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Miz closed his eyes, hoping when he opened them it would turn out to have all been a dream. Miz opened his eyes reassessing the sight before him. He was still in the dirty bar and his boyfriend Jack Swagger was still screaming at the top of his drunken lungs at some poor intoxicated bar-goer. Jack was known for getting plastered at bars and starting fights with men who were smaller than him for insignificant reasons.

"Jake we need to leave now," Miz grabbed Jack's shoulder trying to pry him away from the confused drunkard. "This guy didn't even do anything to you!"

Jack whipped around, annoyed by the interruption in his bar argument. "Yeah he did! He tried to take the drink I just ordered." Jack grabbed the beer from the innocent man. "See this? This is my drink!" He shoved the drink in the man's face to emphasis that it was indeed his.

"No Jake," Miz said slowly, as if talking to a two-year old as he picked up an identical beer from the bar, "This is yours."

Jack looked back and forth between the two drinks, "But…he...I…!" Jack fumbled around for an excuse to continue and escalate the brawl he was in. Not able to find a reason, Jack shrugged; he turned around and sat the drink down.

"Good, now can yo-" Miz began, convinced his lover was done fighting, but he dropped off when Jack turned back around and slammed the drunk in the face with his fist.

The crowded bar erupted, everyone rushed to the bar to surround the two that were now scrapping.

Oh my God, Miz thought easing away from the fight and crowd, Why me? Miz slyly backed out of the crowd and ran through the doors onto the street where he quickly hailed a cab.

* * *

"Thank you officer," Miz signed one final sheet of paper for Jack's release. "I promise I'll put him on a leash next time." Miz led Jack out of the local jail house; it was the next morning, and unfortunately he was pretty used to the routine of bailing his boyfriend out of trouble.

"I'm sorry Mike." Jack said trying to sound meek, so as to not get in trouble by his lover again.

"Shut up." Miz wasn't in the mood to hear halfhearted apologies after being publicly embarrassed for the umpteenth time that month.

Jack followed Miz silently to the car, strapping himself in tightly, not sure of what kind of driving Miz would do when he was that angry. "If it helps, I won." Jack tried to lighten the mood by bringing up his triumph.

"And I care about you winning a stupid bar fight because...?" Miz gripped the steering wheel tightly shifting gears.

Jack thought, "Well this makes me the two-time two-time, bar-fight bar-fight champion and undefeated at that!" He exclaimed, a cocky grin plastered on his face.

Miz shot Jack an angry glare, "You've been in about fifty bar fights this month. How exactly can you be a 'two time champion' and undefeated?"

Jack's smile faded, his attempt to lighten the mood bombing greatly. "It was a joke… You used to think I was funny," Jack added taking the risk of sounding like an old married couple.

"Yup," Miz whizzed through a stop sign causing several cars to slam on their breaks and honk. "...And you used to be a lot less of an asshole."

"I'm not an asshole. How am I an asshole?" Jack was sure Miz was just upset over having to put up money for bail.

"Well for starters, there's the bar fights," Miz thought for a second continuing to speed down the street. "And you treat your boyfriend like shit."

Jack looked at Miz horrified, "Ok, how about I take you out tonight." Miz shot Jack a look to remind him of the previous night and the embarrassing encounter. "To a restaurant or a club or something- not a bar." Jack tried to give Miz what he wanted.

Miz finally came to a jolted stop outside their hotel. He looked Jack in the eyes; Jack's blue eyes and crooked smile always made Miz melt. "Fine Jake, I'll let you try this again."

"Excellent, meet me down in the lobby around nine. I promise I won't mess up this time," Jack happily got out of the car and bounded up into the hotel.


Miz stood alone in the club waiting for his date to get back. "Hey there Mike!" John Morrison called to Miz over the loud music, even though he stood just inches away. Coming to a halt next to him was his friend, CM Punk.

"Hey, guys," Miz said politely and continued to wait for his date. "You guys seen Jake around here anywhere?"

John looked at Punk for a second. Punk finally responded, breaking the silence. "Wasn't that him over by the VIP area?"

"Oh," Miz's face burned. "I guess he got caught up on his way to the bathroom."

"Yeah, I'm sure." John gave Punk a strange look as they walked away back to where they came from.

Miz stood playing with his hands for what seemed like an eternity. Soon he saw another person he knew. "Hey have you seen Jake?" Miz asked John Cena.

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure he's at the VIP lounge… Are you supposed to be with him or something?!" John laughed in shock and disbelief. "You might want to go over there and find him." John walked off laughing.

That was really weird, Miz thought his legs already carrying him towards the VIP area. The sight that met him as he walked up to Swagger, stunned him. "Jake?!" He tapped the blonde man who was locked in a sloppy embrace on the back.

Jack Swagger turned around, quickly wiping his mouth. "Mike! This random dude grabbed me and like- pinned me down; it was crazy!" Jack's lisp became prominent, letting Miz know he was lying.

"Is that the guy you got in a bar fight with last night?!" Miz's mouth hung open in disbelief.

Jack turned towards the man he had previously been kissing, "Well I suppose it is!" Jack said trying to sound shocked.

Miz turned around in a huff ready to leave. Jack grabbed his arm stopping him, "Can I at least explain?"

Miz rolled his eyes, his weakness for Jack's gorgeous face working against him now. "You have one minute…starting now!"

"You know I don't try to hurt you, but sometimes stuff just happens. You know I'd never have sex with another guy... or do anything more than a little kiss or something here and there. I'm sorry please don't be mad."

Miz stared at Jack disgusted with his horrible explanation, and child like apology. "I'm leaving Jake, goodbye." Miz pulled away and left the club, tears threatening to soak his face.


"…long story short, why are you with him? Lose the asshole, get with the large pole. ;)

From, Your secret admirer."

Miz finished ready the silly card, that came with the bouquet of clichéd roses he found sitting outside his door. This was definitely Jack's kind of humor: to set a false trail for Miz to follow that would lead Miz right back to him. Miz sighed making his way down the hallway to Jack's room. "I think these are yours." Miz barged through the door and shoved the flowers to Jack, not convinced to take him back yet.

"You got me flowers?" Jack asked, a large smile coming across his face.

"What? No I…" Miz was cut off as Jack squeezed him in a tight embrace.

"Thank you! I promise you won't regret taking me back this time!"

"You didn't get me these?" Miz snatched the flowers back looking at the card over again.

"No. Why? Did someone else get you those?" Jack's jealous side shone through. "Who?!" He grabbed at the roses.

"My secret admirer," Miz's eyes shone; he was clearly amused at the squirming Jack Swagger. This was going to be fun.

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