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A/N from Kirbey: I felt bad for Swagger so I thought I'd make it up to him, plus Dolph deserves a chapter from his POV. So enjoy the final piece of awsomeness. (Or else...[yes that is a threat]...)

Dolph snapped his head up from his computer screen- he was almost positive he heard footsteps. It could've been his roommate, but he was sure it would be awhile till John got back. He heard rustling and more footsteps. "John? Hey, John how'd it go?"

The sounds fell silent like the person was trying not to be heard now. Dolph placed his laptop on the ground behind him and stood cautiously. He was used to dealing with crazy fans and anyone crazy enough to break into his hotel room couldn't have just wanted an autograph.

"Hey, you better leave right now. I beat people up for a living, you know," Dolph lied. Maybe the person was actually naïve enough to still believe wrestling was real. He slowly rounded the corner ready to defend himself against the intruder. Dolph finally laid eyes on a wide eyed Jack Swagger.

"Jake what the fuck are you doing in my room?" Dolph relaxed out of the defensive stance he had positioned himself in.

"You're hallucinating," Jack waved his hands in front of his face as if to appear mystical and dreamlike.

"These are not the droids you are looking for. You aren't a Jedi Jake," Dolph laughed for a second then turned his face back to his fierce serious look. "Why the fuck are you here?"

"I was just seeing how you were doing," Jack lied trying to find a way out of his predicament.

"Don't try that gay shit on me, what do you want?" Dolph asked moving a step back away from Swagger.

"Umm don't get mad, but I was here to rob you. I-" Jack began.

"What do you mean don't get mad? Why the fuck are you trying to rob me?" Dolph exploded cutting off Jack.

"Well, I wasn't robbing you exactly I was robbing John, is that cool?" Jack asked hoping maybe Dolph would just let him get on with his plan.

"Let me think, let a giant-ape like gay guy rob my roommate. Hmmm, yeah that's cool Jake, I'll just let you get back to your business," Dolph's words oozed sarcasm.

Jack visibly relaxed, "Oh thank god I thought you might tell him or be mad or something."

Dolph rolled his eyes, "I was being sarcastic stupid. Why do you want to rob John anyway?"

Jack looked away uneasily, "I can't tell you."

"You can either tell me or we can wait for John to get here and tell him. Either way…" Dolph trailed off, certain Jack would rather talk to him, than risk explaining to John.

Jack looked defeated, "I need to get revenge on him."

"For what?"

"He took Mike away from me," Jack confessed.

Dolph snorted, "You sound pathetic, even for a gay guy. Listen I was working on something in the bedroom, you want to come sit with me in there so you can tell me about it?" Jack's face perked up a little. "Oh, please, I'm not a homo, so don't try anything ok?"

Jack nodded and followed him to the dimly lit bedroom. Dolph lied down on the bed and sat his laptop across his stomach, Jack plopped himself down next to him. Dolph shot him a warning glance.

Jack held up his hands in mock innocence, "I'm not doing anything Nick, I'm just sitting."

"Keep it like that. Go ahead tell me your pathetic homosexual love story." Dolph began tapping away on his keyboard.

Jack started from the very top of the story and recounted the entire thing. "And now here I am needing to get revenge and here you are stopping me," Jack concluded his voice becoming horse.

Dolph nodded slowly processing everything that had been said; his fingers stopped tapping, "So you broke into a hotel room and tried to rob your 'arch rival'," Dolph used Jack's words, "because some little faux-hawk haired orange guy decided to fuck with your head? Yeah, that's the way to go."

"But me and Mike were in love. He's-"

Dolph quickly cut Jack off, "If you're so in love then why's he in his room most likely giving John a blowjob right now?"

"Well what you've got to understand about Mike is-" Jack was cut off again.

"Jake get over yourself. Mike didn't love you- he barely liked you. He just liked your gay boy sex." Dolph pretended to start typing on his computer again as though he wasn't nearly as interested as he really was.

"I've been with him for so long though…" Jack trailed off; Dolph's words stung a little bit.

"There are other guy's who you can be with I'm sure," Dolph said nonchalantly.

"But it won't be the same…" Jack knew Dolph was right, but it was difficult to think that way so soon.

"Yeah you're right it'll be better cause the guy will actually love you… and he won't be orange," Dolph added to alleviate the impact of what he had just said. Jack snickered for a second then let the room fall into complete silence. He stared at Dolph's illuminated face trying to read him. The guy claimed to be homophobic but not only did he room with a gay guy he also invited homosexuals into his bedroom willy nilly.

Dolph looked up at Jack, "What?"

Jack shook his head, "Nothing, just thinking."

