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Last Line of Defense

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Chapter 2

Southern JDF base camp.

"Tonight will be different." Lt. Hito Mashura thought as he and his 7th battalion came up to join the 9th battalion on guard duty.

Each of his men took up position alongside the makeshift barricade and stared at the fortress in front of them with heavy machine guns pointed towards it. Tanks and assorted heavy weaponry took up flanking positions on each side of the barricade, forming an impenetrable wall against the enemy. In front of that wall was a ten story high building, cutting off any entrance into the district formerly known as Juuban. Already another battalion was manning its weapon stations, keeping a steely gaze on the black, foreboding fortress ahead of them all the while.

The fortress was pitch black, even in the brightest sunshine it stayed perfectly dark, like a shard of onyx against the pale blue sky. Its foundation was protected by an energy shield of some kind, one that they would have not thought possible if it weren't for the fact that it was right before them. Sounds could be faintly heard from within, unnatural sounds that scraped against the ears and minds of any unlucky soul who heard it. Many of the more religious soldiers had taken to placing various wards around. Shinto charms, Buddhist statues and even a few crosses decorated the barricade, a showing of faith in the face of the darkness ahead. The height of the fortress was impressive, but the width of it was truly amazing. It stretched about three hundred yards or so, almost mocking physics with it's massive girth. It's excellent dimensions made it easy for the demonic inhabitants of this citadel to see and counter any human attack, rendering humanity even more helpless. In front of this damned outpost there was a simple wall, only reaching ten feet into the air. It was made of the same black material as the main fortress, but instead of inky darkness it glittered with the blood of many a fallen human. At various intervals in the wall dull metal spikes stuck out, and each was mounted with the head of a human soldier. Every head had a horrific expression of terror plastered across it's face, evidence of the terrible fate they encountered. Each one oozed fresh blood, regardless of how long they had been there, keeping the wall coated in crimson. Several attempts to remove the obscene decorations were quickly rebuffed, and just added more trophies for the loathsome creatures.

The rough, rustling sounds of movement could be heard as another battalion took up positions in the rear. The only other noises that was presents were moving tanks, and radio static in the back ground. It was nighttime after all, and if there was one thing that youma liked, it was attacking at night. However, unlike every other night, there was now a sense of hope and courage on the face of each valiant man defending the barricade. The normal feel of hopelessness, fear and despair was gone, blown away by the breeze of bravery.

'What made tonight so different from each night for the past five months?' people might wonder. Well, the answer was simple. Two nights they had received news from the British army. The British had finally wiped out the last traces of the invasion force in London. Britain has officially been declared a free land, while tales of heroics and grand battles were already being told throughout the world's armies. Of course that didn't change the fact that they had been taking heavy losses and fighting a losing war against an unrelenting foe, but the army of man had finally scored a major victory.

However, while the higher-ups in the government liked to think that it was solely their military might that did the job, stories had started to filter in from Britain. Stories that sounded ludicrous, but were still being told from soldier to soldier. Stories that inspired hope in them all.

According to the survivors of the battle of London, one of the demon army's generals, the monster known as Zoicite, had engaged five mysterious combatants. They were told that the British forces could not get a good look at the figures fighting as they were fighting on top of London's great clock tower, Big Ben. There were reports of blue, orange and green energies being thrown around during the battle along with the general's trademark black energies crackling through sharp cherry blossoms.

As the battle atop Big Ben raged, flashes of the colored energy could be seen clashing with dark bolts and racing petals. Finally, there was one definitive blast of blue and green entwined energy, and Big Ben was engulfed in a titanic explosion. The length of London was shaken by the momentary inferno, windows splintering apart from the shockwave. When the smoke cleared, Big Ben was nothing more than a pile of rubble, consisting of steel beams and white layer bricks. The smoking pile yielded no signs of Zoicite or the other strangers. Suddenly, the dark portal that kept youma flooding into London shimmered, sickly green light rays impaling thought the darkness. Then, with a slight ripple, it closed. The creatures looked confused for a second, the normal expressions of sadistic glee replaced with blankness. After a few long seconds, the blank gazes turned to wild cries and feral shouts as the youma charged recklessly, seemingly without any sane regard for life and limb. The battle that followed was one that will haunt generations to come. The creatures cleaved through soldiers flesh and bones; even as bullets and others weaponry pierced their hide. Sons and daughters were lost by many families that day, and an entire generation would be wiped out before they would turn the tides of battle. The frantic battle lasted throughout the night, and when it was finally over, it left London in flames.

However, none were prepare for what happened next. The vile creatures retreated, instead of leaving through those dark portals they had previously come and gone through. Even more astonishing was the absence of their leader, Zoicite. After that, their numbers seemed to dwindle down with each battle. Every previous time that the British army had engaged in a battle against them waves after waves of youma would come at them, but for the first time in five months, no reinforcements came. When it was over and the creatures had broke and ran, several squad was sent to check on the Dark Kingdom general last known location. Still, no traces could be found of the five mysterious fighters or Zoicite.

That is until now.

Reports had started to come into the Japanese army about a week ago, news of strikes being made on the enemy strongholds all over Juuban. The higher-up said that it was a covert team they were testing out, but the soldiers knew better. After all, there had been firsthand accounts that the northern base had seen two figures attacking the fortress's front gate, while a report of three figures in the west doing the same. The total count was five. Just like in London.

