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Roy and Riza left the Rockbell home after a while, leaving only Ling and Ranfan as guests, much to Ed's dismay. Needless to say, Ed isn't one to keep his complaints to himself.

"Why are you still here?" he whined, glaring at Ling from the corner of his eye. Ling had been boasting to Al about Xing, and how he was going to improve the country, so much so that Al actually began to consider visiting sometime. Their conversation had been interrupted by Ed.

"I'm just telling Alphonse what a great country Xing is," Ling answered innocently, "there's no law against that, is there?" Winry walked into the room with tea for all of them, minus Granny Pinako who had gone to sleep. Setting it down on the coffee table, she handed a cup to Ed, who took it gratefully. Ling, Ranfan, and Al took their own cups, and then Winry took one for herself.

"They're not causing any trouble Ed," Winry assured him as she sat next to the annoyed alchemist, "besides, they do need a place to stay tonight." Ling's smile grew wide, expressing his gratitude to Winry.

"You mean we can stay?" he asked hopefully, earning a disgruntled growl from Ed. Winry nodded once, assuring them that it wasn't a big deal and they were welcome any time.

"Like hell," Ed protested, taking a sip of his tea, "they can get a hotel room; they should have money, right?" He assumed that since he was royalty, he just liked to save the money and mooch.

He was ignored however, which only succeeded in pissing him off even further. Ling announced that he was growing a bit tired and requested that Winry show him the room they would be staying in. Winry nodded, leading Ling and Ranfan to the guest room that normally held patients.

Whilst Winry got them settled, Ed was busy brooding. Sighing, Al went to go sit by his brother, being cautious on how he worded things. "Brother," he began hesitantly, "I know that you and Ling have never been best friends, but you seem especially angry with him tonight. Is there something the matter?"

Ed set his tea down on the table rather roughly, a bit spilling out over the edges. Al took it as a sign that he should shut up, but Ed surprised him by answering. "I don't know," he mumbled, "there's just something about him that's shifty. Now that he's gonna be the emperor, he thinks he can get whatever he wants; he's a spoiled brat." Ed folded his arms in a very child like manner, contradicting his insult.

Al blinked a few times before realizing what this was really about, nearly causing him to break out in laughter. "Brother," he said after regaining his composure, "I don't think it's the fact that Ling is staying here that's bothering you. I think it's the fact that he's staying in the same house as Winry." Ed's head snapped up, his eyes glaring daggers at Al and his face turning red.

"What the hell are you talking about?" he asked defensively. "Why should I care what she does, or where they stay?" He gave one last 'hmph' for good measure. Al chuckled, earning a threatening growl from Ed. "I'm not jealous, damn it!" he yelled, flustered by the whole situation. He stood up, making his way to the basement. At least it was a quiet place to think.

Al burst out into laughter after he was sure his brother was out of ear shot. Ed was acting ridiculous, he just couldn't admit it. Winry walked back into the room after Ed's little outburst, asking Al what all of the yelling was about.

"Oh, Brother's just in one of his moods," Al replied, not telling her that it was because he thought Ling was trying to get her. "I think it would help if you talked to him."

Winry arched a brow, wondering what she could say to make him feel better about whatever it was that was making him angry. The problem seemed to be Ling, but she didn't see why, Ling was a nice person. A bit obnoxious at times, but nice all the same. Nevertheless, she shrugged, asking where Ed was. Al told her that he had stormed off into the basement. Winry rolled her eyes before going to find him.

When she was halfway down the stairs, she saw Ed, ironically enough, sitting on the operating table that he had been on during his very own automail surgery. His feet hung loosely off of it, though they almost touched the ground now. His hands were folded and he was hunched over, staring at them as if there was something infinitely fascinating about them. His bangs framed his face, though his eyes still seemed to shine even without the light hitting them. Winry admired their golden color before remembering why she had come down there in the first place. So, she walked the rest of the way down, her feet hitting the chilly basement floor since she had taken her shoes off.

"Ed," she called to him softly, not wanting to upset him further, "what's wrong? Are you upset at Ling about something?" She didn't know exactly who Ed was mad at, but she figured she should go with the one he wanted to throw out first.

He didn't answer, just weakly shook his head. He didn't even know why he was mad, and it just made him angrier as he tried to figure it out. Winry didn't like that answer though, so she approached him, taking a seat next to him on the operating table, having to jump a bit to do so.

"Then what is it?" she asked, lightly touching his arm in an attempt to make him feel like he could trust her with another emotional problem. After he had revealed his feelings toward his father, Winry didn't think there was anything that he wouldn't feel comfortable talking about.

There was a long silence as Ed thought of how to phrase his inner problem. He realized that he did have one, but it wasn't with Ling. It was with himself, well, himself and Winry.

