Serenity at Age: 16 & Darien at Age: 23

Raye at Age: 20 & Jadeite at Age: 21

Lita at Age: 19 & Nephrite at Age: 22

Amy at Age: 19 & Zoisite at Age: 22

Mina at Age: 19 & Kunzite at Age: 21

Beryl at Age: 20

Molly at Age: 18


*Serena's POV*

Hello, my name is Serenity Starlight but to my friends I am known as Serena. I have just turn 16 a few months ago, I have also just finish school 2 years earlier than all the students in my year because I have been studying hard my whole life because of my adopted parents, yeah I'm adopted. My parents died when I was a baby I don't know how, no one knows, but anyway as well as studying I have been training and you might be wondering what am I training for well I will tell you I am a Werewolf Hunter.

You all must think I'm crazy, werewolves couldn't possibly exist... right? Well you would be wrong. My adopted father has hunter blood in him and they say that is why they adopted me because he could sense I had it as well. See this is what happened they were walking past the orphanage when he said he sense something powerful, he looked up and saw me playing in the gardens and that is why they adopted me.

Oh, yeah I also forgot to mention that I am the first female hunter can you believe it I am the first ever in history but anyway back to where I was. I am now on my way to college to study English Literature, IT, English Language and Maths. The college that I am going to is called, Sunrise College which is in New Jersey about 100 miles from where I live now, so I will have to move away from my adopted parents.

So here I am moving to New Jersey what can possible go wrong…