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Last Line of Defense


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10,000 years ago…

"All is lost…" Pluto, guardian of time, whispered to herself. She
surveyed the once proud Moon Kingdom as it lay in ruins.
Signs of battle could be seen all over the scorched surface of the
moon. The moon wasn't the only place hit hard, however. The neighboring
planet Mars, once considered Earth's sister planet, had been reduced to
a lifeless ball of red dust. Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and all the other
planets under the Moon Kingdom were memories, living in the minds of the
few survivors."If there even were any."

Tears stung her eyes as she recalled family,friends and her comrades.
Their bodies lay lifelessly over the charred remains of the Moon palace. The
Dark Kingdom had struck the moon harder than any of the surrounding planets.

Suddenly, she felt her senses flaring as a burst of power was released. It
was Serenity's magical power and it's release meant nothing good in her mind.
Without a second thought, she made a mad dash towards the source of power that she
a large set of twin doors apart, the doors crashed loudly into the
wall and caused already loose rubble to plummet to the ground. Ahead of her was
the remnants of the throne room, what little of it that had escaped destruction.
What was left of it anyway. Of the once splendorous room and the proud people that
inhabited it, now only rubble and a broken woman remained. Her queen was the only
remaining person alive amongst the place, however, her stagger towards her showed
she herself wasn't far from joining the dead.

"Your majesty!" Pluto yelled as she stumbled towards her Queen with all
the strength she could muster.

The queen's head snapped up suddenly and her eyes widened as she recognized
the Senshi of Time."P-Pluto…how…" she started,only to fall to her knees as
her legs gave out.

Pluto rushed up to Queen Serenity and cradle the queen in her arms. "Your
majesty, rest, we have work to be done, we can salvage the others' souls
if we hurry!" Pluto said in a rush.

The Queen shook her head sadly and tears once again came to her eyes. "I- I was too late…"

Pluto stared at her Queen in shock. "Wu-What do you mean, Your majesty?"

The Queen looked over to her companion sadly and started to
explain. "I -…" She took a deep breath in. "I was too late,
Pluto. You are the last Senshi."

"No…" Pluto whispered. "Without the others, Earth will be defenseless
when the Dark Kingdom returns."

The Queen bowed her head sadly. "I tried to send them all forward with
the Ginzuishou but I lacked the energy to. I- I do not
have enough strength left for a second attempt," said the Queen. "Earth
is now on its own." Taking the silver crystal she handed it
to Pluto.

"What is this for, Your majesty?" Asked Pluto as the Crystal was handed to
her. "Only those of the Royal bloodline may use it."

"I know," replied the Queen. "However, it should provide whomever carries
it with some measure of protection against any magical attack, even if they
can't use it."

The Queen suddenly grasped Pluto's hand tightly as she began to feel her
life force ebb away. "Pluto, I charge you with building a force that can
give Earth some measure of defense against the Dark Kingdom's return. Give
this crystal to the one you deem worthy to hold it." she told the Senshi of
Time. With those last words, she faded away to where all dead beings dwell.

Pluto could not recall how long she knelt there,crying over her dead queen's
body, but she suddenly heard a sound behind quickly turned around only
to see a blast of unknown and powerful dark energy fired at her.

"No!" she yelled as she was staggered up to see one the person who
started the attack against the Moon Kingdom staring at her in even worse shape
than she was. Her face lighted up in fury as she level her staff at him.

"DIE BITCH!" he yelled as he fired more energy at her.

"Dead Scream!" was what she said in reply to his attack. But it was
too late for her to dodge as she was hit directly by the dark energy. She
suddenly started to feel darkness at the edge of her consciousness. 'No!'
She thought to herself. 'I cannot fail the Queen'. With her remaining
strength she traveled through time to find one who is worthy.


13 years ago…

Ranma was only three year old when he went on his first training trip
with his father. The boy had been extremely excited at the thought of
all the neat bugs and things he would be able to see. Even getting lost
was not a big deal for our young hero.