"If we only could get a hold of them." Lt. Mashura thought. Suddenly, there was a commotion at the front line and soldiers started to talk and whisper to one another. A commanding officer was yelling at someone in the mean time.

"Can't be an attack," Lt. Mashura thought, as he made his way over the commotion. "They would have fired by now."

"It's them!"

"Can't be!"

"They never showed themselves till now..."

Lt. Mashura had a sinking feeling in his gut. He knew who it was they were talking about, but he had to confirm it for himself. After a rough minute of pushing past his fellow soldiers, he managed to get to the first barricade. Looking out, he gazed at what everyone was talking about. The gap between the dark wall and the barricade was fifty yards of clear smooth killing grounds. In this field, instead of being filled with youma there were five figures in leather trenchcoats looking at the fortress in front of them. They stood side by side in perfect order. In the middle was a figure wearing a blood red trenchcoat while the other four, two on each side of him, all wore dead black. Not much of them could be made out save for their backs, and the top portion of their heads. Apparently one have ponytail, while another have his style braided in a pigtail style. The largest one had orange hair, and the smaller one had a brown ponytail. The remaining three all had black hair.

With a nod from the one in red, all five figures lifted their arms up and leveled their palms at the fortress. Then, without warning, blue, green, orange, and purple glows were seen on the hands of the five figures.

"Me first," the figure in the burgundy trenchcoat said to the others. He wound up his arm, as if throwing a baseball, and threw a nine foot sparkling blue sphere of energy at the very top of the fortress. The sphere impacted, and caused a section of the fortress to crumble.

The resounding explosion caused the youma inside the fortress to stir and louder, more disturbing noises could be heard. By the entrance of the gate the noises were most prevalent, signaling that the dreaded gate would once again spill out youma. A split second later, a orange nine foot sphere, this time thrown by the orange hair one, could be seen impacting the entrance, causing a cave in. It was then almost instantaneously followed by two green spheres crashing into the east and west entrances.

The last figure, highlighted by purple energy, seemed to cup his hands together before he fired a beam at the citadel. As the beam fired off on its deadly course, the other figures resumed their own energy sphere assaults on the black walls, while the man with the beam began to drag it thought the walls of the fortress like a surgeon cutting though a patient. The pained screams of youma could be heard as the building caved down on itself, killing hundreds of the foul creatures that hadn't been slaughtered in the energy barrage.

Lt. Mashura watched in a strange, detached manner as the figures continued to fire until the last remnants of the fortress collapsed. Silence reigned as the army watched in awe and respect at the five figures. No one dared to make a move, fearing that they were dreaming that the hated fortress they had tried so hard to destroy for the past few months had finally been obliterated. If any youma remained alive, they were buried under hundreds of stones and youma corpses.

"WHEW!" the figure in the burgundy trenchcoat exclaimed.

"Yeah, took a lot out of me too," said the orange hair man in a gruff voice giving sounds to his words.

Suddenly, the figure with the ponytail turned to look at the army and gasped in surprise. One of the fighters was a woman!

"Well," the woman said in an irate voice. "Don't just stand there looking like idiots! Get your asses in gear and attack them!"

The lieutenant snapped out of his stupor and grabbed a nearby soldier that was gawking. He yelled out his orders to the unlucky soldier.

"Go and wake all the reserves and notify H.Q. that we have breached the enemy defense! Tell them that the southern fortress is no more and that we will commence attack with every available soldier here to gain a foothold! You copy that, Private?!" he yelled. As he shouted, his voice climbed and climbed until it reached a almost hysterical pitch.

The soldier nodded frantically and did an awkward salute. He then ran off to carry out his orders.

The mysterious fighters began to jump away at that, but one of them heard someone yell for them to wait. Turning, he looked at the person that had caught his attention.

"What?" said the figure in the burgundy coat.

Lt. Mashura was somewhat surprised when he realized that he had been the one that asked for them to stop.

"Who are you people?" Lt. Mashura said in the most respectful tone he could manage.

The figure regarded him for a second and shrugged his shoulders.

"Like I've said before, we are the Senshi." The man said. With that, he bounded off into the night, heading towards the east.

Nerima Hospital.

Akane woke up surrounded by darkness. She looked around frantically for any signs of monster that had been chasing her. Instead of a leering daemon, she saw white washed walls and quietly beeping machines. Turning her gaze downward, she saw that there was a light colored blanket over her. From under the blanket, a few plastic tubes could faintly been seen in the darkness.

"Ugh..." she uttered. Akane clutched her head and felt a soft material on her head. Frowning, she slowly ran her hands up and down its length.

"Bandages?" she croaked. As she heard the weakness in her own voice, her eyes widened. "Wha...what?" she hoarsely whispered, a note of panic plainly evident in her tone. Biting off a wave of fear, she started to look around her bed for a light switch to the room, but then she felt a hairy lump on her bedside. A sharp tug elicited a response from the object. It was a person head Akane realized.

"Owe..." the head moaned a bit painfully."Akane?"

Akane could recognize that voice anywhere. "NABIKI!?" she rasped out with as much volume as she could.

The next thing that she knew, Nabiki was hugging her tightly. "You had us worried, little sis. Dad and Auntie Saotome were hovering over your bedside all week long."

"I was out for a week?!" Akane rasped loudly in surprise. Then she clutched her head as she remembered more details of what happened. "You were drained! I tried to go get help, but that monster chased after me and then there were these people that...that...helped me?" Akane asked in a confused voice, more to herself than to Nabiki.