"Don't hurt yourself," Dolph teased. He swiped his platinum blonde hair out of his face and began tapping at his keyboard yet again.

"Hey, Nick," Jack began trying to build up courage.


Jack backed out, what if he was wrong? "Nothing."

Dolph rolled his eyes and continued typing.

Jack decided to try a different approach, "Hey Nick."

"What?" Dolph was becoming annoyed.

"Nevermind," Jack was discouraged by Dolph's anger.

"God damn Jake just say whatever it is." Dolph looked up at Jack's face.

Jack quickly averted his eyes, "You're really cute Nick."

Nick looked at Jack sincerely and said in his sweetest voice, "Get the fuck out."

Jack had expected this was going to happen, he stood quickly and trudged towards the exit.

"Wait a minute Jake, come back, you don't have to leave, just no more gay shit." Dolph changed his mind- he sort of enjoyed having Jack around for company.

Jack happily sat back down on the bed next to Dolph, "I'll try." The two sat in silence for a few moments. "But haven't you ever been the slightest bit curious?" Jack tried again.

"No," Dolph said abruptly, he stopped typing but moved his fingers over the keyboard to give the illusion that he was in fact typing.

"You know there's this statistic that says 99% of straight people in the world have a crush on someone of the same sex as them." Jack continued to pry.

"Hi," Dolph said still pretending to type, "I'm Mr. 1% nice to meet you."

"Come on Dolph, it wouldn't be fair if someone as cute as you was the one percent who never had a same sex crush."

"Sorry," Dolph looked at Jack through his peripheral vision.

"Oh come on Nick, you can tell me who your man crush is. It'll be like our secret."

Dolph looked up completely and stopped pretending to type, "I don't have a man crush. Didn't I say no gay stuff?"

"Please just tell me," Jack begged.

"Why are you so interested anyway?" Dolph locked eyes with Jack making Jack's entire face blush beet red.

He shrugged, "I don't know, just curious."

"Ok, I'll tell you but you can tell no one." Dolph broke his gaze and began fake typing again. Jack nodded in agreement. "I guess if I was gay I would probably have my sights set on John."

Jack's face suddenly changed to a look of disgust, "Ugh, why that asshole?"

Dolph shrugged, "I don't know, he just seems sweet and I guess if I was gay he'd be kind of cute."

Jack's face twisted up even more, even as he tried to relax it. "What kind of girls are you typically into?" He seemingly changed the subject making Dolph a little more relaxed.

"I typically go for those hot bombshell type of girls. You know the kind: tall, blonde hair, huge boobs, maybe blue eyes." Dolph said grinning, most of him was relived to be off the subject of all that gay stuff, but a small part of him liked confessing to Jack.

"Well there are some guys you work with who are sweet and tall with blonde hair and blue eyes. And maybe they don't have big boobs but they could make up for it somewhere else," Jack said grinning, he adjusted himself on the bed.

"Like you?" Dolph's words slipped out of his mouth without going through his filter, it was a bad habit of his. He swallowed hard as though it might take back the words he had just said. He tried to compensate, "That's gay."

"Exactly," said Jack, he reached towards Dolph's face and pushed hair out of his eyes.

"Don't touch me fag," Dolph barked but he made no attempt to stop Jack as he continued to mimick typing.

"Right," Jack began to lightly stroke Dolph's hair and face. He finally noticed Dolph wasn't really typing. "So Nick, what's that you're working on so diligently? You sure have been typing a long time.

Dolph's heart began to race, "Well I was just checking an e-mail."

"But Nick you've only typed a paragraph." Jack called him out.

Dolph shrugged, "I've been thinking about what to type."

"Then why were you pretending to type?" Jack moved closer to Dolph as he continued stroking his face.

"The sound helps me think," Nick lied.

Jack did his signature smirk, "Don't hurt yourself."

"I already said that," Nick stared at the computer screen too distracted to make fun of Jack for not coming up with an original joke.

Jack spread himself out on the bed next to Dolph, "Nick I think it's time for you to put down the laptop."

"Why?" Dolph asked. Maybe if he acted stupid Jack wouldn't take it any farther. Although a certain part of Dolph was screaming for him to jump Swagger's nuts while he had the chance. Don't think like that it's disgusting, he told himself, and gay.

"You're a smart kid I think you can figure out why," Jack picked the computer up off Dolph's stomach and rolled over to place it on the ground beside him.

Dolph continued to stare into the empty space where the laptop had lain, "What are you going to do to me?"

Jack laughed, "What ever you want me to do." Jack began planting kisses on Dolph's cheek and started working his way down Dolph's neck.

