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Warmth enveloped Quinn as she lied in bed, the sheet just barely covering her lower body. Long languid strokes of a hand moved up her arm leaving goose bumps of pleasure in their wake. Soft lips hovered over hers in a tease of wondrous delights to come, while sweet breath mingled with her own. The bend of a knee moving up her inner thigh momentarily threatened to distract her from the dark eyes above her, but then she felt the sensation of lips lightly brushing hers therefore bringing her back to the person gazing at her with a mix of equal parts curiosity and desire.

"Do you want me to stop?" The voice above her spoke softly with a huskiness to it she had never heard before which furthered Quinn's own desire.

Swallowing her nerves, she whispered back "Don't you dare."

The face looking down at her smirked as those full soft lips dipped lower once again to meet hers this time slowly moving in unison with her own. Quinn breathed in sharply as a gentle yet determined hand slipped down to her thigh and moved gradually further up making her shudder in pleasure and anticipation. Swirls of color and light danced before Quinn's eyes as she strained to make certain that she remembered every single small detail of what was finally happening. To memorize and drink in all that was Rachel Berry, to be consumed and to be drunk on her desire. Rachel moved slowly above her in perfect rhythm as though they had done this dance many times before, her lips trailing down Quinn's neck in such a delicious and sensuous way.

In a haze of lust and hormones, Quinn breathed out a song that had been bubbling to the surface.

"Oh my god, go a little slower"

So much in synch, Rachel responded as though they had rehearsed this song many times over.

"What was that again?"


"Let me feel you, baby"


"Let me in 'cause I understand

I can sit and listen

Or I can make you scream"

Quinn moaned deep in her throat at the words and the huskiness that Rachel's voice had taken on which made her toes curl and her eyes roll back as Rachel's lips traveled further down her body while she dragged her nails up the inside of Quinn's thigh.

"Oh my god"


"Kiss it and make it better

Just put your trust in me"


"Put me on the table

Make me say your name"


"Oh my god"


The blonde hummed in response of her name being quietly called.

"Quinn." The voice grew in intensity. Quinn hummed again, this time sounding of a contented moan.


"Oh my god!" Puck lightly chuckled as he watched a fury of blonde hair as Quinn woke from her nap with a confused look on her face. Glancing up she spotted the amused smirk on his face and her once very happy mood soured in an instant. "What the hell do you want, Puck?! And don't ever just come into my room without knocking!"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa - don't get your granny panties in a twist. I tried knocking on your door, but you weren't waking up so I had no choice but to come in and wake Your Highness in person" Puck stated while waving his hands back from side to side trying to get the still huffing girl to calm down.

Still trying to come down from her very startled state, Quinn shook her head slightly, "Whatever." She sighed having realized that she had just been experiencing yet another intense dream about Rachel and was very rudely woken from it. These dreams had been happening on a frequent basis now with the emergence of what she discovered was a particular part of her pregnancy when she found that her sexual arousal became more and more pronounced. In other words, Quinn was horny as hell and she was becoming very frustrated and her dreams were only adding to it. Sighing once more then remembering there was another person in the room, she looked up at Puck who was watching her with a grin on his face. "What do you want?" It came out more whiny and strained than she had intended but considering the point that she was ripped from her dream, she couldn't even begin to pretend she was happy to be awake.

"You don't look so good, baby-mama. Have a bad dream?" Puck leered at her having a pretty good idea just what kind of dream she had been having.

"Puckkkk" Quinn growled out as a warning.

"Fine, fine - don't let a guy have his fun. Mom wanted me to check if there was something wrong with your phone because, as she put it, a very determined yet charming young lady keeps calling for you."

This instantly perked Quinn right up and she sat straight up in bed. "Rachel?" she asked eagerly, then coughed a little to show she wasn't too eager. She still had her pride after all.

The smirk on Puck's face grew in intensity. "Pretty sure, yeah. I can't see ma referring to Santana as charming or a lady."

Quinn scoffed and nodded her head while looking over to her night table to where her phone was sitting. It was fully charged, but she didn't have a signal. She turned it off and back on again, but still nothing. "Dammit" she whispered under her breath.

Puck, who was still hanging out in the room, his eyes wandering over the explosion of clothes on the floor and dresser asked while distracted by a bra hanging from the door handle of the closet "What's going on?"

The blonde frowned while still looking at her phone and scouring through its settings. "I don't have a signal. Is your phone working?" He nodded to the affirmative while still gazing at the bra. Had she gone up in size recently, he wondered to himself. Noticing his leering, Quinn stood up and breezed over to the closet, grabbing the bra off the handle and stuffed it in a dresser drawer. "Do you think my parents cut off my service?"