"What do you remember happening?" Nabiki asked. "Last thing I remember was getting drained and then waking up, very surprised that I was still alive."

Akane wasn't too sure what had happened herself; too much was still being processed inside her head. Like the fact that she hadn't thought she had been seriously injured when she was flung into the wall.

"How bad was my condition?" Akane inquired.

Nabiki bit her lower lip and looked down at Akane. "From what the doctor said, you had a severe concussion, several fractured ribs, and heavy internal bleeding. They didn't think you were gonna make it."

Akane could see that her sister's eyes were starting to water up, so she squeezed Nabiki's hand to reassure her that she was fine.

"You really had us worried, little sis," Nabiki said in a soft voice full of emotion. She then looked out the hospital window and her eyes widened. "They're starting again!"

Akane gazed out the window to see what Nabiki was talking about. She saw the dark landscape of Juuban outside of the window. Akane's eyes bulged in shock as she drunk in Juuban. There was a crescendo of lights, flashing rapidly against the dark sky, as if defying the darkness that was spread over Juuban.

"What's happening, Nabiki?" Akane asked in a puzzled tone. She was answered by a loud commotion in the hallway outside her room. Yelling voices blended with pounding footsteps and the clattering sounds of moving carts, creating a symphony of audio confusion. Out of the din, a few fragments of speech were heard by Akane.

"They're at it again!"

"So soon?"

"Someone turn on the TV!"

"We gotta see this!"

"That makes it forty hits they've done already!"

Akane fumbled around her bed, looking for a remote for her TV. Seeing her sister searching, Nabiki walked over to the hanging TV set and turned it on.

"This is Naru Akiko reporting live from the outskirt of the district once known as Juuban."

The reporter could be seen on TV and in the background one could hear heavy artillery being fired, as explosions raining down and around the tanks. Soldiers were seen scrambling and taking up firing position in the background.

"The mysterious group that calls itself 'The Senshi' has made another incursion into Dark Kingdom territory, this time attacking from the east after decimating the stronghold at the southern entrance. The military didn't waste any time to exploit the weak spot in the enemy defense. They are now attacking the youma with everything they have, hoping to gain a foothold in their territory. We now switch live to the camera crew at the eastern base, which is under light attack. Hiroshi?"

The view then switched from the woman reporter to a man. He was dressed in rumpled military-esque garb, a green shirt and cameo style pants topped off with a forest green cap. Dark brown hair jutted from the sides of his cap, matching his light brown eyes. His expression gave off a strange mixture of feelings; fear and excitement formed a fascinating visage on the television screen. In the background the gigantic crashes of heavy artillery could be heard, a bass undertone to the report.

"This is Hiroshi Tengawa reporting live from the eastern base," he started with a gesture to his surroundings. "Approximately 30 minutes ago, the mysterious fighters that was rumor to be in London, has now identified themselves as The Senshi has made a major strike against the Dark Kingdom. The event was signified by a member of their group walking up to the eastern wall and literally busting the wall wide open. We now show you the exclusive footage."

A figure wearing a burgundy shaded trenchcoat was shown with four other figures with identical trenchcoats, except that they were pitch black to his burgundy. Conversation could be seen among them, but no words could be made out. Two of them seemed to have short hair; one had orange hair, while the other two had their long hair styled with one in a pigtail and one in a ponytail. The one in the ponytail appeared female in appearance with some kind of staff in her hand. One of the men also had a staff in his hand, while the remaining three seemed to not visibly be armed. That was until the tallest member opened his coat to reveal conventional weaponry of every kind. From Uzi, to AK-47, to sub-machine guns he was armed with it. He even had a strip of grenades strapped to his chest.

The army men could be seen with their weapons raised up and aimed at the five figures, but seemed to be ignored by them.

They seem to be finish conversing, as the burgundy trenchcoat seemed to say something to them and then walked up to the wall with his hand outstretch. At first nothing happened, but then suddenly a glowing ball of energy formed in his hand. Then, before the military could do anything, the energy ball impacted into the wall. A great din of shattering stone and rending metal gushed outward from the epicenter of the explosion, coating the area in a deluge of sound. As the noise faded, it could be seen that the blast had leveled every building within a block of the strike. A few shards of scorched stone and steel were evident, but otherwise the area had been laid bare.

The army men could be seen being reluctant when ordered to approach the four black coated figures, when the fifth one motioned for his companions to come to him. They looked back at the military once and in an act of defiance for gravity, jumped on a nearby roof along with the leader of the group, as youma started to pour out of the hole. The camera man could be seen backing away as the military open fired on the monsters.

"Wait, it seems the monsters are retreating," Hiroshi said. In the background they could hear weapons cease firing. "What could possibly be going on?"

On her bed, Akane stared wide eyed at the television. Shock was etched across her face. "T-those were the people that saved me!"

Nabiki glanced at her. "You sure that's them?" she said sounding skeptical.

"Well not all of them, just the one in the red," Akane said. "He tuck a gun in the youma's mouth and blew its head off."

Akane then looked Nabiki again. "What do you know about them?"

"Besides them being the most arrogant group of vigilantes out there?" Nabiki asked with a flat, but somehow almost amused tone. She took a moment to collect her thoughts on the information she had received about them.

"It seems that they appeared out of the blue about one week ago. According to rumors, they told the army in advance that they were here to combat the Dark Kingdom," Nabiki said. She still frowned at what a cheesy name Dark Kingdom was for their enemy.

