Rose Weasley woke up with the worst headache she had ever endured. Opening her eyes carefully, she realized that she was certainly not in her room in the Heads' dormitory nor was she in her bed. Instead of the pictures of her huge family and a few of her friends on the nightstand, there was a picture of a family with pale skin and blonde hair with the teenager in the picture looking slightly out of place.

Rose rolled over and gasped at the sight before her. She was lying in the bed of her best friend and fellow Head, Scorpius Malfoy, who was currently lying next to her and snoring quite loudly, oblivious to the world.

All of a sudden the night's events become increasingly clearer to her. She had thrown Scorpius a surprise party for his seventeenth birthday which had involved quite a bit of firewhisky. Her and Scorpius, certainly not new to alcohol, had played a hearty amount of drinking games with each other that had obviously ended up with them both so drunk they'd done some things that were not in the best interests of each other.

But Scorpius and her and ended up in this situation relatively often, sometimes with each other, so Rose tried to put it out of her mind.

Just as she was realizing all of this, Scorpius woke up with a groan and shifted over, bumping into Rose.

His gray eyes widened when meeting her blue ones, noticing the predicament that they had landed themselves in, again.

"Hey, Scorp?"

He nodded, signaling he was listening.

"When I turn seventeen in a few months, do not throw me a party."

He chuckled and raised a hand to his unruly blonde bed-hair, ruffling it up even more. "Believe me, that is definitely one thing I can comply with. Waking up with a hangover next to you is getting old now."

She stuck her tongue out at him. "It's not like it's my ideal wake-up either."

His face broke into a lopsided grin that made Rose smile as well. "Oh really," he countered, "and why wouldn't seeing your best friend's face in the morning be so pleasing to you?"

"Because you smell like wet dog!" she laughed.

"I can't say the same isn't true about you. Except you smell like," Scorpius leaned over and took a whiff of her hair, "fabric softener."

"How do you even know what that is, Mr. Pure-Blood?"

He shrugged. "For some reason Millie likes using fabric softener for doing the laundry instead of just using magic." Millie was the Malfoy's house-elf and a sweet, bumbling one at that who did everything her way, often disregarding orders. But because she was so well-liked by Scorpius and his family, no one ever cared.

"I'm not surprised," Rose smiled. "Now, shall we get up or have Al find us like this again?"

Scorpius grimaced at the memory of Rose's favorite cousin slamming open the door to find the girl he was extremely protective over and one of his friends in bed together. It was an extremely awkward situation all around.

"Yeah, I will be getting up before that happens."

The two of them quickly leapt up and scrambled to find their clothes before heading off to class. "Hey, Scorp?"


"Where's my bra?"

"Oh, you mean this?" Scorpius held it up making sure Rose could see his cocky grin behind the lacy black material.

"Shut-up you prick and hand it over," Rose said, making a grab for it as Scorpius taunted her by putting it up above her reach, which wasn't very far because of her tiny height, before finally relenting and handed it to her. "What time is it?"

"Eight-thirty. We have half an hour before classes start." He quickly did a once over for his best friend. "You might want to make sure you brush your hair really well."

"Oh, geez, thanks. Such words of wisdom. You, on the other hand, need a shower. Because I wasn't kidding about the wet dog smell. Except it's more of a firewhisky-and-I-totally-just-woke-up-in-someone-else's-bed-without-knowing-how-I-got-there smell." Rose smirked while Malfoy stuck out his tongue and rolled his eyes and her sarcasm. If there was ever a girl to be sarcastic enough to drive away Al Jaffee, the author of Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions, it would be her.

"Well, I'll just go take one then, your royal highness," he ushered a bow to her then pranced out of the room humming and skipping like a madman.

Rose laughed. "You realize that one day McGonagall's going to ship you off to a funny farm, right?" she called to him in the bathroom.

"Only if she realizes this is how half of the seventh year woke up this morning and that I was practically the cause of all of that."

"Yeah, except you weren't the one to supply everyone with booze. That would be Al."

