" Lilynette thought to herself, "He looks more like he came out of a fruit salad to me."

After the last class of the day, Lilynette frantically searched for her brother. Soon she found both her brother and Grimmjow starring at Nnoitra, in drag and tied upside down to the flagpole. Lilynette's eyes suddenly went wide at this "interesting" little sight. "What in the hell is this?!?!" she asked, somewhat shocked,

"We don't know" both Starrk and Grimmjow replied.

"All I know is, this shouldn't surprise me knowing this asshole." Grimmjow added.

"Ummmmmmm, okay?" Lilynette responded, "Come on Starrk, we gotta get home!!"

"YO!!" Grimmjow shouted, "You ARE gonna try and introduce me to that Nell girl tomorrow right?"

"Yeah, yeah, sure." Starrk answered before getting into his car with Lilynette, thus ending Lilynette's first day of high school.