"Winry, you do too much," he said quietly, not daring to look up. Before she had a chance to question the odd declaration, he continued. "You never ask for anything in return and you're always helping people. That's a great quality to have, but you can't let people walk all over you."

"Ed, Ling isn't trying to walk all over me, he-," Winry started to interject, but Ed cut her off.

"I'm not talking about Ling," he said suddenly before pausing, gathering his thoughts, "I'm talking about me." Winry's face became puzzled, her brows furrowing and her head tilting to the side.

"What are you talking about, Ed?" she asked him. "You don't walk all over me either." She took her hand off of his shoulder, setting it on her lap, only to be met by one of his hands. She felt her heart flutter and her face heat up. She kept her eyes on him, trying to predict his actions.

"You've done so much for me, Winry. There's no way for me to repay you, even if I tried." His head inclined slightly so he could see her face out of the corner of his eye. "Every time my automail got busted, I came back here, just expecting you to have the time and energy to fix it. You'd have to pull all nighters because of my ridiculous time spans that I allowed myself to be in one place." He gently squeezed her hand, glad to see that she hadn't pulled away from him yet.

"Ed," she assured him with a comforting voice, "when ever we pulled a rush job, we always charged extra, and you know that. C'mon, you're our cash cow." She smiled, trying to lighten his mood. "I know you're grateful for what Granny and I did for you, you don't have to show it."

Ed scoffed under his breath, shaking his head. "Not just the time you spent Winry," he retorted, "the time lost. Time that I can't ever get back, time that you spent waiting for Al and I to come home. Time that you spent worrying." He sat upright slowly, turning to face her completely. "Time that I took advantage of. Every time I needed my arm repaired, I was always in a hurry. Hell, today is the longest I've spent with you since before I became a state alchemist."

Winry's heart was beating so quickly, she thought it would leap out of her chest any second. His tone was sincere, he was holding her hand; this had to be a dream. "Ed, you shouldn't feel bad for that. You had to be in a hurry, you had to get your bodies back. And yes, I worried, but that's only natural. Besides, it's not like it turned my life upside down every time you left; I always knew you'd be back. We made a promise after all." He had made two promises to her; to make her cry tears of joy and to return alive.

Ed's gaze was a mixture of confusion and guilt. She had faith in him the entire time. She had never lost hope. "Winry," he murmured barely above a whisper, keeping his hand on hers, "I don't want to leave you behind anymore." He was sick of having to keep her waiting, keep her worried sick.

Winry's eyes widened slightly at the statement. She could feel her face flush an even deeper red, her stomach doing summersaults. She smiled softly at him, their eyes locking. "Well, that's simple enough, alchemy freak," she teased softly with a small laugh, "just don't."

He could feel the blush sneaking up on him for the hundredth time that day. He nodded simply, visibly relaxing. Then, like a magnetic pull had been activated, his face began to inch towards hers, his eyes half lidded.

Seeing him lean in, she did the same, her eyes slowly closing. They were timid, each faltering a few times, but only for a fraction of a second. They were so close now that they could feel each others breathing on their faces.

Ed was the one to push forward and close the space between them, his lips meeting hers in a warm, soft, and tender kiss. Winry returned the kiss, overcome by emotion and happiness.

Ed moved his free hand that wasn't holding Winry's hand moved to gently cup the side of her face. This was his first kiss, as well as hers, so both were inexperienced in the matter. Ed was letting his heart and his instincts lead him through this, so after a moment of kissing, his tongue moved softly against her bottom lip, asking for entrance. Winry parted her lips slightly, allowing his tongue to slip though, meeting hers in an instant, and tangling together.

A small, innocent moan escaped Winry's throat, her hand moving to Ed's upper chest. She leaned in closer, gripping his shirt as if afraid that he would vanish. The kiss lasted only minutes, but it felt like centuries. The two pulled apart slowly for air. They each opened their eyes and gazed at each other, both breathless. Their faces were still very much close, Ed's hand still lightly on Winry's face, his other holding her hand.

"Ed," Winry said, still out of breath, though it was impossible for her to form a full, coherent sentence. Her head was spinning, her eyes searching for any sign of regret in his eyes.

"You don't know how long I've wanted to do that," he whispered softly, running his thumb across her cheek. A smile spread across Winry's face as he spoke.

"How long you've waited?" she asked jokingly, though her tone was as soft and tender as his. Laughing softly, she leaned in, kissing him once more, this time with a bit more confidence.

They stayed there even after the second kiss, holding each other. They sat on the operating table that Winry had used to make him whole all of those years ago, and the one that they had completed each other on moments ago.


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