However,Ranma was not able to account for one thing he couldn't face
at his age,the one thing that terrified him beyond reason. That one was
the darkness. It was night now and Ranma was cold, tired, and hungry.
Scared out of his mind, he cried for help but no one answered his
plead. He had been hiding near a tree, attempting to avoid
the strange eyes that seem to look at him from the darkness, when a
flash of light occurred.

Light. The one thing that can chase away the made a beeline
for the light as if it was a lifeline. When he arrived, he saw a lady in
tattered clothes lying on the ground, shuddering and saw that
blood was flowing freely from her side and he shivered at the sight. He
approached the lady warily.

"Lady?" he asked softly. Not seeing her respond, he decided to tap her
shoulders gently. That proved to be a mistake because the moment his hand
went on her shoulder she grabbed his wrist.

Ranma was too scared to scream, his voice failing him in his moment of
he stared ahead in his wordless paralysis, she turned to look at
eyes brimmed over with unshed tears, yet a deep kindness could be
seen behind the felt his horror fade away in the orbs of her
garnet red lady seemed to look at him for a while until she suddenly rose
up,her hand holding a pretty looking crystal.

"You'll…" she rasped out, then her eyes focused on him again. "You'll have to do." And
with those words she pressed the crystal against his chest and to his amazement it sank
into his chest where his mother told him his heart was located. Then with one last
shudder the woman let go of him. Ranma watched in amazement as the woman started to
turn to light and disappeared.

"Ranma!" Turning his head, he heard a voice yelling his name.

"Ranma!" he heard his name repeated but this time by a different
, Ranma heard the echo of several voices calling his name.

"I'm over here! Someone help me, please!" he yelled out to anyone who
was listening. There was a rustling in a nearby bush, and then he saw
a man in a blue coat. When the man saw Ranma, he quickly approached him.

"There you are, young man," the man said with relief in his
voice. "Your mother will be so happy that we found you. "

"You know my mommy?" he asked the man curiously. Seeing the man nod was
all the proof he needed. He was then picked up by the man, as the man talked
into a hand radio and confirmed he had found the missing child.

"Don't worry lad, we're taking you home to your parents." And with that he
started to carry off Ranma. He did not notice that Ranma was staring at a
spot on the ground, the spot where the strange woman was just before.


10 years ago…

Ranma was crying softly to himself as this was the first time he had ever
spent more then a month away from home. His father had called him a
sissy girl and walked off in disgust. Ranma was struggling to get warm
with the small blanket he had, shivering despite his best efforts with
the tiny covering. As he shifted yet again in an attempt to generate more
warmth, he was encased in a warm white light. It highlighted his frame
and chased away the devastating chill.

"Hello, Ranma."

Ranma snapped his head up to look at what he thought was a fairy. The
fairy was only 3 inches tall and was wearing a white dress with pale silver
hair tied into twin ponytails falling down her back.

"Hello fairy." he said in a small awed voice.

The woman just smiled softly at him. "Call me Serenity, Ranma."

Ranma smiled back at her as he learned her name. "Ok, Serenity."

"Just sleep for now Ranma, I promise you that you won't be alone
because I will always be in your heart." and with that she sat near
and hummed a lullaby to help him go to sleep.


5 years ago…

Ranma was relaxing in a little pond located in a forest clearing
when he heard a soft sigh from nearby. He turned around to look
at his best friend and traveling companion. He never got tired at
the sight of her. "Hey Serena-chan, what are you so down about?" he
asked her,his head tilted to a side.

"Ranma....it's…" her eyes were downcast as she started.

Ranma already know what was bothering her. "You're thinking
about the Silver Millennium again, aren't you?" seeing her
startled. He grinned as he knew he was right. "I already told
you not to worry. I am gonna train hard so I can be strong
enough to fight the Dark Kingdom for you."

Ranma at age eleven was able to beat his father in sparring nine times
out of ten. Thanks to Serenity he was able to survive the neko-ken
training. He might have been insane otherwise. His father always
thought that it was Ranma's will that kept him from snapping but little
did he know that it was Serenity's presence that made all the felines
calm. Her name corresponded with her power, he thought. He always
felt at peace around her.