"They were going to do it with or without our help. Of course, the government wanted to be seen as the top dog. They tried to get them to register with the military and function as a special unit under military rules. The Senshi refused, saying that they managed to stop the attacks in England without military doctrine looking over them. They also confirmed the kill of one Dark Kingdom general named Zoicite before he could even begin a full scale invasion. What the British army are picking off over there right now are just the remnants of the invasion force that was stuck once the general vanished," she said. She remembered watching the news yesterday on NHK they had confirmed that England was now victorious against the Dark Kingdom forces.

"According to the rumors, they proved it by throwing the tattered and bloody uniform of the Dark General on the Prime Minister's desk. The prime minister was said to have been so angry about that incident that he ordered them to be considered vigilantes. However, after they destroyed the southern stronghold and punched numerous holes in the enemy defense, they started to get popular with the people, even with the title of vigilantes. And that's all I know so far. The military is really having a hard time keeping up with them."

Akane was in deep thought about this for a while, then she remembered the footage she had just seen. "That attack he used looked like a ki blast."

Nabiki just nodded.

"Grandfather Happosai said the same thing. He told us they were extremely skilled martial artists and that one of them seemed to be his former student. Get this, the guy's name is Pantyhose Taro." Nabiki finished with a chuckle.

"How good is he?" Akane asked. She wanted to maybe attain this Taro's level of power if nothing else.

"Better than Ryoga and Kuno from what he said."

"Where is Ryoga and how is Kuno?" Akane asked with a concerned voice.

"Kuno-baby is fine; he's actually doing patrol with the local garrison, accompanied by Ryoga."

Satisfied, Akane decided to go back to sleep. She found comfort in the fact that they everyone was safer now. Nabiki went to go home as soon as Akane entered blissful slumber.

Ground Zero, formerly Juuban.

Ranma Saotome, former student of the Saotome Anything Goes School of martial arts and current master of the Genkai School of martial arts, was roof-hopping in what was left of Juuban while pondering how he got here. Well, he knew how he got here. But the steps that lead him to be here, pounding on Jadeite's front door, boggled him. He was pretty certain had he stayed with his father he wouldn't be as strong as he was now, but right now his strength was still not enough to confront Beryl directly.

From what Serenity had told him, Beryl and Metallia were reanimated on this world and at this time. He had hoped to help train people for the coming of the Dark Kingdom. He wasn't planning on facing them in his lifetime and in fact, he had been hoping to. He wasn't afraid of them, he just wanted to live a normal life. Well, as normal as a martial artist's life was, anyway. Unfortunately, fate had other ideas; right now Earth was merely delaying the inevitable. Had the Dark Kingdom waited for another one hundred or two hundred years they would have been met with a very powerful force. However, with things sped up as they had, they only had a few dozen people that could help Earth. And some of the people that could help Earth were forbidden to and some just didn't want to help. Then, of course, there are those that were in training and wouldn't be of help any time soon.

"All that careful planning and what happens? Some power hungry bitch came too soon and ruined it," Ranma muttered out loud.

"Ranma!" Serenity said in a chiding tone. "You watch your language!"

"Hai, Hai, Serena-chan," Ranma said in a playful tone. He looked down on the ground and saw what he expected to see; Serenity's face scrunched up in a scowl. He just smiled back innocently at her.

"Awww, you're so cute when you scowl like that, you know," Ranma said in a sweet tone which caused Serenity to blush a deep shade of red.

"Oh, so kawaii!" Ranma squealed out on purpose in an effort to make Serenity blush even harder. True to form she did and he grinned at her blushing, but still scowling face.

"Ranma no baka!"

"You talking to your imaginary friend again?" a voice said in a smug tone.

"Taro, don't start," Ranma warned him, as he turned around to look at the figure standing behind him. Taro was a bit over his height and was wearing a black leather trenchcoat, which had a bazooka strapped to his back that Ranma knew hadn't been there before. He must have looted the army again, Ranma concluded.

"Ooo, what're you gonna do?" Taro asked challengingly.

"Tell Natsume your name is really Pantyhose Taro," Ranma replied with a smirk. He saw Taro's eyes bug out for a second.

"That's low, Saotome," Taro growled menacingly.

"Hey, everyone has their weakness, Kurabawa has Yukina and you have Natsume," Ranma replied with his trademark smirk.

"What was that about me?" A feminine voiced asked.

Both boys swerved their heads to the sound. Sure enough, there was a tall girl in the trademark black leather trenchcoat. She was tall, almost reaching Taro's height and had a own trademark hanging on her belt, a bullwhip staff.

"Hey don't get the party started without me," another male voice said.

"Shinnosuke!" Natsume yelled in an excited voice and literally bounced over to where Shinnosuke was standing. Shinnosuke just blushed from the girl's expression while Taro was giving him murderous glares.

"Where's Kuwabara?" Ranma asked. As if on cue, the wall next to them exploded, revealing a youma lying flat on its back with its head severed from its body. After a few moments of it squirting blood around its body, the dead form began to dissipate.

"Always so damn messy before they remember they're just energies," Kuwabara said in a disgusted tone. With that he let the Reiki sword in his hand dissipate too. After that, he stood in front of Ranma waiting to be told what to do next.

Ranma looked around at the group and raised an eyebrow but said nothing else. Behind Ranma was a fortress encased in a black dome. In the distance gunshots and machine guns could be heard, as usual. They also heard the whirling sound of tanks and the groans of dying soldiers as Ranma gave them all a grave look.

