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It's Not Okay


Harry dropped the Sword of Gryffindor with a clatter. His arm throbbed in pain where the Basilisks fang had sunk in. He took the fang out of his arm and made his way over to where Ginny still lay in the small pool of water. He looked to the black diary that rested on her chest. Harry could tell that it was connected to the younger version of Tom Riddle, Voldemort. He didn't know how, but it was connected to the older and the younger. Harry felt his scar burn a little and knew in that moment that he was connected to the most feared Dark Lord since recorded history began.

He picked up the diary and looked at it, he didn't know what he should do. Should he destroy it or leave it, what would save Ginny.

"It's no use Potter, I shall rise again and this time nothing can save you. The basilisks venom should do something that my stupid older self failed at, killing you." The man sneered at the young boy.

Harry looked to him and shook his head, "no, I won't let you." He shuddered as his body started going cold and numb in places.

"What can you do boy, you're dying," he smirked moving towards him.

Harry closed his eyes in despair, there had to be something he could do? He looked deeper within himself and smiled as he started to feel his magic just beneath the surface of his skin. He couldn't help but grin now as he felt the same type of warmth he always felt when he dreamed about his parents wrapping their arms around him. He didn't know if it was a memory or just wishful thinking, but the dream had been with him ever since he could remember.

Harry shuddered again and knew that time was running out for himself. Tightening his eyes he wished hard for his voice to carry to whereever his parents maybe, as he asked for their help. 'Please, mum, dad, help me to do one last thing before I join you. Help me destroy Voldemort for good, so he can never rise again and never hurt anyone again.'

Harry felt the warm feeling that was inside of him seep out of his skin, it left him feeling tired and even weaker, but he didn't care as long as it would help with his last wish. Moments later the warm feeling rushed out into the world beyond him, in different directions. He could tell that one went to the diary before him and the other to somewhere else in the castle, but the others went further away, to far for him to tell where they had gone.

"What are you doing?" Riddle shouted as he saw the white glow surround his enemy.

"My last wish," Harry smiled as he opened his eyes. "My last wish, to get rid of you." He said as he lay down on the ground beside Ginny, exhausted. He watched as a glow surround the young Riddle and before his eyes the young dark lord burst into a shower of silver sparkles.

Ginny breathed deeply next to him and opened her eyes; they went wide when she saw Harry lying next to her. She looked around and saw the basilisk off to one side. "Harry?" she asked softly as she began to cry, she was scared, she could barely remember coming here. To her it was all like a bad dream.

"Ginny," he gasped as his body convulsed slightly, "go back out, Ron is there, waiting for you." He said as he stilled a little.

She grabbed his hand and curled up beside him, "can't, I can't, I'm sorry, my fault." She sobbed her head resting on his chest.

"Ginny you have to go," he told her as he tried to push her off.

Ginny felt him try and push her off and was about to say something when an unhappy thrill sounded above them. She looked up and moved away as Fawkes flew down and landed beside them. The phoenix moved closer towards Harry and started to cry on the large wound on his arm. A few pearly drops fell in and a few moments later everything but his tiredness disappeared.

Harry sat up and then stood up, feeling a little dizzy when he did so. "Thank you Fawkes," he said with a small bow to the majestic bird. "Come on Ginny, we have to get out of here." He said as he led her towards the exit, where Ron and Professor Lockhart were waiting for them. He just hoped that Ron had been able to clear some of the rubble so the two of the could get through.

"Ron!" Ginny cried out as she ran to her brother as soon as she saw him.

"Ginny, oh thank Merlin," he said as he hugged his baby sister. He had never felt so scared or helpless when he heard that his sister was the one that was taken to the Chamber of Secrets.

"Let's get out of here," Harry said as Fawkes flew above them.

The majestic bird flew down and landed on Harry's shoulder. He offered a tail for Harry to grab. Harry nodded and turned to Ron and Ginny, he could see Lockhart looked a little dopey as he watched the children in front of him. Harry got all of them organised and within moments they were all flying out of the Chamber of Secrets.

They landed outside the gargoyle that guarded the Headmasters Office and with a thrill from Fawkes the gargoyle moved to revel the stairs. Ginny and Ron looked on in fascination, as they had never been to the headmasters' office before. Fawkes led the way, with Harry following; Ron was dragging Lockhart up the stairs, since all the obliviated professor could do was look around wondrously.

Harry could hear voices in the Headmasters Office; the door burst open as Fawkes flew through it and towards his perch.

"Ah, Fawkes, where have you been?" came the headmasters voice. Harry couldn't help but smile when he heard it. The headmaster was back.

"Headmaster," Harry said quietly as he then noticed three others in the room.

"Harry, oh where have you been child?" Molly Weasley said. Harry could see that the motherly witch had been crying. "Do you know where Ron and Ginny are?" she couldn't help but ask.

A second after that question the two youngest Weasley's walked into the room, each holding the hand of a babbling professor.

"Oh what a wonderful room," Lockhart exclaimed as he say all the devices that Dumbledore kept in his office.

"Can someone please silence him?" Ron begged with a crooked look on his face.

"Ron! Ginny!" Molly shouted as both she and her husband, Arthur, rushed to their children's sides. They gathered them in their arms and held them.

"We're fine mum," Ron said as he tried to get out of his father's arms.

Harry watched them with a wistful smile.

"Could you tell us what happened?" The headmaster asked as both parents and Professor McGonagall all looked at him.

Harry turned to the headmaster and swayed a little as his body reminded him of what it had just gone through.

"Harry, are you alright?" Molly asked concerned for the young lad.

"I'm just tired." He answered softly. "It was Voldemort, but he was young, from the Diary. I wished him away, never to return, he jus…" he started to answer as someone else rushed into the room.

"Albus!" came the panicked call of Severus Snape.

"Severus?" Dumbledore looked to the young man that had rushed in.

"It's gone, the mark, its gone." The potions master said bewildered at the thought.

Dumbledore's eyes went wide as he rushed to his colleagues side, "are you sure?"

"Yes, no more than twenty minutes ago I felt a pain in my arm, I must have blacked out, I woke on the floor of my potions lab, when I looked it was gone." He said as he rolled up his sleeve to prove it.

"Harry, what did you wish exactly?" the headmaster looked at the tired young boy.

"For him never to return, to never hurt anyone again." Harry answered; his voice had gone very quiet. With that last answer the last of Harry's strength left him and he collapsed onto the hard flag stone floor.

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