This is from the ghost children's point of view...FYI every time there's an underlined first line, that means the following stanza just one ghost child's thoughts...I intended for it to go from the oldest's to the youngest's (though it really doesn't matter that much)...hope that doesn't get confusing...

I wrote this because I was curious about what they expected from Coraline and if they had differing thoughts at least once...

This can be taken bookverse or movieverse, except I admit there is a one part that kind of leans a little on movieverse...see, I was disappointed that the dream was much shorter in the movie than in the book, then I realized that in the book the hand came back in the day while in the movie, they needed for it to be in the middle of the night, so they cut the dream shorter...well, you can assume the dream's shorter in here, too, so...yeah, it's a little more movieverse. Just a little. But never mind...

Oh, and I think I want to change the title later (can't come up with anything else right now)...

On with the story!

She said she'd try…

And through that alone we felt a little hope

The faintest of light in our dark deep sorrow

Until our eyes are found, we've got to cope

With this fate that was meant to rob us of tomorrows


But now she has been taken out, taken away

Now what should we expect

To happen next?

Unfortunately, the poor child would be beaten

The beldam's got her in those horrid clutches

She may be done for, her fate is sealed

There's nothing else to hope for then

She'll share the same death that makes her less real

The buttons will be sewn on

Her expression would be forever depressed

She'll be locked in with us, weakening with us

In never-ending agony, what she's got left of life will grow less...

Would she truly end up another ghost in misery?

Or maybe there's hope that she can make it

Perhaps she's escaped by now, run back home, alive though scarred

But there's doubt she'll return to win us free

To avoid being stolen, from now on she may keep that portal barred

For if she'd miraculously fled this world

Who can blame her for no desire to return?

She may try to forget, ignoring the haunting door

She may keep away since her lesson has been learned...

There is a chance she has made it or will make it, though

Maybe she's that noble, that brave, caring, clever

Perhaps this girl would redeem us, just maybe she might

There's a possibility she would stand up to the beldam

After these years of remorseful sadness, she could bring us back into light

And if she did, we'd be forever grateful

It may be too good to come true

If she would save us, we'd be her guardian angels in return

I promise that if she did, that's what I'd do

We're really free, restored at last!

What we thought would never happen has been done

Oh, bless you and thank you so very much, Miss

For daring to play the game that has never been won

We hate to tell you, however

That it's not quite over for you yet

The beldam will still try to take you by force

She'll be angrier than last time you met

We're sorry we cannot help you any more

Like when closing that door on her clutches, the needle-sharp hand

Now we can visit your dreams, that is all

But it's better than being only in dark, you should understand

We wish you good luck,

Don't lose faith though it's not fair

Be clever, courageous, and tricky as before

Don't let her bring you back there….

We would have loved to thank her longer through a little party

We really longed for her dream not to so swiftly end

But warning her comes first, if she's to guard her life

And that's what matters to us most for our friend


But now she's awake, on her own, and the revenge is approaching…

Now what should we expect

To happen to her next?

She needs us now, like we needed her!

Alas, that wretched beldam's coming so soon

The poor, brave girl's about to be claimed

She may struggle determinedly, but without us there to help

She'll be where we once were, 'tis quite a shame

She might have only so much strength…she may join us soon

Yes, she may escape being a victim of that witch

Though victorious, just how much is there from which she can flee?

She may have strength to defeat the other mother,

Only she may die in the process, but at least her soul's free

That valiant heroine just might get through this as well!

She saved our souls, didn't she? Well, she can save herself, too

Soon, it'll be over and done with for her as with us

Except she'll be alive in the end of her battle

She'll conquer the monster and still keep her life, I trust


But all we can do is watch over her and hope for the best…

and silently hope to thank her once again...