"I don't do gay shit," Dolph continued in his denial. "So, I guess I don't want you to-Oh!" Dolph let a deep moan escape as Jack began sucking at a sensitive spot on his neck.

"You. don't. want. what?" Jack spoke around planting sloppy kisses on Dolph's neck.

"Oh fuck it. I want it Jake, but I don't know if it's really my cup of tea you know?" Dolph was giving in to the moment as he felt something in his pants stirring.

Jack stopped, "Well the way I see it, we can just do whatever it is we want to, and then it's up to you if you want to try it again."

Dolph moaned as Jack attacked his neck again, "Yeah ok that's fine with me."

"Good," Jack started right in on the virgin boy. He straddled him then lifted Dolph's t-shirt over his head and got right to work sucking and licking Dolph's smooth tan skin. He swirled his tongue around Dolph's nipple, evoking small lustful whimpers. He finally clamped his teeth around Dolph's right nipple making him moan and buck slightly.

"Damn, should it feel like this?" Dolph asked trying to suppress moans, whimpers, and even screeches of pleasure.

Jack released his nipple, "Like what?"

"Like this is going to be the best fucking sex I've ever had." Dolph moaned silently willing Swagger to continue his journey around Dolph's body.

Jack smirked, and pushed himself up so his body completely covered the smaller man's and they were face to face, "It is going to be the best sex you've ever had, 'cause it's with me." Jack hungrily pressed his lips against Dolph's and let them aggressively rest there. Dolph then took initiative and pressed his tongue into Jack's mouth pleasantly surprising Jack. Jack pulled away from Dolph. "I'd love to spend some time on those gorgeous abs of yours but I'm afraid if I don't get to the main course, you might just pop."

Jack quickly slithered down and began undoing Dolph's jeans. He excitedly pulled them down to reveal boxers covered in pink balloons. "Really? Kirby boxers?" he asked taken aback.

"Don't judge me," Dolph mumbled quickly.

Jack shrugged, and pulled the boxers away to reveal Dolph's fully erect member.

He immediately took Dolph's cock in his mouth making Dolph moan. Jack smiled, he knew he was about to do things to Dolph that he would never forget. Jack slowly licked up the full length of Dolph's member like it was some delicious candy to be enjoyed slowly. Dolph moaned again. He wasn't exactly sure what the protocol was when having gay sex but he figured moaning was probably a good start.

Jack licked Dolph again, "Fuck! Do you have to tease or could you please get on with this?" Dolph was ready to get down to it.

"I want to make it last as long as I can," Jack licked the tip of Dolph's dick, then wrapped his lips around it and shoved his head down until it covered the full length of Dolph's member. Dolph groaned, he moved his hand toward Jack as though he was going to rest it on the back of Jack's head then he hesitated. Jack quickly grabbed Dolph's hand, while continuing his blowjob, and placed it on his gelled blonde hair.

Jack went up and down on Dolph's cock until he was sure Dolph couldn't take anymore. "Why'd you stop?" Dolph asked. He had expected their fun to stop at just a blowjob.

"I want you to get the full experience," Jack grinned and stood undoing his own shirt and letting it fall. "Besides you can't have all the fun."

Dolph gave Jack a weird look as Jack began to undo his own pants, "Ew, Jake I'm not sucking your dick, that's gay."

Jack rolled his eyes; after all that he figured Dolph would've at least accepted the fact they were going to do a few 'gay' things. "Hey, I just did it for you I think you need to return the favor." Jack pulled down his generic navy blue boxers and let his hard cock come out. "Come here now," Jack commanded. Dolph wasn't the first virgin Jack had been with; he knew the way to talk to get them to listen to him.

Dolph got off the bed and walked over to Jack still defiant. "I'm not doing it."

Jack shrugged, "Ok." He then wrapped his bare arms around Dolph and pulled him into a kiss. Dolph moaned through the kiss letting his guard down, the feel of skin on skin making him even hotter. Jack slowly guided Dolph down until they were both on their knees then he quickly jumped up leaving a semi-confused Dolph on the ground, his face right in front of Jack's member.

"Hey, Jake you tricked me?" Dolph was surprised at being outsmarted by a moron. "That's not fair and I'm still not doing it."

"You're already down there," Jack moved his cock closer to Dolph's mouth. Dolph squeezed his lips shut. "Aww, come on," Jack put his member to Dolph's lips.

Dolph looked up at Jack, he had already gone this far he might as well take it another step farther. Dolph opened his mouth and allowed Swagger to thrust inside. Dolph slowly and unenthusiastically began to move his head up and down on Jack's member.

