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She looked up at me, smiling yet completely confused, exactly what I was going for. Then, without a word, she jumped on me. I was hugging her so hard I almost lost the feeling in my fingers. She started laughing into my chest so I leaned back and looked at her curiously.
"Something funny Sonny?" she smiled and shook her head yes.
"When I thought you were Doug I was imagining what I could do to get you to leave and then it wasn't Doug so I was just…."
"Can I please have the pie I came all the way here for?"
"Pie…so that's your excuse this time?"
"Psh, excuse for what?" I asked while pulling a Sonny, where my voice goes up an octave. She looked at me and sighed then was leaning close, closer, closer! Now she was so close I could feel her breath on my face. Oh my god she was gonna kiss me! Sonny Munroe was going to kiss Chad Dylan Cooper! Then she did something I was NOT expecting and yelled "Caring!" into my face before grabbing my hand and dragging me inside.


Chad came here to see me! Here! In Wisconsin! Oh my god! Calm down Sonny calm down, ignore the fact that you're currently giving him a tour of your old house where your rooms covered in his pictures. Forget the fact he's smiling and not smirking at everything you say. ESPECIALLY don't think about the fact that he is holding your hand and every so often giving it these small, sweet, squeezes.

Just think about the pie.

So I gave Chad the tour of my house, except for my bedroom which we were now standing in front of.

"Okay that's it, now for the pie!" I said cheerily
"Not so fast Sonny, don't think I didn't notice that we didn't see your room. I also happen to know, its this one." He pointed at my door, the pictures of me and Lucy collaged on the door must've given it away….dang collages!

He looked at me and reached for the knob and I yelled jumping between him and the door.

"Chad. Before you see my room, I want you to know that I don't live here anymore. The girl who lived in this room, is not the Sonny you know. It's a quite girl who's biggest dream is to be on So Random!'s room. A girl I am not anymore. Okay, I think that's it just" and I reached for the knob opening the door.


I couldn't believe my eyes. Well I could, because I was looking at them. ALL OVER Sonny's walls.

Sure she had about 50 So Random! Posters but she also had about 20 Chad Dylan Cooper and MacKenzie Falls one's too. She was a fan. And an embarrassed one at that, she was looking down at her feet dejected, waiting for my snide comment. I shook my head and looked at her.

"Now, let's go get that pie."

She smiled and did something surprising for the second time that day and kissed my cheek. Then we went to the kitchen.


About an hour after Chad pulled off another sweet moment and didn't laugh at me about my room, we were sitting on the swing in Grammy's back yard together. Laughing, we tried to find funny, new constellations in the sky.

"That one looks like Gassie!" I said and we laughed.
"That one looks like Tawni on a bad hair day." He chuckled.
"Yea, it does! So, why did you come here Chad?" I asked him seriously. Hoping he would really answer my question this time.


She had asked me the one thing I didn't want to answer, but it was Sonny and after she showed me her Chad covered walls I kind of owed it to her.

"My Gamgam died last summer. When we were on shooting break. I was in Hawaii. I never got to say goodbye or tell her I loved her beforehand."

I looked down at my hands sighing. Why did she always get me to talk about things I didn't want to…


He does understand! Oh my gosh is he gonna cry? No! no no no no not my Chad. He's going to smile.

"Chad." I whispered looking at the bright stars blanketing the country sky.
"Ya Sonny?" He said raspily, trying to hide his emotions. Man he was good at acting, but bad at being a human.
"See those two stars right there?" I pointed out Sirius and Rigel, the brightest stars in the sky. [AN: i know sirius is the brightest and picked another random star just because]
"I think so," he whispered.
"Your eyes are definitely sparklier" and I kissed his lips as he smiled, completely shocking him.


OH MY GOD SHE KISSED ME! Sonny really kissed me, on the lips! Think Chad think say something!

"TThug na." I mumbled, in surprise. She giggled, stupid girly giggle.
"You're Welcome"
"Sonny," I reached for her hand and placed my fingers between hers.
"Ya?" She said nervously.
"Wanna go see a movie?" I looked at her nervously.
"I'd like that Chad," she rested her head on my shoulder and sighed happily.

My heart did a little back-flip of excitement.

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