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Freddie Benson was almost painfully hard. The girl on top of him causing this not so unfortunate situation seemed to be enjoying herself as much, if not more then he was. Who would have ever thought that this was going to be the way he spent his final afternoon alive? Certainly not him.

He could smell Sam, the cocoon of blanket intensifying everything that was in it. It was salty and hot and it was slowly turning off all nonessential systems. He could smell his own arousal too, musky. His mother system turned off and her started to move his hips in the opposite direction of hers. The damp friction making him cry out.

She had started making small squeaks of pleasure at the peak of his up stroke. He placed his hands on her sides, wanting to touch her, and claim her as his own. He tried to move his upper body up too to catch her mouth, but she was too far away. The multicolored blanket showing him snakes of light playing over them, keeping her from him.

Suddenly the feelings on his penis changed, the rubbing had been replaced. He was trapped. Some how she's maneuvered in front of his penis lifting it up with her pelvis, the tip sitting at her entrance. Not just sitting, straining forward, the damp fabric starting to go up inside her. It was torture.

But it was one torture he could not endure from Ms Puckett. He reached down in between them this time and pulled her off himself, removing her panties from one leg.

She pushed him back down.

"Are you ready nub?" She panted.

He growled in needy response.

That was all she needed, leaning forward on top of him, she grasped his length and with just a little jerk she brought him to her entrance. The second her wet lips touched the tip of his penis he knew he couldn't stop it. Not that he could stop it before. The last bit of his control slipped away as he thrust up into her, fireworks flashing over his still open eyes, Their twin cries at the penetration muffled by the blanket.

She lifted herself up and he lowered down slowly. The second thrust was more intense if that was possible. Her body devouring him. Another slow penetration, and another. Their bodies meeting again and again.

If it had been any other time and place he would have orgasmed in the first five thrusts. But there was just something holding him back. He was going to die from not cumming. Die right here inside of her. He had to try harder. He rose his hips up bucking into Sam. Her pelvis slamming down onto him.

It seemed to stretch on for hours as they writhed together. The beat of the music heavy in their ears, their body's following it where ever it took them. The sounds they made only enhancing the natural flow of the beat.

With a cry louder then the rest suddenly the girl onto of him shuttered, and clamped down on him in more then one way. Her vagina clenching him, rolling in waves of pleasure and her mouth finding his neck and biting out the surge of release. He pounded a few more times into that sweet soft cavern before he finally lost himself into the universe. Their spirits finally flying free of their bodies into the cosmos.

It was dark when he came back to his body and sticky. It took him a moment to realize that he wasn't dead. Sam was still half laying on him, her chest rising and falling attesting to her continued survival as well. Her weight and state of dress brought back the flood of slightly disjointed memories of the hours of the day past. If the evidence of what he had done hadn't been right before him he would never have believed what had happened.

They were still wrapped in the blanket, her sweaty body covering his right side, both her arm and leg laying over him.

If this had been any other day he would have been mortified, but what ever had been in those chocolates had tempered the effects of his panic center. He let the other emotions play over him. The elation and the fear. He'd found something this afternoon, she had touched his heart and he had touched hers. In the secret recesses of his mind he knew he'd been toying with the idea of him and Sam ever since their first kiss all those months ago. He didn't know if it was the substance, his lust or his heart that had been driving. But that was ok. They'd have time to figure it all out afterwards.

He shifted a bit and placed a kiss on Sams forehead. He held her closer as her eyes fluttered open and her mouth closed. He looked down with such a sense of peace when his eyes met hers. She smirked up against him as he could only assume similar thoughts were going through her head.

"Shower?" He croaked, his throat not used to forming words, but his expression radiating a new found confidence.

"Only you'd think of soap in at a time like this dork," Her words were playful.

She slapped him on the chest, hard enough to cause a sting of pain, but not hard enough to show she was actually displeased. She smiled wide as she got up onto wobbly legs. He started to push himself up, a hand was there in front of him. Her hand. He grasped it and pulled himself up.

He might not be dead, but this sure was close to heaven.

Mission: Continued Survival Complete.

The End.