"Looks like the military is really pushing the attack this time," Natsume observed aloud.

"Well, hopefully we'll get to the general here before they do," Shinnosuke said. "Remember the one in London that fought us? He was using people as batteries."

"Yeah, took forever to kill him," Taro said.

"Well, we got rid of the one in London with some difficulties," Ranma said, staring at the other Senshi. "But the guy we fought there was no where near this Jadeite's level." Ranma gestured to the black dome for emphasis.

"So how are we gonna do it?" Natsume asked. "We can't sneak up like we did against Zoicite, and any angle we attack from will alert all the youma inside."

"Hmm..." Shinnosuke began, a thoughtful note planted in his voice. "Well, since we can no longer use the element of surprise on Jadeite, I guess we just have to hit them head on." he finished.

"Okay then, once we are in there, we eliminate every single youma in our path. We stay together until we reach Jadeite or he comes to us. After that, we eliminate him too," Ranma said. He then turned to Serenity and saw her smile at him encouragingly from her seat on his shoulder.

"Alright Taro, make me a hole," Ranma said. At Ranma's order, Taro unslung the long, green and narrow tube from his back. Planting the bottom end of the ground for support, he hand loaded a missile into the bazooka. He charged the missile with reiki and fired it at the black dome. The resulting explosion was fifty times stronger than that of your average missile and much more concentrated.

Ranma, on seeing the hole, rushed in while unslinging two of his sub machine guns, the others doing the same for the weapons they preferred. Kuwabara had one big type of machine gun usually seen used in movies with a strap of bullets hanging from it. Taro preferred something similar to what Kuwabara had, while Natsume and Shinnosuke leaned towards weapons similar to Ranma's choice.

He heard the others running behind him as he started to charge up his reiki and ki. Ranma had always been adverse to weapons, especially weapon of this kind, but he had no choice. He saw a horde of youma rushing toward him, and not one to back down, he ran toward them with his two guns raised up. He automatically started to open fire and youma blood began to spill. Ranma hated that. It was as if the youma were taunting him and trying to make him feel guilty.

From what Serenity had told him, back during the Silver Millennium, dead youmas just turned back into energy and dissipated. However, when Ranma killed a youma, it spurted out a black, ink like liquid. It would then lay there for a minute, twitching and oozing black blood before it turned to energy.

Again he lazily cut several other youma down before he came to a halt to reload his guns. Opening up his coat, he decided to take off the two clips strapped to his legs. It would make for better movement later on.

He saw several more youma approach him. If he had more time, he could have taken them down with minimal effort using his martial arts. Unfortunately, he just didn't have the leisure of wasting precious time against some youma when he could mow them down quickly with his guns. He had hoped to save some ammunition for Jadeite, but this was looking less and less likely. Sighing, he opened fire, creating a wave of black gore to paint the walls with. Seeing that all the youma were dead, he continued on.

"Things would be so much easier if Yusuke-san was here," Ranma thought.


4 months ago, Soul world, Koenma throne room.

Ranma was in shock as were the rest of the trainees. Genkai's face was as passive as ever, while Shinnosuke, Taro and Natsume looked angry. However, the angriest one of the all was Yusuke. It was a strange sight, seeing Yusuke get angry at Koenma; it was stranger still to see Koenma in his adult form stare back at Yusuke just as angrily.

"What the fuck do you mean I can't help them?!" Yusuke shouted to Koenma.

"I mean what I said; we can't interfere in mortal affairs. YOU, being a soul detective, not to mention a high level S class demon, are forbidden to interfere in worldly affairs," Koenma said in a stern voice. Then he looked down and signed. "The orders came from Enma-sama himself."

"But why?" Yusuke asked. "This is a threat to the Earth from an army from another dimension. Why can't we help save my home?"

"Because that's just it, it's your home. Do you know how many souls we filter down here? Earth is not our only jurisdiction, you know. We are responsible for all living beings. If we interfered on every single world then our resources would be spread too thin, if not exhausted." Koenma said. "We need you here for the big threats, threats that constitute whole galaxies, threats on a scale that will allow us to interfere, but threats on one planet only... we simply can't allow it."

"Besides, the people of Earth are strong, they will weather this attack," Koenma said simply. Yusuke frowned. Koenma had never been this heartless before. It is as if he is hiding something, something important.

Yusuke smashed his fist into Koenma's desk and yelled. "Dammit, I -have- interfered before! What about Hiei and Kurama or even Sensui? What about those occasions?"

Koenma looked at Yusuke. "You know that those were the business of the Soul World. However, the Dark Kingdom's youma aren't demons. They are part of your world, whether you want to believe it or not."

"There is something you're not telling me," Yusuke said. Seeing Koenma fall into silence, he continued his line of questioning. "What are you hiding?"

Koenma squirmed in his seat for a little while and finally sigh in defeat. "Fine, I'll tell you but ONLY you." He gave the others a look that told them to get out. Reluctantly, they filed out one by one.

After an hour passed, Yusuke filed out of Koenma's room. His face betrayed his dark, sober mood. He looked at them and sighed. He looked at them and sighed. Walking over to Ranma, he put his hand on Ranma's shoulder and stared right into the blue globes of his eyes.

"Ranma," Yusuke began. He paused, seemingly searching for the right wording. "I'm sorry, Ranma, but you're on your own for now." Seeing Ranma's questioning gaze, he sighed again. "Trust me on this, it is better that I not help you for now. I will return when the time is right. Trust me, ok?"