"Well, I'm sure she's already figured that out after all of these years."

The water from the shower turned on and Rose smiled to herself as she went to her room to get ready for classes.

"Scorpius, Rose, I'm going to have to assign you two another detention for arriving late to class," Slughorn tutted and waggled his finger in their direction. "The two Head students should be at class on time and ready to learn."

"Sorry, sir, my bag ripped and all of my books fell and the ink splattered all over everything so it took a bit to clean it all up and Scorpius helped me so it made us late," Rose seamlessly lied. She certainly had a gift for fabricating tales used towards escaping detentions.

Slughorn smiled. "Oh, well, alright then, no detention. But you two had certainly show me a wonderful potion today in class, then." He grinned at his two favorite students and gestured for them to find their seats.

Rose and Scorpius took their normal positions at one of the side tables, not far enough in the back so that they seemed like slackers but not so close to the front that they couldn't space out and escape paying attention every once in awhile.

Slughorn moved up to the front of the class and started elaborately gesturing what was written on the blackboard. "Today you are each going to brew me up a cauldron of one of these potions. Whoever brews up the finest potion, will earn twenty points for their house. You have an hour and twenty-three minutes left, commence the brewing!" His face was alight with glee as each student bumbled about searching for the correct ingredients.

For the next hour and eighteen minutes each student tried to bring out their professor's good graces and to outdo at least one of the two Head students who were constantly envied by their peers for being able to out perform many of them in potions class whilst barely trying.

Rose looked down into the bright, vibrant yellow of her Pepper-Up potion while Scorpius looked dauntingly towards Al's potion that was bubbling and frothing all while being a sickly yellow-green color.

"You should probably add some toad liver to reverse the bubbling," Scorpius said to Albus.

Al just stared wide-eyed at his potion while his cousin used her wand to vanish the potion and started dumping ingredients into the cauldron to make the potion he was attempting to produce from scratch.

"Rose," Al hissed, "you don't even know which potion I'm working on."

"Sure I do. It was the same one I was doing."

Al rolled his eyes in frustration and consented to Rose saving his ass again in.

But instead of leaning back and relaxing or finishing other work, he decided to make snide comments. Rose's specialty was sarcasm by Al's was having a high tolerance for alcohol and could therefore remember quite a bit while Rose and Scorpius were too far gone.

"So, you guys downed the booze in excess last night," he said. When neither Scorpius nor Rose answered he pursued on. "You two also disappeared before anyone could wish you a happy birthday, Scorpius."

"Well, you know those Virgos," Rose interjected, "they sure don't like to party."

"We're almost as bad as those Scorpios," Scorpius said, realizing how ironic it was for him not to be a Scorpio with his name, "their tempers are excrutiating. Especially when their tempers match their hair," Scorpius eyed Rose's flaming red curls.

"What about us Geminis, huh?" Al said, "We're practically bipolar!"

The three of them stifled their chuckles as Slughorn approached to inspect their progress in the potions they had been creating.

"Well, Scorpius, Rose, your potions are magnificient but no surprise there. Potter, yours is coming along quite nicely but I would have expected you to have been farther than that step by now.

"But marvelous work you three, twenty points to Gryffindor!" Slughorn turned and started chatting amiably with Heather Slightly, a Ravenclaw in their class, while everyone packed up as quickly as they could; leaving a bit before the bell rang.

"Dude," Al whined as they made their way from the dungeons to the Transfiguration classroom, "I'm so hungry."

"You're always hungry," Rose rolled her eyes.

"Hey, I missed breakfast too and I'm starving!" Scorpius said.

"I think it's safe to say that we all missed breakfast, which really did not help cure our hangovers," Rose said, whispering the last part.

"How come you didn't make the potion like you usually do, Rose?" Al asked, confusion evident on his features.

"Oh, I, erm, woke up kinda late," she said, half-glancing at Scorpius as she said this. Though she was talented at lying if necessary, it was really only white lies that she was brilliant at.

Al looked between the two of them disbelievingly, then let out a huge groaned and said, "Not again!"