Puck looked back over to Quinn, slightly disappointed that she stole away his eye candy. "With your dad, I think anything is possible."

"Yeah. Unfortunately. Dammit." Quinn sighed feeling incredibly defeated. Her phone was one of the only things that gave her some security because it offered a certain sense of normalcy from her previous life. "Is your mom using the phone now?" She suddenly felt shy and exposed as though Puck could see directly into her mind and witness exactly what she had been dreaming about.

"No, pretty sure she's busy making dinner."

"OK. Good. I guess I'll just..." Quinn made a move to walk past Puck to go retrieve the phone.

"Do you need Jew-babe's number?" Puck asked as she started to walk out the door.

Quinn turned slightly, the color in her face beginning to turn a soft red as she mumbled a quick "No, thank you, I know it."

Puck once again smirked. And I bet you also write your names together with hearts all around them too, he thought as he left her room and headed for his own.

Before Quinn retrieved the cordless phone located in the kitchen of the Puckerman home, she went into the bathroom to freshen up as though the girl on the other line would actually be able to see her. Taking one last glance in the mirror to make sure her hair was in order, Quinn took in a deep breath and headed for the kitchen. After greeting the matron Puckerman, the blonde grabbed the phone and headed back to her room making sure to close the door securely so no eaves droppers could listen in. Quinn realized that she was incredibly nervous all of a sudden to be calling Rachel and she had to laugh at herself considering it wasn't that long ago that she thought she loathed the other girl.

With slightly shaky hands she dialed Rachel's number, clearing her throat lightly as the first ring sounded. After four rings Quinn began to think the other girl may be busy and was set to leave a brief voicemail message when suddenly the fifth ring was interrupted, and then after a short pause she heard the bright voice of the girl who made her heart speed up.

"Rachel Berry speaking" came the greeting.

Instantly Quinn smiled to herself as she chuckled softly. "Do you always answer your phone like that?" she asked with a sense of mirth in her voice.

"Quinn! I was so hoping you would call me back! So you got my message?" Rachel sounded relieved and happy, and perhaps even a bit nervous?

The blonde's smile grew in intensity as she pictured Rachel moving gracefully around her room. "Don't you mean messages? I heard there was more than one from a rather persistent girl" she teased lightly.

"Yes well, I became a little worried when you didn't respond to my texts and every time I tried calling I got your voicemail right of way. I thought perhaps something had happened, you know, with the baby, and I was concerned." Rachel's voice sounded shy and timid, and Quinn envisioned a light blush on her cheeks as she bowed her head in embarrassment from having been caught fretting over the blonde.

Things had seemed to change between the two since their text conversation just a few nights before, and Rachel seemed to relish in the allowance to text Quinn whenever she wanted to knowing that the blonde would respond nearly instantly even if she was in class. It had unnerved Finn to no end which Quinn would be lying if she didn't admit to getting a great sense of pleasure from his moping around. This, however, was the first time they had actually talked on the phone. It seemed harder. Texting was so much simpler and easier as she could write whatever she wanted to and think out what she was going to say first.

"That's very sweet, Rachel. Thank you for being concerned, but everything is fine with the baby." She heard a sigh of relief on the other end of the line before she continued. "My phone service on the other hand is less than fine. I'm pretty sure my parents cut off my service."

After what sounded like a sympathetic intake of breath, Rachel responded. "Oh Quinn, I'm so sorry! Our phones are kind of like our lifelines. Is there anything I can do? Perhaps my fathers can help you out."

"No Rachel" Quinn shook her head as though the other girl would be able to see her. "I appreciate the thought, but I can't ask you or your fathers to help me. I don't really need my phone, it's just a luxury I can live without."

With a stern tone of voice that Quinn had become accustomed to hearing during glee practices, Rachel cut in. "Nonsense Quinn. You are pregnant and should have a phone. What would happen if there was an emergency and you weren't with anyone? No, you should have a phone."

The blonde smiled to herself, the concern and determination in Rachel's voice being such a welcomed change from the indifference she had been getting from so many others lately. "Thank you Rachel, but really, I should be the one who gets myself service for my phone. Or Puck."

"Yes! Puck should be concerned! If not for the baby's well-being, at least yours! Yes, Puck should definitely be helping you in restoring your phone service. In fact, would you excuse me for just one moment Quinn?" Quinn could tell by the tone in her voice that she was up to something as she had become suddenly distracted. "Please don't hang up though! This will only take a moment."

"Uhm, OK sure Rachel." Quinn could hear light humming in the background indicating that Rachel was still there, but the phone had been removed from her ear. There were a few more muffled sounds, and then Rachel's sing-song voice returned once more.