He had learned a long time ago that she was not really a fairy,
although he was a bit disappointed by it. She told him of her
kingdom long ago and how it was lost.


Ranma at age 7…

"Why was your kingdom destroyed, Serena-chan?" he had decided to
call her that long ago and she didn't seem to mind. He just continued
to walk a bit behind his father with the 3-inch woman on his shoulder. Ranma
learned soon after he met Serenity that he was the only one that could
see her. People could feel her presence if they tried, but only he could see.

"It was because of the Dark Kingdom, Ranma. The Dark Kingdom possessed
great power,and they attacked us we had our guard down."Serenity felt
tears stinging her eyes. "It was over in one night."

Ranma wanted to hold his friend and make her feel comforted, but
he learned awhile back that she was just an image and incorporeal. He
recalled being disappointed by that, but he didn't mind.

"How come you were able to survive, Serena-chan?" he asked her
innocently. Tact was not something Ranma knew yet. Of course, Serenity
understood this and didn't mind his tactlessness.

"I didn't, Ranma. What you see right now is a piece of my soul
left behind to guide whomever wields the crystal," she replied while
she looked at him. Seeing his startled expression, she decided to go
into more depth. "Unfortunately, no one will ever be able to use
my powers now."

"Why not?"

"Because only those of my royal bloodline may use it." Serenity started
off sadly. "And no one of my bloodline survived."

"Umm, well, I always considered you family, Serena-chan." he looked at
her. "At least you were able to defeat the Dark Kingdom, right?"

She looked at him and smiled sadly. "I was only able to lock them
away, they will return someday."

He looked at her and he seemed to ponder something. "If they are gonna
return soon and no one can use your power..." he said, his voice unusually
solemn. Frowning, he continued. "Then who is gonna stop them this
time around?"

"No one will be stopping them this time," Serenity said in a regretful
tone. "I can only hope that your father would train you enough so that
you could defend youself, you that you'll at least be safe. But, stopping
them would require someone who is strong enough to kill youma without
using the more people learned your martial arts, they could
defend themselves better. But, it still wouldn't be enough."

Ranma seemed to be in deep thought and then finally an idea came to
him. "Serena-chan?" he started. See her look up at him, he smiled
and knew she was going to love what he said next. "I am gonna became
the best martial artist there is and will defeat the Dark Kingdom
for you."

Serenity's eyes widened at what Ranma just said. "Ranma, you don't
know what you are saying, if you are to defeat the Dark Kingdom
you WOULD have to be the best."

Ranma just gave her a confident grin. "Don't worry Serena-chan, I will be."

(End Flashback)

"You have to admit that I am getting better, right?" Ranma asked of Serenity.

"Yes, but you still need more power if you are to challenge them
at all," she then looked at him gravely. "Are you really serious
about challenging the Dark Kingdom?"

"Of course," Ranma replied.

Serenity seemed to consider this for a moment, and then looked him straight
in the eye. "Serious enough to leave your father for a better teacher?"

Ranma didn't know what to make fo that. Sure, he wanted to make Serenity
happy, but to leave his father was taking it to extremes. He then recalled
that Serenity said that he would be able to defend himself with his father's
training but to truly challenge the Dark Kingdom he would need to be

"I don't know…" he told her honestly. "But if that what it takes to
protect everyone then…I guess…"

Serenity looked at him once more and felt sad about burdening him
with a problem that they failed to solve. "Ranma…there… there is an
old woman a few days from here in a temple. Her power and training
would benefit you greatly, more than your father's training could
ever benefit you."

"However," she said. "If you are to train with her you need to do
it now. She is currently training someone else right now and she
will be training him only if you are too late," Serenity told him.
She looked on as Ranma debated his choices, either stay with his
father or going with Serenity and helping her cause. She saw him
look at her with his innocent blue eyes and smiled at her.

"Sure Serena-chan, I'll do it. Just let me write a letter to Pop
letting him know that I am gonna continue to practice the art under
someone better," he said with a grin and with that he started to
pack his things.


