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The Volturi stared at me with their cold eyes. Aro was searching my face, as though looking for some hidden answer. Caius was looking menacing, so I chose not to meet his eyes. Marcus was sighing as though he was extremely bored.

I stared at the last place I had seen Edward. The hurt that came with his name returned, and it took everything I had to keep from falling on the floor in pain. He had left me again. And I knew that I would never see him.


It was a rational choice, I suppose. Since he had left my before, he certainly wasn't entitled to do anything to protect me. It was my fault he was in that situation anyways.


"Unless, you do intend to give her immortality?" Aro looked unhappy.

Edward looked at Alice and then me. He looked even more upset than Aro. Finally, his velvety voice broke the silence.

"I came here to die. I no longer ask that favor of you. Therefore, I will leave now, without any trouble." He turned away without looking at me. Alice did the same. Together, they pranced out of the room, looking relieved.

End of flashback

And that led to where I was now. Alone, scared, and unable to cry. I had no emotions. I was nothing. That same empty feeling from when Edward had first left had returned, and it came with a want for revenge. Now, it consumed me like a monster.

A blood thirsty, tyrannical monster.

Aro's papery voice echoed through out the room.

"I must hold conference with my brothers." The three tuned to each other, speaking so low and quick I couldn't understand.

Suddenly, I was hit with a huge shield of mist. I began to feel drowsy, but shook my head. I refused to fall asleep.

I heard a snarl from across the room. I expected that it would be Jane. but instead it turned out to be a male vampire, looking at me with pure loathing. Another vampire, held up his hand.

"Cool it, Felix. You aren't any more special than Jane. If her power won't work, yours won't either."

"Shut it Demetri!" snapped the vampire I assumed was Felix. "Your power probably won't work either."

The two began arguing. They continued until Caius turned around and glared at them.

"Silence. We must hold conference in peace." The two stopped immediately. They bowed respectfully, then turned to shoot daggers at each other.

Aro looked at my face. He looked concerned. Finally, he spoke.

"Bella Swan, by the law of Volturi, your life in claimed." Every vampire in the room began to cheer. Aro held up his hand. "However, we shall offer you another choice."

I inhale a sharp stab of breath. What else could they offer? Caius had made it clear that he didn't want to see me walk another step.

"You have the option of choosing to join us. You have until tomorrow at noon. If, by that time, you have not chosen your path, we will assume it means you do not to join us, and we will claim your life. Do you understand?"

I nodded my head slowly.

"Very well. Felix, escort our guest to the nearest hotel."

"Of course, sir." Felix stepped out of the crowd and beckoned me forward. I followed him silently. I could feel dozens of red eyes beating at my throat.

I knew that I was saved. My life had been pardoned.

Why did I feel so empty?

I didn't have time to think about it. Felix was walking so quickly that it was hard for me to catch up. Being clumsy didn't help my situation either. I fell three times.

After the third fall, Felix slowed his pace. After a second of running, I managed to catch up to him.

"Hey, um, uh, sorry about, well, you know, not letting your power work." I managed to get out. the last thing I needed was another new vampire enemy.

"It's not your fault. The gifts we are given define who we are as humans. Or in my case, vampires." He said all this without looking at me. However, the next time I stumble, he caught me.

"Thanks." He nodded. "So, um, about this choice I have to make. What would you choose?"

He slowed again, almost to my walking pace. Then he shook his head.

"It is not up to me to decide."

"Well, I know that. But say you were me, what would you do?"

"I do not know what human emotions are anymore. It has been centuries since I had experienced any of them. But if I had to decide-" He stopped talking for a minute. "I suppose i would choose to continue living my life."

"So you'd choose to join the Volturi." It came out as an accusation instead of a question as I intended. My face turned beet red.

"Yes, but perhaps only because I do not know how it feels to be a human anymore. If only I had the chance to feel how humans feel, I would be less bias."

"I know how you feel." He looked at my with a confused expression on his face. "I mean, I don't know what it's like to live like a vampire. So I am totally clueless."

"Here we are." He opened a door for me. A crooked sign hung on the wall saying "Hotel 1". I looked around for a minute and entered the room.

It was dirty, and full of cobwebs. There was a stain of red on the carpet, as though the last resident had either been eating here or been eaten. I chose not to ponder that one.

There was a bed in the corner. I sat down it, and found Felix staring at me intently. "What?" I demanded.

"Nothing at al, I suppose. I'm just not that used to being around humans. Live ones, anyways." I shivered without thniking. However, Felix didn't seem to notice.

"I will leave you now." He shut the door and me there.

With a bunch of unanswered questions.

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