"OK, I'm back. Are you still there?"

"Yes, I'm still here. What are you up to?" Quinn asked, her voice sounding wary as she wasn't sure she wanted to know.

"Oh nothing, just making a quick note."

"Mmm-hmm, sure. So anyway, uhm." Quinn hesitated as she wasn't exactly sure what to talk about. She looked around the room hoping for some sort of inspiration. Glancing at her lifeless phone she asked, "So, uh, what were you texting me about?" There was a lull on the other side of the phone. "Rachel? Are you still there?"

"Oh yes, I'm still here. I uh, well the texts weren't really anything in particular. You know, just asking how you are and if you needed anything. The texts, uhm, may have started to sound a little, well, concerned after a while when I thought that….well…."

"That I wasn't interested in texting you anymore?" Quinn could tell that Rachel hadn't been worried, at least not initially, that something was wrong with her health so much as the concern that Quinn didn't want to have anything to do with her anymore. She felt bad knowing that it was her past behavior towards the brunette that made her feel so insecure about their budding friendship. Rachel didn't respond, but hummed lightly in response. "I'm sorry, Rachel. I promise that if my phone had been working, I would have texted you ba – ACK!" With a dull thud, the phone in Quinn's hand dropped to the floor after she had been startled by a sudden loud knock on her door. Meanwhile she could hear Rachel's panicked voice screaming through the speaker asking what happened and if she was OK.

"For god's sake, Puck! What the hell are you trying to do to me, give me a heart attack?!" She clutched her chest with her hand while breathing in deeply through her nose trying to calm herself down after Puck's face came into view around her door.

With a smartass grin on his face, Puck said "You yelled at me for not knocking last time, even though I did, so I wanted to make sure you heard it this time."

Quinn's eyes squinted in anger while bending over to retrieve the phone that had landed on a pile of clothes on the floor. She could hear the brunette's frantic voice on the other line desperately asking if she should call 911. "Rachel, Rachel – no, I'm OK. I swear I'm OK. It's just Puck scaring the crap out of me." She smiled as she turned away from Puck to give herself a bit of privacy as she listened to Rachel's fearful voice turn to one of relief.

"Oh my god, thank god! I was so worried when you screamed! Noah Puckerman better step lightly around me tomorrow!"

Quinn giggled to herself then remembered the intruder at her door. "Hold on a sec, Rach." She turned back to Puck whose grin intensified at hearing the nickname.

"Rach? That's so adorable Quinny." He managed to duck out of the way just in time for a shoe to go sailing over his shoulder.

"What is it that you want, Puckerman?" Quinn asked through gritted teeth and a slight blush.

Stepping through the doorway slightly he stated, "Tell your girlfriend," At the word girlfriend, Quinn's slight blush turned into full blown "that I will provide service for my baby-mama, and that there is no need to go telling on me to my mom that I'm not" At this, Puck made finger quotes "'manning up and taking responsibility for my part in this'."

Quinn smirked. Only Rachel Berry could get away with threatening Noah Puckerman and be successful. "Thank you, Puck. I appreciate it" she stated genuinely. She knew that he still had residual feelings for her and this couldn't be easy watching her clearly into someone else.

Waving her off while starting to exit her room, Puck said over his shoulder "Yeah, sure. Just be sure to call of your bodyguard. I don't need any grief from that ankle biter."

Quinn could hear muffled cries of protest coming from the phone in her hand indicating that said ankle biter had heard him and was not amused with the reference to her short stature. "Thanks again, Puck."

"Ma said dinner will be ready in a couple of minutes so you will have to put your pillow talk off until later" he said as he closed the door behind him leaving Quinn to blush once more.

Before returning to the phone in her hand, Quinn took several deep breaths to calm her nerves both consisting of talking to Rachel, being scared by Puck, and being caught calling the brunette a nickname. She could hear that humming on the other end of the line had resumed so she knew she had a few moments to collect herself before returning to the conversation. Quinn was just raising the phone back to her ear ready to tell Rachel she had to go when she heard the brunette softly singing to herself as she awaited the blonde to return to their conversation.

So many questions

But I'm talking to myself

I know that you can't hear me anymore

Not anymore

So much to tell you, and most of all goodbye

But I know that you can't hear me anymore

Listening to Rachel's soft and sweet yet melancholy voice spoke volumes to how she was feeling. Quinn knew that this song hadn't just popped into the brunette's head. Instead she knew it had probably been on constant repeat as she tried to figure out whatever this was that was going on between them. She knew Rachel was interested, but yet still scared and for good reason. Quinn had put her through a lot in the past and most of it pretty awful. She too was scared, but for different reasons. Pursuing Rachel meant a lot more than just going after someone she was interested in – it meant dealing with her own sexuality and the negative responses she thought she was sure to get from her family and peers. A lot could change with this budding relationship. Each time Quinn had doubts though, Rachel would pull her back in somehow even if it was with just a look. This time it was her voice.