When Genma returned with the food he had bought from a local town he
discovered that the campsite was eerily quiet. He looked around and
went on guard immediately. "Hmm, the boy trying to ambush me, eh?"

After 10 minutes of waiting for Ranma to show himself he decided to
start eating without him. "If you don't come out I am gonna eat your
share too, boy."

Hearing no response, Genma started to eat all the food he bought. Still
seeing no sign of the boy, Genma began to feel a little uneasy and
started to check the surrounding area.

"Damn it, where can that boy be?" Genma thought to himself. Not
only was Ranma nowhere to be found, but his things were missing
too. "He couldn't have run away, could he?"

Genma proceeded to look for Ranma within a few mile radius and came
up with nothing. Finally deciding to give up, Genma went back to his
campsite."Surely the boy will come back when he is hungry or lonely."

Genma started to unroll his sleeping bag when he found a piece of paper
on top of it. Curious, he opened it up and read it. As he did, his eyes
grew wider and wider.

'Dear Pop,

I have decided that I need to get stronger. You won't be able to help
me get the training I need, so I am going to a person that can. Don't
look for me, I will return to you when I am done.'


'Ranma & Serena-chan'

"Nodoka is gonna kill me."

A few days later at the shrine…

Ranma was trudging his way up the shrine steps that Serenity
said he would find. At first he wanted to go back to his father
so badly but something about Serenity's needs seemed more urgent.
Finally he reached the top and with a knock waited for someone
to answer.

He heard some sounds and then the door opened to reveal an old
woman about his size. She had pale, pink hair that matched
with her red shrine clothes. He saw her appraise him and he returned
her appraisal with one of his own.

"Yes?" the old woman asked.

"Umm…A friend of mine said that I could come to you for training?" he
asked nervously. He wondered what he would do if he'd gotten the wrong
shrine. The old woman looked at him once more and then answered him.

"I thought you would be -kun, is it not?" she asked him. To
which he answered with a nod. She then smiled at him kindly and invited
him in. As he entered the courtyard, what he saw amazed him. There was
a young man, probably 16 years old, balancing on a needle. That wasn't
the surprising part, however. The surprising part was that there was a
glowing blue ball of energy at his finger tip as he balanced it on the
mean looking spike.

"Wow…" Ranma said in awe.

The old woman did not seem to think that it was a big deal, her expression
not changing a hair as she saw this amazing sight. She turned to Ranma and
gave him an amused grin. "Ranma, that is nothing compared to what you will
be learning. Yusuke is also a beginner like you so you're not too far
behind, ne?"

Ranma could just feel awe at it all. Serenity was right, he was gonna learn
stuff here that was more powerful than anything he could ever learn with his
father. He smiled at the old woman and bowed respectfully to her. "I can't wait
to start, Sensei!" he told her in an excited voice.

"You can call me Genkai-sensei, if you'd like, Ranma-kun." Genkai
told him with a sad smile. She rarely ever saw children and
this one was so full of innocence. Now she would have to destroy it
to turn him into a demon fighting machine. For once, she did not
relish her task.


Present Day…

Akane was running from the demon that was behind her. It was a
woman with red claws and fangs. It had already drained most of Furinken's
students, even Nabiki and Kuno were amoung the victims. Akane knew she had
to call the police fast so that they could take this youma down. If a person
got their energy sucked by a youma then they have one day at the most before
they died. Usually, it took more than a day for the police to kill a youma, unless
they could exploit a weakness inherent to that particular youma. Akane wished that
none of this had ever happened. She wished that she could be as carefree as she was
five months ago, when the only thing that she had to worry about were perverted
boys and not running for her life.