Ranma nodded. "Sure thing, Yusuke-san."

Genkai Shrine...

Ranma, Taro, Natsume and Shinnosuke were sitting across from Genkai as she explained the situation for them.

"Our numbers have been greatly reduced, I'm afraid," Genkai began. "We thought we would be able to use the underworld demons as an army to take on the Dark Kingdom. I mean, with Yusuke controlling one third of Hell, and Muruko being friends with Hiei, we thought we could crush the Dark Kingdom easily."

Genkai then smirked ruefully. "Guess it'll be up to you five alone to take on the Dark Kingdom then."

"Kurumi will not be part of this!" Natsume started in protest. Genkai raised up a hand to silence her.

"It not Kurumi, it's an old friend of Yusuke," Genkai said with a smile.

Ranma, having met him before, knew of him. "Kuwabara?"

"Yes. Since he is not a soul world detective, they have no say in what he can and cannot do," Genkai confirmed.

"Now, onto the next order of business. Since you will no longer have the demon army at your backs, other means will have to be used to even up the odds."

On Genkai signal, Kurumi and Yukina appeared while dragging two duffle bags in. Genkai unzipped the duffle bag to show them the assorted type of modern weaponry that was inside. "This will give you the edge you need to defeat them. Alone these weapons won't do much damage to a youma, however if you charge it up with reiki..."

Genkai glanced over her weapon selection briefly and picked out a handgun. She took a moment to charge it up with her reiki, and then fired it at the shrine wall. The bullet shattered the two trees it touched in it's path and left a large hole in the wall.

"It will enhance the bullet by about fifty fold of its normal power and pack a great deal of explosive power into it." She then turned and fired her reiki-charged gun at Ranma.

Ranma, seeing her fire, struck out one palm and infused it with his reiki. Just as the bullet impacted his palm, his reiki managed to totally stop the projectile.

"What the fuck happened?" Taro asked in a confused voice, and was promptly hit in the back of his head for swearing in her presence. Taro just looked darkly at her.

"That...is what happens when you charge up weapons with reiki," Genkai began. Ignoring Taro's glare, she continued her explanation. "Against other reiki or ki users, it is ineffective. Against anyone else though, it is effective."

"Why?" Taro asked again. He made sure not to curse this time.

"Because once you charge up a weapon with reiki and fire it, it becomes pure reiki. In other words, you can absorb pure reiki energy if it is ever available. Ranma reacted instinctively against my attack by powering up his reiki to absorb the impact. What he didn't notice was that he also absorbed the reiki that propelled it forward. He therefore slowed it down to a snail's pace and didn't realize he'd done it till it was over."

"Well, it is helpful, but do we really have to use these weapons?" Ranma asked. Being on the road with his father had taught him that real martial artist didn't use weapons. You faced your enemy head on and determined who was stronger with only your own strengths and abilities. Apparently his face showed his distaste for using weapon, and his constant companion spotted it.

"Listen, Ranma, the Dark Kingdom has no concept of honor or fair play," said a soft female voice. Ranma looked down to see Serenity staring back up at him. He blocked out Genkai and gave Serenity his undivided attention.

"The Dark Kingdom will send waves after waves of youma against you until you are weakened, then they will attack you from behind or whichever way is easiest for them. That's how Jadeite ambushed Mars in her throne room during the attack, he waited until her attention was elsewhere and then attacked her from behind."

Serenity sighed softy. The memories of those girls still hurt.

"Bastard," Ranma thought. However, before Ranma could make any reply to Serenity, he heard Taro's teasing voice.

"Stop talking to your imaginary friend, Ranma," Taro said with a malicious smile on his face. "Some of us actually outgrow our childhood fantasies."

"You bastard!" Ranma said and jumped at Taro, who responded back in kind.

Out of the corner Genkai just sighed.

~(End Flashback)~

They soon cut down the last youma that was blocking their path. In front of them were two large, brass doors. High quality designs covered each door, scenes of murder and other dark acts engraved in them. After taking a short moment to gaze at the artistry of the door, Ranma knocked the doors down with one well launched kick. Entering the room, the Senshi were surprised to see a immaculate, shining white room. While the other rooms of the fortress were dominated by slime and darkness, this room was richly decorated.

Gold inlaid walls gleamed in the bright light, accenting the murals carved into the wall. This motif stayed constant in the room, except for a large throne. The throne glowed with a mass of jewels, giving the blond figure sitting there a unearthly halo.

"So, my pets failed to stop you," he said in a lazy tone of voice. "Ah well. And I do hate dirtying my hand on so menial a task."

With that, Jadeite got off his throne and stood up to full height. He wore the Dark General uniform, a dull gray military tunic and pants, lined with red on the edges. He possessed a certain dark attractiveness in his uniform, a black allure that covered the darker depths of his psyche. Then with a wave of his hand he started to gather dark energies around him, making it highlight him in a dark aura.

The five Senshi fired their reiki charged weapons at him immediately, but his aura absorbed each shot. They could hear the bullets impacting against Jadeite's aura with a small thud and then the bullets clattering to the ground.

"Useless," Jadeite said in distaste. He then thrust his hand forward and shot a dark lighting bolt at Ranma, making it throw the boy out the entrance of the throne room.