The longer I stand here, the louder the silence

I know that you're gone, but sometimes I swear that I hear

Your voice when the wind blows

So I talk to the shadows

Hoping you might be listening 'cause I want you to know

Taking in a deep breath Quinn decided to join in quietly with Rachel, echoing her thoughts and feelings. At the first few words she could tell the brunette was startled to hear Quinn singing along, but as the professional she always is, she didn't miss a beat and the two finished off the song together.

It's so loud inside my head

With words that I should've said

And as I drown in my regrets

I can't take back the words I never said

I never said

I can't take back the words I never said

"Hi Quinn" the shy voice on the other end quietly said.

"Hi Rachel."

Their conversation didn't last much past the impromptu singing, but it ended on such a sweet positive note that Quinn found it difficult not to smile all the way through dinner. She wanted to call Kurt and talk about the latest development and to fill him in on how things had progressed. After she got off the phone, Puck informed her that he would look into restoring her phone service but he wasn't sure if he could afford service on her current phone – she may have to use a prepaid. Quinn was grateful for any service if it meant she had some sort of security. On the negative side, it probably meant giving up texting Rachel as texting would cost extra, and any regular phone conversations would probably have to be made on the Puckerman land-line as she would most likely be facing fewer minutes. All of this, again, was not as important as that security.

Admittedly though, Quinn was sad to think that texting was out. She had grown accustomed to Rachel's quick messages offering her a goodnight's rest. It meant that the brunette was thinking about her just as she herself was getting into bed and it made Quinn's heart swell with delight. At the same time, she wondered if Rachel had sent similar texts to Finn and this thought gave her heartburn as she wanted to be the only one that Rachel texted goodnight to.

After dinner, Quinn made her way back into her temporary room to work on the day's homework all the while trying desperately not to think about Rachel and who she may be texting. It was true that Quinn had a jealous streak. It wasn't something she was proud of, but it was there none the less. Technically Rachel was not dating her so she could text whomever she pleased, and technically even if she were dating her, Rachel could still text whomever she pleased. Quinn was determined not to be one of those girlfriends who tried to dictate who her (hopefully) girlfriend could and could not talk to. She had tried that with Finn and she knew it would most certainly not work on Rachel. Plus, when she thought about it, she herself wouldn't want to be in a relationship with someone who was so insecure and therefore controlling. No, she would have to trust Rachel and know that she wouldn't do anything to hurt her or jeopardize their relationship.

Just the idea of Rachel being her actual girlfriend made her toes curl. Throwing down her pen in defeat, Quinn got up from her desk and went to retrieve the phone from the kitchen. She hoped that mama Puckerman wasn't using it so she could call Kurt. She had to talk to someone and he was the most understanding and her biggest cheerleader with regards to these new feelings. The house was quiet with the exception of the sound of war games coming from Puck's room and the TV mumbling in the living room. Much to her relief, Quinn found the phone in its charging cradle. Before grabbing it, she made herself a tall glass of ice water and then proceeded back to her room. She made up the bed, placed plenty of pillows up against the headboard, and climbed in with her water sitting on the bedside table next to her. Taking in a deep peaceful breath, she dialed Kurt's number.

'You have reached Kurt Hummel. Please leave your name and number and I will return your call in the order it was received.'

Quinn sighed in disappointment. "Hi Kurt, its Quinn. I need to talk to you so could you call me back as soon as you can? My parents cut off my cell service so you'll have to call the Puckerman landline. The number is….actually I'm not even sure what the number is. Uh, text Rachel – she knows what it is. Although now that I think about it, I'm not sure how she knows what it is…. Anyway, call me back." Quinn sat on the bed staring at the phone in her hand for several seconds wondering how exactly Rachel did know the Puckerman number. She must have texted Puck, she thought out loud with a smile on her face as she imagined the brunette's fierce determination and commitment to getting a hold of her.

Quinn looked around her room hoping to find something to distract her from the ticking of the clock as she waited for Kurt to call her back. After letting out several impatient breaths, she picked up the phone again and dialed a well-known number.

After four rings a familiar voice rang out. "What up, bitch?"

The blonde paused, surprised at the response. "How did you know it was me?"

Sounding bored, Santana replied "Oh Quinn, I thought it was Puck's mom – I always greet her that way. It's my pet name for her."

