An extra idea…hope you all like!

Rosalie POV

"Babe come on, we need to go hunt" Emmett said and took my hand.

"See you guys later" I smiled at the family who said their good-byes as we left.

"Ok let's go" I said as Emmett and I ran into the trees and bounded over the river. I smiled as he chased me against a tree.

"Bid teddy bear" I giggled as he kissed me. It got a little more passionate until we heard a few deer run by.

"Come on" I said as I drained them, and Emmett drained the bear that was about to attack one.

"Are we allowed to hunt near the meadow?" Emmett asked. We knew out brother's meadow was his person space which we didn't violate.

"I don't think so, but I heard some deer so I'm going to go that way but not near it" I said and ran off. Listening for more deer but that's not the only thing I heard. A baby cry!

"Emmett! Hear that?" I asked nervously. We were quiet and his face got concerned.

"What is that?" he asked.

"A baby cry!" I said and ran to where it was. There was a basket with a little baby girl inside. On her head was a fuzz of mahogany hair and she was crying. She had no teeth and looked around to be a few months old. I picked her out and started bouncing her.

"Shh, sweetie, it's ok" I cooed looking around.

"Whoa! A real baby" Emmett said and looked.

"Yeah, Em! A real baby! Where did she come from?" I asked and we both looked around.

"I don't see anyone. But look! There's a note" he said and pointing inside.

"Dear whoever finds this. Thank you for finding our baby girl. We hope you can give her a better home and life than we can. We're teen parents and out on our own. Please give her the best and when she's older tell her about us and that we love her so much. This is for the best; we want our daughter to have the best life we can give her. Thank you.

Sincerely Charlie and Renee Swan. P.S. can you name her Isabella?" Emmett read. I looked down at the little baby girl who had tears coming out her doe like chocolate brown eyes. She stopped crying.

"What can we do?" he asked. I handed Bella safely over to him and he cradled her in his arms.

"Give her what her parents wanted. A family" I said and smiled.

"Us as parents?" he asked.

"Yeah! This is fate giving us our wish of a child" I smiled. He looked to Bella's face and smiled.

"She's beautiful" he said. I nodded.

"She is" I said.

"Should we tell Carlisle?" he asked.

"No! I don't want to burden them! We'll do this on our own" I said. He nodded.

"Want me to get our stuff?" he asked. I nodded and he handed me Bella back. I cooed at her as she was sleeping.

"Come back with it, someone asks say we're going on a long vacation a getaway. Get the cars too. Drive yours and bring me my keys I'll pick it up tomorrow" I said. He nodded and left.

"Little baby girl you're going to have the best life Bella" I whispered to her and gave her a gentle kiss. She fell back asleep and I waited for Emmett.

About 30 minutes later Emmett showed up with his Jeep.

"Alice helped. She put everything in" he said as the window rolled down. I nodded and got in.

"Where are my BMW keys?" I asked. He shook them in his hand grinning.

"Ok time to start out new life, Daddy" I smiled as I ran my finger from her forehead and down her nose gently.

"Yeah" he smiled and we were off.

I hope you like my idea! Well, hope you like!