"Pathetic." Jadeite sneered. He raised his hand to fire again, but a look of surprise cut across his face instead as he saw Ranma walk back into the room. He looked unharmed as he casually dusted himself off. Returning Jadeite's sneer with one of his own, Ranma fell into his own fighting stance with the other four.

"Bring it on, Jadeite," Ranma said with contempt on his voice.

All Jadeite did was smile, as he raised his hands up to fire once more.


Author Notes...

It shall be continued! AHAHAHAHAHA! Thanks to those that liked my story. Wonder how many are gonna stick with me after reading this chapter.


Omake, Omake, Omake!

Omake from chapter 1^_^

The youma had Akane cornered against the wall. She was at its mercy and there was not a damn thing she could do about it. Just as the youma was about to advance, a golden disc shape object struck the youma on the left side of it head. What was amazing was the fact the object ricocheted back toward her direction, but was angle at a upward again. Tracing the object back she came to look at a figure standing on the wall behind her, holding the object that turns out to be a gold tiara. Her eyes widen to the size of dinner plates when she took in the sight.

There was nothing wrong with the bow and the laces, the gloves and boots the figure's was wearing. The earrings, lip gloss, and traces of eyeliner adorned the figure face. The figure appeared to be wearing a fuku, and with all those added together, with all those added together, the outfit is every man's wet dream. Except the figure wearing the outfit wasn t a woman. It was a man.

"For harming innocents and bringing destruction to the Nerima ward, I, Ranma Saotome the new pretty Sailor Soldier of Justice, WILL PUNISH YOU!"

With the grand announcement the person known as Ranma jumped down and did several poses. Akane, being scarred for life by what she just witness, vow to take vengeance on Ranma as she passed out.

Damn panty is riding up my ass again. Ranma said as he prepared to face off against the youma.

On Ranma shoulders, unseen by all, Queen Serenity of the great Moon Kingdom was crying. "I should have never told him about the Senshi."

Omake for chapter 2 (by Merc)

"Now on to the next order of business, since you will no longer have the demon army at your backs, then you'll have to use other means to even up the odds."

With that, Genkai pulled assorted type of modern weaponry. "This will give you the edge you need to defeat them. Alone these weapons won't do much damage to a youma, however if you charge it up with reiki..."

Genkai charged up a handgun with her reiki a bit, then fired it at the shrine wall, the force of the impact shattering trees in the path of the bullets.

"It will enhance it to 50 times the normal power, and not only so, but more condense." She then turned and fired her reiki-charged gun at Ranma.

Ranma seeing her fire, struck out one palm and enhanced it with his reiki. However, just as the bullet impacted his palm, the bullet exploded even more messily, blowing Ranma up in the process.

"What the fuck happened?" Taro asked in a confused, panicky voice, and was promptly hit in the back of his head for swearing in her presence. Taro just looked darkly at her.

"That...is what happens when you charge up weapons with reiki," Genkai began pointing to the path of the first bullet. Ignoring Taro's glare and the horror filled stares of the others, she continued her explanation. "Against other reiki or ki users, the results are at the very least 100 times messier. And that's powered down, like Ranma. As a last resort, you can always shoot yourselves with charged reiki artillery as a kamikaze move."

"Nice..." Taro said appreciatively, looking at Ranma, then at Shinnosuke with a speculative smile.

"Oh my god...you killed Ranma!"

"You bastard!"

Genkai smacked the two of them. "Honestly, Koenma can just do what he did with Yusuke and revive him, you know. He was just helping me to show the dangers of reiki weaponry."

Meanwhile, Ranma's astral self was yelling obscenities at his teacher. "I should stayed with pops!"

End ^_^

Update 9-11-13 Outline of Plot and ending!

Well, I was told that this was the right thing to do since I have no intention of finishing this fic due to time constrain. So what I will do is give my thoughts on what I wanted for this particular series and what I wanted to write and in which tone.

While I do like Sailor Moon and crew I think they didn't get the respect the deserves so my whole point for writing this fic was to get the Sailor Scouts some respect. Sure they could cry, whine , be emotional but when all was said and done they took ass and took down major baddies. In this fic I had plan on having the intial Dark Kingdom Arc, no Wiseman arc cause of crystal tokyo, Talisman Arc, and Finally the Sailor Stars arc.

This fic was going to be similar to Warp in a way as it would have combine Ranma with SM and one other Series I always liked, Yu Yu Hakusho. For those that do not know what that is think Bleach only more plot driven but just as strong. An overview Yu Yu Hakusho was they were soul detective, hunt demons an ghost. The main character was a fighter and power up after fighting stronger opponent. Their power ranking system in YYH are

E = Extremely Weak

D= Stronger but not killable

C= Which is where the NWC falls around

B= Super powerful = Ranma, Ryoga , Herb and Saffron fall into this category Colonge and happosai would be Upper B. The Soul Society in YYH fall into this category

A= Very very powerful= and are mainly demons. Hiei and Kurama two characters from YYH falls into this category.

S= Powerful Demon lords can knock out whole cities. There are four demon Lords, Yusuke the main character from YYH falls into this category and STILL lost in a straight up fight to another demon lord. However pre demon lord power boost Yusuke was a Upper B or Average A.

So with Ranma and Serenity. Yes she would fall for him, love him cherish him and NOT be able to interact with him a single bit. She's a hologram and an interactive one, one that bonded with Ranma heart. Ranma heart is no longer a heart either it's the crystal. Now since Ranma could not use it the Crystal in my story in it's default form gives him protection against magical attacks. So a pretty high guard but a bullet if his guard is down would still kill him.

