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Penelope stood in the mirror and although the faintest of scars was left, her fingers still traced it and she held it as remembrance of what had occurred, how it had occurred, and how power its occurrence had become.

From that one line she realised the love she held and who she held it for, she learnt who loved her and who was out to hurt her and at the end of it she was stronger than she ever was. She could look at that scar and not feel bad or self conscious, she had nothing to hide and she had nothing to prove to anyone. She was still Penelope Garcia, the loud mouth, loud clothed, lovable woman.

Scratch that she was now Penelope Morgan, loud mouth, loud clothed, lovable woman. Her surname on its own made her smiled. The scar was nearing 3 years old; her surname was wearing 2 years old. She never got tired of hearing someone state her whole name; every time was a new hit. She'd married Derek Morgan. The Derek Morgan, the man that she fell in love with from the word Gomez, the man that was her best friend and family before the man that would love her. Then it had happened, he loved her, she loved him, then there was the argument, her actual breaking heart and then eternal love. Now, now was where her hand sat.

Penelope's hand had dropped from her chest to her stomach and she smiled more. Another reason why the scar on her chest didn't matter anymore. The more important thing to her than Derek was their child. Their little boy that grew in her. At first she was hesitant to get pregnant, she didn't know if, with her heart condition, she'd be allowed to bear a child but with multiple doctor visits and a medication change she had the all clear and Derek and Penelope sure ran with it.

So she was 7 months pregnant, in a big house with plans to expand the family living in it and she had a husband that dotted her beyond anything that even she had thought of. Derek brought home flowers after every case, and made sure he remembered everything that was significant and made sure she was always happy and stress free.

Derek remembered dates like they were drawing breaths. Every birthday was celebrated in style, valentines was made special, Christmas was always blown right out proportion but each one she loved more with each passing year. The dates that were more significant were the night of the argument and the night her condition came out into the open and so was when she'd had the surgery, those two dates being so close to one another made Derek take Penelope away. The first year while Penelope was still regaining her full health he'd taken her to Chicago, the following year he'd taken her to France.

She laughed as she looked at the photo of them at the Eiffel Tower, he told her once they got there it was all for selfish reasons, he wanted to hear her speak that French lingo and she'd giggled and stepped in closer, her eyes glinting predatorily.

'Mon Cheri, Je t'aime de tout mon Coeur.' She whispered and Derek pulled her closer and she felt how hard he'd got. 'You're so easily turned on.'

She loved those little moments, but this year she wouldn't be leaving her state or country, Derek had everything planned but she'd be happy to just be with Derek.

As she flipped her hair she smiled, she heard the door go and she made sure her curls sat perfectly, and her clothes looked good. She then made her way to the stairs and headed down them. Derek was standing there with his back leant against the door, his hands on his head tiredly.

'Now, you want bed or food?'

'I want you.'

'Well look at me then.' He said as she continued down the stairs and he just continued to stare at him. 'Bed or food?' She asked him again.

'Well look at you Red.' He said and a smiled graced his face as he pushed back from the door and walked towards her. 'I think I want you.'

'Why would that be?'

'Because my sexy wife just made herself sexier.' He said and pulled her close to him like he always did, his fingers running through her freshly red curls, and began to kiss her passionately. 'Why the change?'

'Why not? I've wanted to do it for a while and me and bubba got bored so we decided to give daddy a surprise.'

'Well daddy loves it.'

'I'm glad... now let's get food because I'm eating for two here and we're starving.' Penelope told him and went to move away but Derek tightened his grip around her. 'Okay just a moment longer.'

Derek breathed in Penelope's scent, his left hand running the curve of her back, his other hand running the course of her bulging stomach and he just wanted this moment to freeze for a while.

In the 3 years since having Penelope die in his arms, he had made himself an inner promise, one to stick by Penelope every step in life and so far he had done it and he could never be happier. When they were at a stage in Penelope's recovery where the doctor encouraged light jogging as an exercise Derek had encouraged it even more.

At first she'd hesitated, but once she'd done it a couple of times she found her natural rhythm begin to kick in and her strength begin to redevelop. Soon Penelope was able to begin sprinting and she found it her best release from her heart condition.

Now he had his baby girl loving life and living it to the fullest and he was deadly certain that he was going to keep it that way. He had Penelope n his life, he had her as his wife, he had her as the woman bearing his child and he hoped to keep it that way.

Through all the heartbreak that had occurred came love, came honesty, came a happily ever after and the pair of them would cherish the day Penelope died forever.

It had brought them together after.

The End!

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