A Rurouni Kenshin /Ranma Crossover

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Chapter 1

Revelation During the Meiji Era

The Tendos', the Amazons, and Ukyou look on as the scene played out before them.

"Mom," said a _very_ worried Ranma, "Mom, it's ok you're gonna make it, just hold on till Dr. Tofu gets her,"
then whispered to his mother, "Please."

Nodoka smiled at her son, her pride and joy, "My time has come Ranma, I know it has," she said in a soft voice.
She knew that she was going to die soon and intended to make peace with her son before she went. "Ranma, I'm sorry for everything Genma put you through, so sorry," she whispered to her son.

"Mom don't talk like that, rest, please just rest and wait until doctor Tofu gets here." Ranma said, trying to reassure his mother.

Nodoka just smiled at her son. Oh how naive her son was and he had grown up manly too just like his father. "My son before I go, I have something to tell you," she said in a urgent voice.

"Mom I told you too rest."

"Hush Ranma , I don't have that much time left so I have to say this while I have breath in me," Nodoka said trying to silence her son.

"Mom, I'm sure whatever it is, it can wait till you get better," Ranma said in an effort to get his mother to rest.

"No my son, this is very important, I've debated with myself whether I should tell you, but seeing as how your are miserable mostly here I have to tell you," Nodoka said with regret in her voice. She had hoped that her son would get married to Akane but it didn't look like that anymore.

"My son, I have seen in these past few months how Genma has use your honor against you your entire life," she said with an edge in her voice that made Genma squirm. "I've seen how Akane repeatedly hits you over and over again for petty reasons."

"I've seen how Nabiki uses you to make money in a degrading fashion by selling portraits of your females side to that boy, Kuno," Nodoka explained looking at Nabiki,
making her feel uneasy. "I know that you have to support your family but you could have ask my son permission first."

"I've seen how, thanks to my idiot bumbling husband,
you ended up engaged to your best friend and who will only remain your best friend in your eyes." Nodoka said this time leveling her stare at Ukyou.

Ukyou blush under Nodoka stare then to glare venomously at Genma.

"I saw how the Chinese Amazons drugged you repeated trying to get to leave with them for their tribe," she said as she looked at the Amazons' in the room, paused to muse over something, "and once again you have my husband to thank for it."

Genma was now receiving glares from everyone in the room and started to sweat. Soun seeing this came to his friend defense. "Now, now Nodoka, aren't you being too hard on your husband, after all he did make Ranma into the man among man like you always wanted."

"I saw a father who paid little attention to his children and who's basically useless at everything else," she commented as she looked at Soun, "One who said that he thinks for the good of his children, but in reality is trying to escape the responsibility he has in raising them." Nodoka words rung true and shamed Soun into tears, real tears of remorse this time.

"I saw how various people tried to kill my son for no reason at all," she said this time leveling her look on Akane pet pig in her arms, the pig squirmed under the gaze. "Who should have blame Genma instead of Ranma."

"My son, I am so, so very sorry for letting Genma do that too you," she said in a soft voice. "For letting him teach you the Neko-ken that cost you your sanity, for getting you engaged multiple times and for making you live in constant fear of me when Genma told you about the seppuku contract." Nodoka explained with tears in her eyes.

"It was ok, Mom, everything's fine," Ranma said with actual tears in his eyes, " It wasn't your fault, it was never your fault," he whispered to her while holding her hand.

"That's why I will relieve you of the burden the Saotome name put on you," Nodoka said, much to the shock of her audience.

"Mom you're not feeling well, you don't know what your talking about," Ranma said now worried for his mother sanity.

"No my son, I'm not crazy," Nodoka said with a small smile, as she read what her son was thinking by looking him in the eyes.

"Doctor Tofu is here." Kasumi announced in a cheerful voice.

Ranma jumped up immediately and ran toward the doctor. "Doc thank god you're here! Follow me. My mother is this way." Ranma exclaimed, while practically dragging the good Doctor to his mother side.

"Hold on Doctor before I die, I must reveal the truth to my son," she told Tofu, as he was about to put her to sleep with a pressure point strike to treat her.

"Saotome-san , you'll be fine, you just go-."

"No I have to say this to them now or else I might not get another chance." Doctor Tofu seeing her face decided to give her time to say what she wanted to say.

"Go ahead Saotome-san." He said letting her say her piece to treat her easier.

"Ranma what I tell you will affect you in more ways then one," she whispered to her son then turn her head to face her audience. "As you all know , Ranma is obligate to fulfill all agreements made by the Saotome because he is a Saotome," she explained as she looked around. Everyone nodded their heads, as they knew the reason why he stayed with them after all the abuse they gave him.

