A Love that can Last

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Chapter 22: Aftermath Part 1

Later, after school, Rocky caught up with Jason in the parking lot. "Hey, wait up!" He called to his boyfriend.

Jason slowed and turned. "What's up, Rocky?" He asked. Then noticing his boyfriend's downcast expression, he asked, "Are you all right?"

Rocky shook his head. "I wanted to talk to Adam after school, but I looked all over for him and I couldn't find him," He replied. "Have you seen him?"

"I am afraid not," he said sadly. Seeing Rocky's facer droop, he quickly tried to reassure him. "Hey, he's had a big shock today. He probably needs a little time alone. Or he and Trini are somewhere talking things out."

Rocky nodded. "Yeah, probably," he said. "I just wanted to…"

"Hey, I know you're worried about him, but he'll be okay," Jason interrupted, putting a hand on his shoulder. Jason wished that there was something he could do or say to cheer his boyfriend up.

"I know," He replied softly. "I just wanted to talk to him."

Suddenly, not caring who saw, he drew Rocky into a tight hug. "I know things are a mess right now, but they'll turn out all right before long," he murmured.

Rocky really wanted to believe him, but was almost afraid to after everything that had happened. "I hope so," He whispered into Jason's ear.

"I know so," Jason told him. Pulling back, he looked into Rocky's eyes. "Hey, I have an idea. Why don't you come over to my house? We can hang out and play video games with Dustin. And we'll see if you can stay for dinner."

Now Rocky smiled. "What about some me and you time?" He asked slyly.

Jason grinned. "Of course! Do you think I'd let it be any other way?" His eyes twinkled.

"Not really," Rocky replied. "Let's go." The sooner they got to Jason's, the sooner they would have some time to themselves!

"Yes, let's," Jason agreed, and with that they hurried to their cars.

Meanwhile, Adam had gone straight home without talking to anybody. He needed some time alone, to think. Now he was lying on his back on his bed going over what happened at lunch in his head. I am such a fool, he thought. But who would have thought that Tanya would ever do something like that?

"Oh, Trini," he said aloud. I should have known that you'd never do something like that! His eyes filled with tears. Why didn't I believe you? Why? He pounded the bed with his fist as a sob escaped him. But he had to go and jump to conclusions like an idiot instead of listening to her!

He wanted more than anything to go talk to her, but she probably would refuse to talk to him. And he couldn't blame her after the way he treated her. But he had to try. Resolutely, he got up and left his room.

But before he could reach the front door, his mom intercepted him. "Adam, your father is bringing a client home for dinner and his wife and two kids are coming too. I need your help with dinner and making sure the house is looking good when they get here. Please?"

He sighed. This was not something he felt like doing right now. He needed to talk to Trini as soon as possible. Even so, he nodded. "Sure," he replied.

His mom smiled. "Thanks, honey."

"Anytime," he mumbled and followed her into the kitchen. His mom didn't notice his dejected tone, though. She just began getting out pots and pans, bowls, and ingredients. Sighing, he helped her, promising himself that he would go to Trini's as soon as dinner was over.

I can't believe her! How could she do something like that? Trini thought angrily as she paced in her room. How can she call herself a ranger? And how in the world could Kat help her? These thoughts had been whirling inside her head since Kat's confession at lunch that day.

She closed her eyes, wishing she could go back in time and prevent this whole mess from happening. And what a mess it was! Tommy upset at Kat, everyone upset at Kat, Everyone mad at Tanya, especially her and Rocky, Tanya pissed at her, Kat, and probably everyone else, but most of all, everything all screwed up between her and Adam!

At the thought of him, her eyes welled up. "Oh, Adam!" She whispered, desperately wishing that his arms were around her now, and wondering if that would ever happen again. This were awful between them now and she wanted more than anything to go to his house and talk to him and sort this whole mess out.

But what if he still refused to listen to her? She didn't see how after Kat's confession, but she knew Adam could be very stubborn when he wanted to. She sighed. It was about dinner time and she couldn't go to his house until after.

She shook her head. She really wished Kim was around so she could talk to her about all this. But she was in Florida training for the Pan Global Games. As close as she was to Jason, Zack, and Tommy, she needed a girl to talk too right now. Her eyes filled with tears again and her mom chose that moment to call her to dinner. Wiping them away, she left her room and headed downstairs to the dining room, even though the only place she wanted to go to was Adam's.

Jason moaned as he and Rocky fell back on his bed, kissing passionately. It was after dinner and the two of them had gone straight to his room for some private time, declining the movie the others were watching. Once there, they hadn't wasted any time before indulging in some much anticipated making out.

Jason moaned again as Rocky trailed his lips down to his neck. As he leaned his head back to give him more room, Rocky shifted above him slightly, improving his angle. As Rocky continued to lavish attention on his neck, Jason ran his fingers through his hair and down his back.

Suddenly Rocky kissed his way back to Jason's lips and captured them in fiery kiss filled with hunger and passion. Jason returned it just as fiery and hungrily, pulling his boyfriend even closer. Rocky moaned and kissed him harder.

Suddenly Jason was hit with a confining feeling. After a moment he realized what was causing it. He pushed Rocky back a little.

"Huh? What's wrong, baby?" Rocky asked anxiously. Maybe he had been coming on too strong.

Jason didn't answer. He was too busy clawing at his shirt, trying to pull it off. "Dammit!" He swore in frustration a moment later. Then Rocky understood.

"Hey, calm down," Rocky said soothingly. "I've got it." He pulled Jason's shirt off and Jason tossed it away, not caring where it landed. Rocky then removed his own shirt. No sooner than he tossed it away, Jason crushed his lips to his hungrily.

Rocky kissed him back just as hungrily and within moments, the two were kissing as if they could never get enough, running their hands up and down each other's chests, moaning and groaning, only pulling back to take breaths every so often between kisses.

Everything flew out of Jason's mind except the thought that he felt and wished they could stay like this forever, he was so happy and full of love.

"Jason Scott, what is going on here?"

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