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I felt the pain inside, in my neck first then in my head, I felt that I couldn't breath anymore, like something really heavy was pushing me to the floor leaving me breathless. The pain was terrible but I knew that I had known a worst pain: when he left, all life inside me was drained out of my body, this was much better, not comforting nor relaxing but better than that pain. Also, knowing that I was going to be a vampire made it better. I could hear Aro talking with Caius about cars, Felix and Jane talking about what they could do once I woke up. Also I felt that someone had my hand grabbed with his own, and a calmed breath, I knew it was Alec because I couldn't hear him anywhere else.

Suddenly, my heart started to bear faster, like if I was running in a race to be the winner, so fast. Alec's had tied his grip with a sign that he wouldn't go. But out of nothing stopped completely, it didn't beat anymore. I open my eyes, I saw all very clear and I saw Alec. He was prettier than before, he was gorgeous. I hugged him, and he hugged me back.

"Welcome Bella." Alec said.

"Thank you, Alec" I said.

"Come, we need to go to Aro, first." He said, he stood up and help me get up.

"Thank you." I said.

"It's nothing." He said.

"Follow me." He said with a cute tone.

I followed him to a room with a big door with a golden frame and decorations in red and gold. It was beautiful. He opened the door for me.

"Thanks." I whispered to him; I didn't feel the urge to talk louder.

"Your welcome, you are going to get used to hear everything." Wow, he knew why I didn't want to talk louder.

"Isabella, welcome to the family." Aro said with his usual Italian accent.

"Thank you, master." I said.

"Oh no, no, no Bella, Aro is alright, master is too formal when I feel you are like my daughter already." He said.

"Alec, have you shown Isabella her bedroom, haven't you?" Aro asked Alec.

"No master, I haven't, she woke up and we immediately headed here." He said in a voice that was like joyous.

"Well, go on then. Bella, Alec will show you your room, where you can do whatever you want." Aro said.

"Thank you, Aro." I said.

And then Alec opened the door. And we headed to my room.

"You know something? I actually was shocked when Jane volunteered to decorate your room, because, I mean she's sweet and everything, but she's shy and like she doesn't demonstrate she is, and she acts like she's really tough and really is all girly, nice and caring but she isn't the one that shows emotions." He said. It reminded me of me. I think Jane will be my friend but you never know, right?

"Seriously, she volunteered to decorate my room, its super sweet!" I said.

"Yes, she loves to decorate and likes to buy things but she was like that when she was human, too." That description reminded me of Alice, except for the last part obviously. But, I didn't know if she would like me.

"Relax Bella, she'll love you, inside she's is sweet as a cupcake, don't worry!" He said, as if he was reading my mind, I knew if I would have been there all alone and human, I would have cried.

"Alec! How did you know I was thinking that Jane wouldn't like me???" I asked him living aside my sadness.

"Bella, because I saw the concern in your eyes and I guessed it has to do with Jane." He said and then he put his right hand on my cheek and said, "Don't worry; everything is going to be ok." And I felt that that meant for more things that just Jane, I didn't know if I was ready to be with someone else but being with Alec made me forget about Edward and the Cullens, even about Jacob.