"Everything that Ranma went through was all for the Saotome honor, was it not?" she asked Genma, to which he nodded his head nervously.

"Well I hear by renounce all claims held by everyone had on Ranma." She said.

There was a moment of silence before the room exploded.

"You can't!" Genma all but screamed, "He has to fulfill the agreement or else the Saotome honor will be worthless."

"Ranchan has to marry me because he took my dowry,
the Saotome staked their very honors on it."

And many arguments like that were voiced around the room but Nodoka just looked on amused by all their antics.

"So you're telling me that Ranma has to fulfill your debt because he is a Saotome?" asked Nodoka.

"YES!" was everyone replied except for Ranma, who just stood there looking confuse as only he can.

"Did you know that I married Genma out of honor?"
asked Nodoka. "During the end of the dynasty war our clan decided to married their children so they could strengthen their alliance with each other. Did you know that?" she asked again. Nobody in the room answered.

"I wasn't happy with it you know, but in the end I learned to love him." she explained softly. "But before that I was very much in love with someone else."

Genma was shocked to hear this. He didn't remember Nodoka being courted by anyone.

"He was part of the revolution too, he and I were very much in love but his passion to bring peace to Japan was greater." Everyone was now hanging on Nodoka's words.
Nodoka didn't notice it because she had a distant look in her eyes, almost like she could see something.

"We were very much in love, he and I were only 14 then, almost reaching 15. He was living under his master and everyday I would come out to watch him train or see him try a deadly technique. Or so he said," Nodoka told them, but at the last part she smiled as if she remembered something funny.

"He was as stubborn as Ranma when it came to training. He would hurt himself over and over again just to show his master that he could learn the move his master taught him," she said smiling widely. "But then the war got worse and he said he wanted to leave and make a difference in the world. So then, because of the war getting worse, my clan decided to join with another strong clan to protect each other and stay neutral during the war." Nodoka frowned at the memory of the war.

"To cement the union I was to wed their oldest son,
Genma," she continued, "So two weeks before I was to wed Genma , me and Shinta shared a single night of passion before he left, just to give him something to remember me by." She blushed at the memory.

The audiences jaws dropped, including Ranma's.

"What? Nodoka how could you?" Genma asked.

"Like I said, I was very much in love with him, and you didn't leave a good of an impression on me either." She told him plainly.

"Now be quiet and let me finish." And everyone went silent, "So I found out I was pregnant with Ranma on the day of my wedding," she told them, Genma completely shocked now.

"But how? I mean it was night and ten month after our wedding that you gave birth to Ranma."

"Ranma was late husband, that's why you didn't suspect a thing." she explained to Genma.

"So you see everyone, Ranma is not a Saotome, he's a Himura, and so all engagements and debts to the Saotome name will be held accounted for by Genma," Nodoka finished calmly.

There was a collective jaw drop.

Nodoka didn't wait for them to recover as she looked at Ranma and beaconed him to her side, "Ranma you are now free of all Saotome debt, go and find your father. He does not know about you. He deserves that if nothing else." she said with regret in her voice.

"This is my last duty to you as your mother before I leave this world, farewell my son." And with that Nodoka closed her eyes. And kept them closed for a minutes until she opened them again when Doctor Tofu nudged her. "Yes doctor?" she asked serenely, knowing that she about to die accepting her fate and prepared to move on.

"Saotome-san " Doctor Tofu started off sounding a bit uncomfortable, "You're not going to die anytime soon."

"Do not joke with me doctor. I know the symptoms of a dying person. I saw enough of it during the revolution and I have them all," she answered back in her serene voice again.

"Saotome-san, I am a doctor and although you do have the symptoms your not going to die," He explained to her "You see, it was just Akane's food that upset your body like it did," he clarified to her, feeling a bit uncomfortable.

"So it was Akane food after all?" she asked Dr. Tofu again. He just nodded. "My God, and my poor son had to eat that all the time?" she asked Dr. Tofu. He nodded again.

"MY SON!" she cried out and started to hug Ranma tightly, no mean feat for a women who just ate Akane's cooking awhile ago then started crying on Ranma's shoulder.
"I came so close to losing you to Akane's cooking." Although she didn't meant it as an insult, Akane took it that way.

"HEY! IT WASN'T THAT BAD, OK?!" she try to yelled at Nodoka but she wasn't listening.


"M-mom, is it true?" he asked her, when he saw her confuse look, he try to clarify it for her, "You know mom,
'bout me not being a Saotome but a Himura."

"OH MY!" Nodoka said while blushing profusely, she thought she was going to die. That was why she spilled the beans but now that she wasn't she was embarrassed beyond belief "Well yes," she admitted in a small voice this time.

"Oh." Was all Ranma managed to get out.

