Hi my name is kiyagakosh rav'n...i have eboni black hair and Iam a vampire i am also a cy borg on my lett side so i wear a bandage across my eye. I need blood every day so I travel around to big citys and tody I was in london looking for some Hot guys to eat. one day i was walkig down the street trying to avoid the crowd of people following me beauces I am so Beautiful and people follow me a round. I like it but is also annoyig because it makes it essy to pick up a hott guy to suck the Blood of but it is so hard to stay hiden because people fallow me suddenly red Car come of nowhere? And this tal guy 2nd little kid get out......the man was really sexii and he had on a dark brown top hat with a red ribbon on it and a dark brown trench coat and pants and a orange shirt and green shoes his face was really hott to he had dot eys they reminded me of m&ms the little kid was reily obese and had on a blue newspaper cap and a suspenders and. blue sweater. I asked them What are you doing here? "Hello miss we are investitgating the murder of someone here." Said the Poffesor. 'My name is professor herschey Layton.""I gazed up at him with sexy and said 'My name is Kiyagokosh rav'n he said "It's nice to meet you and he bowed really hot and i blushed redd. He was so smexiful and i wanted to suck he's blood but fist i would have to kill the Child so he woodnt tell on me so i said 'who are you'? Luke. He said and blushed looking away and I knew he thought i was really hott. Tthen suddenly the proffesor said

"Would you like to go out to dinner with us." Then i said yes I would LOVE to and winked at him and I saw Luke get jealous because i knew he liked me but i wanted the Profesro so i irgnoed hikm we all went to this restruant called Tres Bien and I thought this would be a good time to get rid of the Kid but first i gazzed into the Profesors Dot Eyes they were dark and round and like circley. I said "Hey luke let's play tag" "Ok!" he said and i said You're It! So he had to follow me behid the building. when we got to behind the building I laughed evily. "What?" said luke I'm going to kill you know because I want to be alone with the Prfeossor! I then telling him. "NO!!" luke yells and looks frightened like A Deer In The Headlights. "What is going on here! Yells the professr runing out to save Luke just in time! She is going to kill me" luke yells Scared. No he tells you LIES!" i scream and start to cry. I am crying so my heart the Profess fells bad for me and says Its Ok I Forgive You...And...I Love You...and he says that and i gaspp.

(chapter two coming sun i hope you guys like my story!! o'.'o)