Her thoughts bitterly returned to 5 months ago when they first appeared. No
one knew where they came from. No one. They struck first in the Juuban
district and at the time most people thought it was a hoax. Then the attacks
increased in number and more victims fell to the monsters. Doctors were
unable to explain to families why their loved ones were dying of energy
loss. Then came the day was later known as "The Day of Invasion". Hundreds
of youma attacked all over Juuban, draining the life from any living being.
In response, the local American military, with help from the Japanese National
Defense force, fought the Juuban youmas in a catastrophic battle. The entire
district was layed to ruin in the clash, with heavy losses on the human side. Despite
the high price, the youma force was slowed and eventually stopped, cornered in
one small gaming arcade. It seemed as if the military would be victorious and
the nightmare would end....Until HE blond haired menance called
himself Jadeite, and proceeded to drain the life and vitality from the armed
forces. He wiped out the entire contigent in seconds, rendering even the most
advanced military powerless. His gray clad figure soon graced cities all over
Japan, and then the entire world. Soon, America recalled its few surviving
troops from the island nation to defend their homeland, thus leaving Japan
naked to the youma assault. The Japanese Nation Defense force valiantly tried
to repel the youma, but by and large, they failed.

Akane spotted a shortcut she could take through a narrow alley way. It
was eerily quiet now. The Nerima ward was a heavily defended bastion, so
it came as a shock when it was under youma attack, and at the high school
no did not know how long she ran for but when she stopped
she was no longer being pursued. She allowed herself a brief
reprieve and started to look for a phone. Failing to find one she
started to walk down the street to continue her search when she heard
a low growl behind her. She turned around and saw a creature with feminine
features. At first glance, Akane thought it was a human, but quickly noticed
the blood rew claws that adorned her hands. Gulping, she realized that the
youma that had slaughtered her friends had come for her as well.

Akane immediatly assumed a defensive fighting position. The youma merely
smiled in response, the pinkish flesh of the demon's mouth curling into a
mocking expression, daring Akane to attack. Pushing down her fear with a
burst of adrenaline, Akane launched a flying kick at the youma's skull. The
youma began to chuckle as Akane flew towards her, and broke out in a wilting
laugh as she knocked Akane down with one well placed swipe. She flew into one
of the street walls and was dazed by the impact.

"If only Ryoga or Happosai was here," she thought as her eyes blurred
at the image of the youma. Already she could hear the sound of gunfire
in the distance. Her chance for any sort of rescue was slim if the military
was engaged elseware with another group of youma.

"Your time has come and your energy will be mine! Ahahahahahaha!"

"I don't think so," said a masculine voice. Akane turned to look, but
instead of gleefully shouting Ryouga's name, she gaped at a stranger
who was somehow standing on the wall. He was pretty tall and had his hair
tied in a pigtail. Other than that, his jeans were black and his shirt was
red. He wore a leather trenchcoat that was reddish-black in color, matching
perfectly with his hair and clothes. He glanced at her once, briefly taking
her in. He then turned to the demon and pulled out a gun. Even though it was
a strange looking one, a gun didn't damage a youma that much. If you were part
of a well armed squad then you had a chance of being able to drive a youma away
by the sheer volume of gunfire, but one gun would do pitiful damage before it
drained you and healed itself. He then looked at the Youma and narrowed his eyes.

"You're not even worth wasting my energy on," he said in a hard voice.
The pigtailed man jumped down near the youma and looked at it
curiously. Akane had a brief feeling that the man was dissecting it in
his mind.

The youma attacked almost immediately, it's right hand darting out to cleave the
impertinent boy into bloody ribbons. Without even seeming to make an effort, the
man turned his entire body forward, the youma's outstretched arm nearly rubbing
against his side. In a instant, he was commiting a severe violation of the youma's
personal space. The man's gun was jammed in the youma's mouth, accenting the youma's
shocked expression into something almost comical.

The youma looked down, and the man merely pulled the trigger in response. The youma's
head swelled for a moment before exploding outward, black energy swirling all around. The
body began to fall to the ground, breaking down into more black energy as it did
so. Soon, all that was left of the monster was a dark mist that made Akane want
to sneeze.

"Who...Who are you?" Akane asked in awe and wonder. She was feeling very
tired and as her eyes closed she saw four more figures in leather trenchcoat
join him. She then heard him replied.

"We're the Senshi."

The end. (Maybe)

Author notes.

It's been a long road. But I had some free time and this idea won't
leave me alone. Hmm maybe I am getting my muse back after all. Who
knows? Thanks for all of you guys who supported me on my other works.