"I knew a guy like Genma couldn't father a boy like Ranma," Happosai stated, who had just appeared out of nowhere.

"Master!" Genma exclaimed in indignation.

"Wait a minute! Does this mean that all the promises Genma made are now solely on him?" Ukyou asked.

Nodoka nodded. "Ranma is not Genma's son, so he is therefore not honor bound to uphold what the Saotome line did." she told Ukyou. "No engagement is valid including the Tendos'" In response to that, Ryouga and others rejoiced,
Akane felt very sad but she knew that Ranma love her so he would going to go through with the marriage willingly.

"Ranma , you must uphold the Saotome honor by marrying Akane," Genma shouted.

"Ranchan you're suppose to marry me, your cute fianc e remember?" Ukyou said with a hurt look.

"No!" Shampoo shouted, "Airen marry Shampoo,
then have many, many strong children."

Everyone the looked at Akane as she was about to say something.

"Ranma, I - I love you, now that your family honor is out of the way you can marry me of your own free will."
Akane said in a soft voice, much to the groups shock. They never would've thought they'd hear Akane admit it.

"Finally," Kasumi thought to herself.

"Wayda go Akane," Nabiki thought happy that her sister admit it.

"Now son, you see that," Soun started, "Akane accepts you, now you don't really need to do it for Saotome honor." Soun announced happily, who was convinced that Ranma was going to marry his daughter.

"No! Airen marry Shampoo!"

"No way, he's mine sugar!"

"Ranma, I'll make a good wife, you'll see." Akane said with an embarrassed look. Once more everybody looked at her in shock, who would have thought Akane'd admit it.

"ENOUGH!" Ranma yelled, "WHAT DO YOU PEOPLE THINK I AM?" he screamed in rage. "JUST A PIECE OF MEAT TO BE FOUGHT OVER?!"

"Ranma, you jerk! How dare you yelled at us!" Akane shouted as she pulled out her mallet and prepared to hit him with it until he destroyed it with the breaking point technique.

"What? Since when can son-in-law do that?" asked Cologne to no one in particular.

"I am outta here." he said as he turned to jump out but just before he left, he grabbed his mother.

"Come back here Ranma!" Akane yelled. She was confessing her feeling to him and he just left like that!

A good distance away.

"Ranma we're far away now." Nodoka reminded her son gently. She felt Ranma stop and place her on her feet.

"Mom," he said in a soft voice.

"Yes, dear?"

"What was my real father like?" Ranma asked, he always felt that something was missing from his fa- Genma,
he had to remember that now. He was no longer a Saotome.

"He was the most honorable, bravest and kindest man I ever met," she told him. "No one could match his skill in fighting and he was also very handsome," She explained as she remember what he looked like. "And he also has the same hair color as your female side."

"He did?" Ranma asked interested now, he didn't meet a lot of Japanese citizens' hat had red hair like his female form. He continued to listen to his mother as she continued to tell him about his father and found himself wanting to meet the man.

There was a moment of silence as Ranma contemplated what to do. On one hand he wanted to find out who is father was, what he was like and all that other stuff,
on the other he didn't want to quit being a Saotome.

"Ranma, what are you planning to do?" his mother asked concerned for his well being. "Your not mad at me are you?"

Ranma smiled. "No mom, I can never be mad at you,"
he said sincerely, "You're my mother and always will be a good one in my heart." Ranma then looked off into the distance, "Mom, I know what I have to do now."

"Oh, my son, this can't be easy for you." she said sadly.

"No, not really but necessary." And with that took his mother in his arms and jumped back to the Tendo dojo.

When Ranma got back to the Dojo, he saw everyone was arguing with one another.

"SILENCE!" he bellowed to the room full of people.
Every one was silent and then Ryouga came out of no where and started to attack him while everyone else started to talk to him at once. Without even batting an eye he blocked Ryouga punch and elbowed Ryouga's arm effectively breaking his elbow. Ryouga when down in pain, clutching at his broken elbow. He then looked at the crowd who had heard Ryouga elbow break, a sound they would never forget. "Like I said,"
he told them "Silence." And then leveled his gaze at them.
None dare talked. This Ranma was dangerous. They only saw this side of him during his fight with Saffron.

"Thank you, now as I was about to say," he started,
"Thanks to my mother's revelation, I now know that Genma is not my father." He then smiled. "Since I am no longer a Saotome, everything that Genma caused you will solely be on him or other members of the Saotome line. I am sure the Saotome line had more then one child, so you can bring your grievances to them not me."

"Ukyou, I only saw you as a friend and ONLY" he empathize the word, "as a friend, nothing more. My offer of friendship stills stands." He said as he extended his hand.

