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Final Chapter: Aisoku: Beloved Son, Ryan

Horatio sat in JFK airport and stared at the passing people. He did something very out of character. He took a week off to visit New York. He didn't know why, but he purchased a ticket and flew back. He left this city after being stabbed on the job. It was a case that followed him all the way to Miami. He watched as a young couple hugged each other good bye. He stared at a mother saying good bye to her two children. He turned to the sound of a crying girl as she kissed her boyfriend. Horatio Caine certainly had said a lot of good bye in his days and that included his brother, his wife, his co-friend, his mentor, and his parent. It was all permanent goodbyes.

His mother was his angel, his father was the devil. It was his mother that he tried so hard to protect and failed. In the end, he became the murderer that took a life.


Horatio turned his head and saw a young boy standing in front of him.

"Aisoku!" The young boy said again.

Horatio smiled at the boy and whispered the word back to him even though he had no idea what the child was talking about.

"It means beloved son." A woman said and walked over to pick up the boy.

"Excuse me?" Horatio asked and looked at the woman.

"It means beloved son in Japanese. I have been saying that to my son so that he knows he is loved." The woman answered.

"It sounds very pretty." Horatio smiled at the woman.

"My parent told me that if I keep saying that to my child and later in life when he is not with me and I say it to the wind, the wind will carry that to him so that no matter where he goes, he knows that he is loved." The woman explained.

Horatio nodded to the woman's explanation. Although it sounds a little strange to him, it's her culture and worth respecting.

"Do you have an Aisoku?" The woman asked.

"What?" Horatio totally confused by her question.

"A beloved son? Do you have someone that you considered an Aisoku?"


'I have to go ma'am." Horatio immediately picked up his bags and started to walk to the gates. He turned around and smiled at the woman "Thank you."

"Aisoku!" The child cheerfully yelled at Horatio again as he walked through gate to board the plane back to Miami.

The minute the plane landed in Miami, Horatio took out his cell phone and called Eric.

"Eric, I am heading to the hospital to see Ryan and tell the judge, I want to seek maximum sentences on Kevin's helpers. Every single one of them!"

Retribution was going to gratifying and not because Horatio enjoyed it, but because it sends a message out, you don't mess with Horatio Caine's team.


It was the voice of Horatio that Ryan woke up to the next day. Horatio held Ryan's battled hands and smiled apologetically at him. Ryan let go off the breath that he didn't know he was holding and whispered tenderly "you are ok, that is all that matters…"

And there under the daylight, Horatio Caine gently embraced his young CSI, Ryan Wolfe. Ryan tightly grabbed hold of Horatio and there not a word was needed to express the parental love Caine had for his child.

"Ryan, I will never forget my promise to you, I am here."


A/N:The idea about Aisoku that you read is fictional, but the word does mean beloved son in Japanese.


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