Ranma would base his moves off the Senshi, so say a ki-enchaned chain attack = Venus love me Chain. A shabron Spray = a bunch of explosive ki balls shooting everywhere. Neptune Submarine and Uranaus World Shaking is too easy. More ki-reiki combo. He would use a sword, juipter lighting a hiryuu shoten ha with rei ki. Death Reborn revolution would be a 'Power Geyer' like attack. Also yes he would mix with modern weaponry to not waste his ki.

Other will join from Ranma cast but the heavy hitters of the Ranma verse even Saffron, Herbs , Musk Amazon etc etc as the story progressed.

Arc 1 idea: Dark Kingdom Succeeds!

No scouts? Dark Kingdom have an early foothold in britian, then Japan, then soon all over the world. Modern world vs dimension demons. Modern world getting their ass kick. New Senshi shows up, kills generals one by one, fight Beryl and by luck the Silver Crystal was able to summon the dead spirits of the Inner scouts and sailor from the Silver Millennium to stand beside Ranma as he kills Beryl with a super reiki kamahameha like attack laced with silver millennium energies. Ranma would hold them in high regards almost like hero worship. They would wish him luck and put their faith in him before disappearing.

In between Arc 1 and Arc 2: Ranma searches for more magical weapon just in case and get saffron to help him since his fire is magical.

Arc 2: Pharoh 90 Mistress nine searching for tailsman.

Ranma would be Rank B in terms of strength still , Taro dies , Hotaru made it to the future Ranma befriend Hotaru. Daimon are too powerful. Talisman in natsume and kurimi, both dies, Ranma attain Rank A and ends the witches. Hotaru overtake mistress nine due to Ranma kills Pharoh 90 and died. Ranma feels the weight of failure upon his shoulders as for all his powers she was not strong enough to save Taro, Natsume , Kurumi and it was a Sailor Scout that saved the day not him.

Final Arc: Sailor Stars.

Reason why Yusuke was sitting out was because he was training with the other Demon lords to become strong. My twist, on things. Sailors were meant to fight Demons and now those Sailor and their star seeds are being corrupted by Galaxia and chaos. Their last hope? Demon Yusuke and his demon army.

Starts off with the three light with Ranma finding out their true purpose. Ranma prove stronger then the Star lights but others Sailors shows up. Ranma discover firsthand the power of the Sailors. Kills a Sailor. Galaxia arrives and want the Star Seed in Ranma as he has all nine of them but can't tap into it. Ranma weapon of choice now would be duel wielding both Kinjakan and Gekkaja. Get trounce by Galaxia.

Yusuke shows up along with Hiei and Kurama. Engage Galaxia in battle. Galaxia summons all the Star seed she taken in the galaxy an force them to fight, Yusuke and the underworld demon army attack and the world is left in ruins. For all of Yusuke strength he dies in one on one battle to Galaxia along with Hiei and Kurama.

Ranma reaches Rank S power as Serentiy tells Ranma she loves him and sacrifice the rest of her soul and powers him up letting him wield silver lace energy. Galaxia weak from the battle against all the demon Lords falls to Ranma eventually after a long battle that take place on the moon. Galaxia heart punch Ranma cracking the crystal ensuring that he would die even if he won as all the sailor stars crystals were destroyed along with all the demons.

A scene I had in mind was Ranma feeling how he utterly failed everyone and cries. However, thanks to the crystal energy on him, he found a teleporation pad to the time gate. He finds the staff of pluto and use it to go back to where he think he would be needed. Cue back to chapter one where instead of pluto getting wounded her attacker dies and Ranma save her. Then as Serenity strength nearly fails he touched her and suddenly she have TWO silver crystals to use ensuring the Senshi would get sent to the future.

Ranma lay down to die, thinking that the sailor would do better then him but Serenity being in contact with the second crystal experience everything her counterpart did and hook Ranma to their new timeline future and send Ranma to the future with the scouts.

Epilogue: Scenes and Snippets I wanted.

Unlike the others who were sent to the future and then reborn, Ranma was just sent as is but healed. He would be amazed as Tokyo and everything would be in one piece and not show sign or scars from the wars they fought. He pass by and pick up a news paper and read that the Sailor Senshi once again saves the day and he smiles happily as everyone was saved.

Then he hears some people bad mouthing the girls , not knowing that he was in Crown Arcade, so he go and kick said guys ass. Sailor Scouts Inner see hottie act like the scouts we all know but Usagi was just happy that someone was so enthusiastic about defending the Sailor Senshi honor. She goes to shake his hand and get Serenity memories of him and his desperate fight to save the world in their place. Usagi overwhelm shares her overwhelming emotion of pride, sadness and joy for what Ranma did.

However, I wanted a happy ending so Usagi was able to resurrect a younger Serenity on the spot , much to the Senshi amazement. Ranma is overwhelm by the fact that Serenity his friend and closet companion was here with him. Usagi then shows the scouts but inner and outers snippets of Ranma life via magic and they too were overwhelmed by his dedication to their cause and his desperate hope to emulate them.

The Scouts consider him as good as a Scout if not better for all that he had done to hold the line, to even face Galaxia without their power was amazing to them. Ranma for his part would be amaze by their ability to do so much with so little ability where he pushed his body to the limit day after day to fill their shoes.

Serenity and Ranma start a life together , and Usagi doesn't view young serenity like a mother but more like a sister and Ranma as a brother.