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The Insidious, and its perils.

She was walking, step by step, one foot after another; weary and tired from all the walking she had already covered. Walking for nearly 3 hours, she kept her striding along the side of the road, leading towards Japan's capital city, Tokyo.

She could've flown.. but she suddenly felt weak and useless after the news that was brought upon her. Right now, she was concentrating on getting towards that city, than her sore feet.

The news that brought her down today, hit her like a ton of bricks. She was dying. A fresh set of tears endangered her eyes.

For the past week, she had been coming down with symptoms of a flu. Naturally, Washu wanted to test her, to see why she would catch a human sickness such as the flu. This morning, after much careful re-tests, Washu had announced to her that she going to die.

Ryoko couldn't help it as tears once again poured down her gray-stricken face. She sobbed quietly as she walked, thinking of a possible explanation as to why she was in the situation she was in.

Her feet padded softly on the dusty dirt, and she turned up towards the sky as a drop of rain peltered her arm. The sky looked as if it was reflecting the grave, dark look in her face; it too began to cry. Her feet now padded the slightly-muddy dirt as she walked, and made noise.

Cars whizzed by, honking horns at her one time or another. She didn't bother with them, instead she ignored them like they don't even exist, and kept her walking.

The night sky was now dark, the stars were out but were covered by the thick heavy veil of rain clouds. Rain fell to around her, and on her, like small pebbles striking down on earth in havoc. Ryoko dully stared at the long road ahead of her, she could see the edge of the city but she still had miles to go. Her feet wobbled, urging her to stop and sit, but she couldn't; she had to get to Tenchi.

He was all she needed now...

A navy blue car whizzed by fast beside her and honked. Ryoko lifted her eyes up to it as it stopped a couple of feet in front of her, slowly backing up. The car came to a halting stop, and the driver (a woman with jet black hair and green eyes) eyed her with curiosity. Ryoko also stopped her walking, her feet silently praising her, and stared back at the woman.

"Do you need a ride, dear?" the woman asked in a soft and gentle voice.

Ryoko licked her dry lips, wincing a little when her tongue brushed by a cracked slit, "If it isn't any trouble.. to Tokyo?"

The woman gave a smile, and reached to open the passenger door, "That's where I'm heading. I'm Callisto."

Sitting herself in the seat, Ryoko forced a meak smile, "I'm... Ryoko."

The woman watched as she closed the door then turned back to her front and began to drive steadily on the road, "Ryoko eh? What an unusual, but wonderful, name! Where did it come from?" She still kept a smile, and was still eyeing the road.

Ryoko looked out the window, the glass in front of her crept a cloudy haze, "I'm not sure where it came from." she answered, her tone indifferent and boring.

"I see.." the woman replied back.

It was silent from then until they reached Tokyo; the lady named Callisto turned to her, "Where are you off to?"

Ryoko looked at the bright lights of the evening city, gazing away fromt the woman's eyes, "Akousko Heights."

In mere minutes, they were there. Ryoko opened her door and got out, looking back at the woman in guilt, "I'm sorry for drenching your car." she said softly.

Callisto waved a hand and laughed, "It's not a problem at all, Ryoko. I hope you have a nice time, and really, you shouldn't be out walking in the country roads to get to Tokyo."

Forcing another smile, Ryoko nodded, "Thank you."

"Do you need money?" Callisto called from the car, "Because if you do, I'd be happy to give you some?" she took her wallet out and pulled out a couple of yen.

Ryoko quickly shook her head, "No, it's fine."

"Are you sure?" Callisto slowly placed her wallet back in her purse.

Ryoko nodded, "Thank you again, lady." and waved fairwell as her car drove down the street.

Sighing, Ryoko turned towards the entrance of the apartment building. She looked up and noticed that only one or two lights were on. Stepping in the sliding doors, Ryoko made her way to the elevator, went in, and pushed the button that will lead her to the fourth floor.

The dim lights of the floor made her eyes focus closely to the letters and numbers on the doors she passed by. Her feet ached again, her calves were burning. Taking a deep breath, she finally found the door she had searched for, door A76.

Standing straight in front of it, Ryoko hesitated to knock. Thoughts raced in her mind, 'What if Tenchi's busy? What if she's got another girl in there? What if he gets angry with me turning up on his front door?'

Ryoko felt her emotions go down the drain, eating her up. She swallowed a lump on the back of her throat and lifted her knuckles to the door, knocking 3 soft knocks.

She heard a couple of rustling from inside, then footsteps walking carefully to the door.

"Who is it?" at this point, Ryoko would usually feel uplifted whenever she hears his voice, but today was different.

Before she could bring her voice up to answer, the door handle clicked and opened up. A half-asleep, and surprised Tenchi looked at her.

"Ryoko? What are you doing here...." his words trailed off at the sight of her face, hair, clothes, and expression. He gazed back at her eyes, now fully concerned, "What wrong?"

Unable to speak a word, Ryoko heaved a sigh and slowly moved towards him, circling her arms around his back, and resting her head on his chest.

Tenchi didn't flinch, which she was grateful for, and instead he embraced her back and lead her into the apartment. He kicked the door softly, to close it and gently unwrapped Ryoko's arms around him, "Ryoko? Is everything okay? How did you get here?" he cupped her head in his hands.

Ryoko face twisted in emotional pain, "Can.. can I tell you tomorrow?" she asked in a tight voice, and Tenchi nodded, understanding instantly.

A little while after that, Tenchi had offered her to take his bed and he would sleep on the couch. Ryoko didn't request him to sleep beside her, something she would most likely do, and this only worried Tenchi more. Tenchi handed her one of his large white-Ts and a gray bagge pants to change in as she freshened up. She came out of the bathroom wearing them, and headed over to his bed, landing face first with a flop.

Tenchi stood leaning on his doorframe, watching as Ryoko slip herself in the bed and tucking in without a word. He shrugged his shoulders, intense curiousity and sadness passing his eyes, and whispered a goodnight, in which Ryoko returned.

Ryoko listened as Tenchi propped hisself on the couch with a yawn, and went back to sleep. As she layed on his bed, with his pillow, in his clothes, Ryoko felt tears of grief quickly coming to her.

After all this, she'd never again smell his distinct cologne on his pillow, wear his clothes, or ever use the same bed as he did. She felt almost nervous about telling him what everyone back at the Masaki house knew, she didn't want to believe it.

Forcing her eyes shut, Ryoko clung tighter on the sheets and pressed her face harder on his pillow, almost suffocating her, and let her tears take over.

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