Emmett POV

"You did what?" Rose screeched at me. I winced. It was worse than Alice's and Esme's put together. Thank god Bella was out of the house to not hear us argue, I would hate for her to hear her parents fighting.

"Look, I smelled vampire on her. You know my senses aren't as good as they should, and that's because I don't have a power to make them stronger. I'm weak Rose. I have to eat human food, and I rarely get to hunt. My senses are down. It's affecting my memory too. Everything in the past. I knew the scent was familiar, I just didn't know which scent it was." I told her. My senses were being dulled from the human food and rarely hunting. Damn it. The things I do for my daughter.

"Still Emmett that didn't give you the right to call Jasper. What did you tell him?" She asked quietly, gripping the kitchen counter tightly, and her back faced to me. I leaned against the counter and faced her with my arms crossed. Time for the poker face.

"That there was a scent I didn't recognize, and if there were any visitors or a newborn coming through. Who knows if I could've been a nomad, Rose?" I asked her. She isn't thinking clearly! I was only taking precautions. Right now I really missed Alice.

"Whatever Emmett." She said and looked outside. I scowled. Does she seriously think she can just say, 'Whatever' and the conversation would be over?

"Rosalie I was only precautions. Do you want our daughter getting killed, or any shit like that? I don't think so! I was only calling for safety, and to hear how our family was doing. I don't want to block them out forever. Ok, I'm sorry, I know I should've asked you first, but I can't help but miss my little Eduardo, and Pixie. I miss my little Solider Boy, Dr. Jones, and Mother Nature" I told her. She looked at me and sighed as she nodded.

"I know. I miss them too. I'm sorry sweetie. I shouldn't have blown it out of proportion. I should've known to trust you, and what you were doing was just for Bella. I know you miss them Emmett, and I do too. I just wish you told me" She sighed and gave me a hug. I hugged her tightly, and out my chin on her head. Yeah, sure we have our fights, all married couples do, its part of humanity. Or at least the 18 years of humanity we get to have; we only had 6 years left. Time does fly by quickly. It was only yesterday when my little girl had her little play

"No I understand why you did. Rose, I promise I won' do any thing like that without your consent" I smiled. She giggled and looked at me with a stunned look.

"Is Emmett actually being a grow up?" She asked. I rolled my eyes.

"Bella made me grow up; but I have my moments" I smiled. She nodded and we stood like that in our little kitchen.

"Please; ok I admit yes you have matured; finally! You're still that goofy oaf that I fell in love with" She smiled. Aw, don't get at gushy on me.

"Babe" I whined. She just giggled and kissed my cheek. She then gave me a suggestive look. Ooh, I know that look.

"To the bedroom?" She asked. I grinned. Hell yes!

"Um…duh!" I said and scooped her up and ran up the stairs to…the bedroom.

Bella POV

8th grade-14 years old

"Bella!" I heard Savannah call from down the hall. I turned around and sat her running full speed.

"Geez Savannah, what's up?" I asked as she panted from running.

"I saw Aunt Rose, and Uncle Emmett this morning with Uncle Christian and Aunt Jen, and you'll never believe what I saw" She said quickly. We walked down the halls to out English class on the other side of the campus.

"What about them? Were they going out for brunch?" I asked sarcastically. She rolled her eyes and sighed.

"Ok, well I was talking with Jojo and Tanner and Tanner as talking about this new book he was reading about vampires, and Jojo totally like froze up and was like super quiet. Tanner was joking how cool it would be to have vampire parents and she like freaked and ran off. How weird is that?" She asked. I just stared. Is she kidding me? Does she really think vampires are real?

"Savannah, sweetie" I chuckled, "what do you think is so weird about it?" I asked her. I had to hear it straight from her mouth.

"I mean….I think Jojo thinks she has vampire parents" She whispered. I stared. Seriously?

"Ok Chic" I said calling her by her nickname, "I love you doll, but listen to what you just said" I told her. She thought about it then nodded.

"I'm serious!" She said. I just stared at her again. I can't take this.

"Savannah, look, this is ridiculous. Aunt Jen and Uncle Christian are not vampires. Uncle Lyle and Aunt Kourtney are not vampires. Aunt Erin and Uncle Brad are not vampires. Aunt Ruby and Uncle Eric are not vampires" I told her.

"Aunt Rose and Uncle Emmett are not vampires. I get it" She sighed. I nodded and clapped her shoulder.

"Good job" I smiled. We went to the last class of the day and went over the final exam work.

Mom was going to pick me and Angela up because Jojo and Savannah had their after school stuff, and Tristan and Tanner had band practice.

"So, girls anything happen today at school?" Mom asked. I busted out laughing. Angela raised a brow at me.

"What happened?" she asked giggling. She would die from this.

"Ok, so Chic thought that Uncle Christian and aunt Jen are vampires" I laughed. Angela busted out laughing and Mom just stayed quiet.

"Why does she think that?" She asked. Laughing? Why isn't she laughing?

"Because Tanner was going on about this vampire book, and he said he wondered what it would be like to have vampire parents, and she said Jojo freaked and ran off. I don't know. It's Savannah being Savannah" I giggled. Mom just smiled.

"Well, that's a funny story. It does sound like Savannah" She smiled. I nodded. We sang to the radio as Mom drove us home. Angela and I ran straight to my room and turned on my iHome to listen to music.

"So, what's this algebra problem?"

Rose POV

Oh shit. I looked to my giggling girls and put one a fake smile.

"We'll be upstairs!" Angela called as they ran up the steps to Bella's room. Oh no. I went o the kitchen and grabbed the home phone. I dialed Emmett's number and paced the kitchen waiting for him to answer. This is not good.

"Hey babe" He smiled. I smiled back but not in a happy way.

"Houston, we have a problem" I told him. I hard him sigh.

"What this time?" He asked. I bit my lip.

"Ok, so I think Jojo knows" I told him. He stopped breathing and it was quiet on the other side of the line. I knew that would be his reaction.

"What?" He asked. I nodded.

"Yeah. Jojo freaked when Tanner brought up this vampire book and wondered what it would be like to have vampire parents" I sighed and gripped the counter top.

"Oh god, ok I'll be home soon and we'll talk this out ok? I have to go, love you babe," He said and hung up.

Yeah…ok so I hope you guys still like this fic. I think it's been written poorly but whatever.

XOXO, Lizzy