Quinn rolled her eyes in mild annoyance. "So I take it you heard that my cell service got cut off?"

"Old news sweetie, same with your recent conversation with Rach."

Even though Quinn couldn't actually see her, she could hear the smirk in Santana's voice leaking through the phone line. Is nothing sacred? she mumbled to herself. "So I suppose you're just going to mock me then."

"Oh no, honey" her voice dripping with sweetness that made all the hairs on the back of Quinn's neck stand up. "I wouldn't dream of it. Just because you want to get into Berry's knickers doesn't mean I am going to mock you." Quinn knew all too well that this wasn't the whole truth. "I'm going to mock you because you already have her so well trained to be your little lap dog that she's getting Puck to pay for your cell. Departing with his money doesn't come easy for our boy, and though we both know he's still hung up on you, Rach must have been quite convincing." Quinn groaned as she knew she wasn't going to hear the last of this any time soon. "I must admit, however, that the little troll…"

"Santana" Quinn growled out.

She chuckled to herself knowing she had plucked that nerve so well. "Excuse me, I must admit that Rach is quite crafty and I have to give her credit. Yes Quinn, you've got yourself a little, and I do mean little, firecracker there." The blonde groaned again in irritation. She couldn't remember why she had called in the first place or why she wasn't keeping the line open for Kurt. Santana chuckled again deep in her throat at the sound of the groan.

"Well you're one to talk given that you would bend over backwards, and I do mean that literally, to please Brittany" Quinn countered.

Santana just laughed out louder. "Relax sweetie, I'm just screwing with you – and I could mean that literally" she responded in a sultry tone and a wink in her voice. "Really, all kidding aside – I'm happy you're so smitten with your little kitten. It's pretty adorable."

Despite the teasing, Quinn could hear the genuineness in her friend's voice. "Thank you, Santana. That means a lot and I appreciate it."

"No problem Q."

After a few more minutes of catching up, Quinn let Santana go when she heard Brittany's cooing on the other end of the line. She could tell Santana was no longer present in their conversation and she was fine with that because she wanted to call Kurt again anyway.

After just two rings, Kurt's voice rang out. "This better be Quinn Fabray!"

The blonde laughed out loud. "Yes Kurt, it's me. I was worried I wasn't going to get a hold of you again."

"I was worried your phone was going to busy all night!" His voice was high in his excitement from Quinn finally calling back.

For the next few minutes Quinn updated Kurt as to everything that had transpired over the course of the evening with him making all the appropriate sounds in conjunction to what she was telling him. He sighed dreamily, squealed in delight, and whispered an 'Oh Quinn' at the mention of the impromptu duet between herself and Rachel.

"So Quinn…" he trailed off that sounded as though the wheels in his mind were churning at top speed.

"So Kurt…" The blonde was a little apprehensive about what was coming.

After a large and considerably long sigh, he continued. "About the mash-up…"

Quinn groaned in frustration. "I know, I know. I need to do it. I'm just really nervous."

"I understand that, but you know Rachel – she will swoon that you wanted her to hear it, and that she is the only one hearing it."

"Or she'll call my singing 'sharp' again." This was said more to her own fears than to Kurt as she realized that most likely Rachel would refrain from stating this as she would be so thrilled that Quinn involved her in something, specifically something concerning music. "I just have to do it. Stop thinking about it and do it" she said with more conviction.

Kurt hummed in agreement. "If you don't do it soon I'm going to tell Rachel you are waiting for her in the auditorium and you won't have a choice but to go or break her heart."

"You wouldn't." Quinn's voice was low in a hollow warning.

In a sing-song voice, he replied "It would be for your own good."

Quinn sighed in defeat. "Fine – I'll do it." She paused for a moment before adding, "By the end of the week."

"The end of the week?! Quinn, you've been practicing nearly every day for two weeks now! If you wait any longer, you're going to talk yourself out of it again and then Finn is going swoop in and take her away from you. Now, tell me – do you want that or are you going to woman-up and get your ass into that auditorium to sweep that girl off her feet?!"

Quinn thought for a moment and imagined how crushed she would be to see Rachel on the arm of another person. Realizing that she had feelings for the other girl was terrifying yet exciting at the same time. It wasn't something she was taking lightly, and considering her present condition of being several months pregnant, it made everything that much more complicated. Was she really the best choice for Rachel? On the other hand, was Finn? Ultimately it was up to Rachel, but Quinn had to try. Had to show her that she was worth it – worth at least a shot.

"OK. I'll do it. Tomorrow."

"Tomorrow!" She could hear Kurt clapping his hands in celebration as he danced around his room. "Go get that girl!"


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