"That's a good boy," Jack tangled his hand in Dolph's blonde locks, giving him guidance. "Ouch, dammit Nick!"

Dolph quickly pulled back horrified, "That was an accident I swear!" He had never given a blowjob before and didn't know to keep his teeth out of the way.

"It's ok," Jack answered offering his throbbing member back to Dolph, "just watch it." Dolph went back to work carefully keeping his teeth out of the way. He was actually beginning to enjoy it. Whenever Jack let out a moan it sent excited shivers up Dolph's spine. "I think it's time we moved on," Jack pulled Dolph to his feet and playfully shoved him towards the bed.

"To what?" Dolph was still acting oblivious.

Jack chuckled, "I guess you'll find out, turn on all fours."

Dolph's eyes widened but he did as instructed. "Ummm, could you maybe take it easy on me," Jack's ever present smile widened as he processed Dolph's words, "cause I don't know how to take it."

"Don't worry about it, just enjoy it," Jack looked around quickly- he was hesitant. He didn't want to lose the moment but Dolph was a virgin so… "Do you know where your asshole roommate keeps his lube?"

Dolph turned his head around but stayed in position, "I don't think he has any, but I mean it's not like I ask about his lube on a regular basis."

"Oh he has some, he's a whore- all whores have lube in there room somewhere; it's like a rule," Jack began to sift through John's dresser drawers. He turned his attention to the nightstand, "Of course, easy access." Jack spread a little bit on his fingers then drizzled a little on Dolph's hole.

Dolph braced himself for the pain of being invaded by another man. Jack pushed a single finger into Dolph making Dolph moan in pain. "Relax," he told Dolph. "It will be a lot more fun if you relax."

Dolph began to relax as Jack pushed in and out of Dolph slowly. He inserted another finger, Dolph moaned loudly this time in both pain and pleasure. Jack pulled in and out of Dolph trying to stretch the hole so his entire member could fit inside. He added one more finger, Dolph gasped. He didn't know how but somehow he was getting off on the feeling of Jack's fingers inside him.

Jack pulled his fingers out lingering, allowing Dolph a second to recuperate. Dolph stuck his ass higher in the air as though he was inviting Jack in, "Please, Jake come on."

Jack's grin widened, "Please what?"

Dolph didn't want to say exactly what he was begging for, "Please hurry up."

Jack smiled and silently crawled behind Dolph prodding Dolph's hole with his member. Dolph moaned, he felt like he'd never wanted anything as bad as he wanted Jack inside hm. Jack slowly pushed inside, Dolph groaned and immediately clenched pushing Jack out. Jack chuckled, "It's been a while since I've been with a virgin, especially one as tight as you."

Jack pushed himself back inside Dolph going a little deeper this time. Dolph moaned throwing back his head in ecstasy, he pushed himself farther onto Jack's member. "Go," Dolph commanded.

Jack laughed then began to push slowly in and out of Dolph lightly brushing Dolph's sweet spot. "Come on!" Dolph finally yelled. "Just fuck me!"

"You just had to ask," Jack grabbed Dolph's hips and pulled him lower on his member making Dolph cry out in pleasure. Jack began thrusting rapidly in and out of Dolph feeding on the smaller mans moans and screams of pleasure. "I like it when you moan like that, it turns me on," Jack leaned forward causing his member to crash into Dolph's sweet spot repeatedly.

Jack slowed down as he got closer to cumming and grabbed Dolph's cock and began massaging it making him buck in Jack's hand. "Cum for me Nick," Jack started rubbing Dolph's member faster. Dolph let out a scream of bliss as he came in Swagger's hand. Jack thrusted into Dolph one last time as he came inside him. He held his hand up and licked Dolph's cum off his hand as he pulled out. Dolph collapsed onto the bed exhausted. Jack lie next to him.

"That was good," Jack moved Dolph's platinum blonde hair out of the way so he could get a better look at his face. "What did you think?"

"It was fun I guess," Dolph turned on his back then covered himself with the blanket.

"You guess?" Jack kissed Dolph on the side of the mouth. "You know you loved it. Sooo... are you still crushing on that asshole John?"

Dolph sighed, "I'm not gay, so no I'm not crushing on John."

Jack laughed for a good five minutes, "Ok Nick, if you were gay, what would you be thinking right now?"

Dolph shrugged, "If I was gay I'd be thinking, I want to do this again and maybe I'd like to be more than friends with the person I did it with."

Jack smiled, "But you aren't gay?"

Dolph kept his serious expression, "Exactly."

A/N from Kirbey: Alright for being named after an adorable cartoon character! Eh, I think I might do a follow up to this Idk if I like Dolph being in denial mode.