Ukyou looked at his hand. How can he not see how much she loved him. She wanted Ranma to be happy! So with a cry, she hugged Ranma and kissed him for all she was worth and then stood back and shook his hand. "Friends Ranchan, friends." She told him softly. Ranma was a little stun by her kiss but he recovered fast enough.

He smiled at her,"Ucchan, buddy forever." He then turned to Akane "Akane, I might have loved you once with all my heart but you rejected it then, your temper and tantrums have broken it repeatedly and so I find myself not in love with you anymore."

"Are-Ran-Ranma, you can't mean that," Akane said near to tears herself.

"Goodbye Akane, maybe you'll find someone that won't make you mad so easily.," he said with a bit of regret in his voice. He then turned to Genma. "Genma, you have been the worst father anyone could ever have. I pray that you are more merciful on your real children then you were to me."
Genma just bowed his head in shame. He then went up to his room, packed everything in least then 10 seconds and came back down. He turned to Genma again, got on his knees and bowed three times in respect to Genma, "I thank you for teaching me the Anything Goes style sensei and I wish you luck with your future students." And then turned to leave through the front gate.

"Ranma!" Akane said and then lay her own kiss on him, "Good luck with finding your father."

"How did you?" he asked.

"It seems like the logical choice, take care baka." She said, and with that turned around and ran for her room.

"Okaasan, I'll be back after I find Otousan." he said before heading off. The only people that he didn't say bye to were the amazons, mainly because he couldn't find them. The moment he started to say good bye they just up and left. He'd passed the Nekohaten but nobody was there.

5 months later.

It had been five months since he'd began his search for his father, not realizing what a rare name Himura was.
Everywhere he asked, there wasn't a single Himura around.

"Kyo-to, Kyoto," he said as he read the sign out loud,
"Well I guess I can take a break in this city, and then continue my search later," he thought to himself.

While in the city, he looked around and found that it was much larger then the average city. According to legend,
this was where the Hitokiri was. He'd always thought that the rumors about the fighters in Kyoto were exaggerated but then he saw the signs of battle. As a martial artist he recognized the many types of battle marks Ki could leave behind and from what he saw of the city, there were a lot of strong fighters gathered there.

While looking at a sign of battle he failed to notice where he was walking and accidentally bumped into a group of people. Falling down on his butt first, he glanced up in time to see a man in the red samurai garb also landed on his.

"HEY, watch where you're going punk," he saw a guy dressed in white say to him. The guy looked pretty strong and he had his hair cut in a strange way, almost like a chicken.

"You could have hurt Himura-san here," said a girl wearing a blue outfit with black hair, a braid running down the length of her back. "She's pretty cute," he thought before he mentally slaped himself for that comment. He didn't want anymore girl trouble now.

"It is ok Misao. Sano," the man in the red samurai garb said. It was then that Ranma noticed that the guy had red hair and two slash marks on his cheek. He also caught what the girl had said "HIMURA?!" He thought, "could he be?"

"Sorry there friend but it was an accident, please forgive them for their outburst," he said in a very polite voice.
"My name is Himura Kenshin, pleased to meet you," Kenshin said as he extended his hand to Ranma. He noticed Ranma visibly slump his shoulder when he said his name.

"The name is Ranma. Pleased to meet you." Ranma returned Kenshin handshake a bit sad.

"You seemed disappointed when I introduced myself,
maybe I can help with something." he asked. For some reason the boy seemed familiar.

Ranma let out a long sigh, "If only you knew someone named Himura Shinta."

Kenshin eyes widened slightly. No one knew his original name except for two special people in his life. For some reason unexplained he had a sinking feeling.

"I know of him, may I ask why you are looking for him?" Kenshin asked in a neutral voice.

"You do?" Ranma asked excitedly. He saw Kenshin nodded once. "Finally I found him, can you please tell me where he is, Himura-san?"

"You still haven't answer my question about why you want to meet him," Kenshin reminded Ranma politely. He had a really bad feeling about this.

"Oh gomen," Ranma apologized having forgot about Kenshin's question because of his excitement. "Well it's because I am his son, Himura Ranma."


To be continued.

Author notes:
I just had to get this idea outta my head before I could continue writing chapter 8 of Warp realties, anyway what I got plan is definitely a Ranma and Misao hook up fic. I am not really gonna continue this unless it's popular enough but if someone wants to continue it, ask me first, but I'd really like it if you let Ranma and Misao end up together, I am a proud fan of crossover couples. C +C ALWAYS welcome. Oh and for those that said Nodoka was too young , remember back in feudal times they married young. Oh well let see what my next project is maybe a Onna-Ranma and a Tuxedo mask fic? votes for that any one? i can do it.