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It's Not Okay

Chapter Nine

Sally was all set up in the medical office of the London branch of the Preventors. She had been called in by Quatre to have a look at Duo's new little brother. Sally was a little excited to be meeting him, since she had heard of this from Lady Une. She would have liked to have gone and be one of the first ones to meet him. But in the end she hadn't been able to get the time off. And she didn't want to leave Une behind. She looked around the office she had commandeered and smiled a little. It was smaller than the one she had back in Sank, but it would do for this one little exam. She just hoped that the little kid was all right.

There was a soft knock on the office door and it slowly opened to show the young woman that was at the desk, waiting to greet the Pilots and the new kid. She nodded her head when the woman told her that they were waiting for her. And told her to send them straight in. It wouldn't do for them to wait too long, since they most likely had a lot of other things left to do. It didn't take long for Duo to come in with the young kid.

Her first impression was that he was small, smaller than she thought he should be at the age she had been told. He was almost thirteen, but he looked as though he was only eleven. Inky black hair was all over the place, and she had to wonder if he had even brushed it that morning before coming here, though the colour made a stark contrast to the paleness of the child. Though she didn't think that Duo would let him out without doing that. The next thing that struck her was his eyes. They looked tired and worn out, and there was a slight hint of something, something that was more prominent in the eyes of the pilots. Another kindred sprit she thought.

"Hey Sally," Duo greeted her with a smile. The doctor could tell that he was happy about having some family. She wondered if the young kid had been able to help him find out if he had any more family around.

"Duo, good to see you and this must be Harry," she greeted back as she then looked to the young kid and smiled to him.

"Hi," Harry said softly, a shy tone within his voice.

"So what's the problem that you need me to look at?" she asked them both as the two of them sat down.

"Well, the Headmaster of Harry's school said he had been poisoned just before the school term ended. It was treated, but even Albus, his headmaster, said that he should have recovered some strength by now." Duo answered her as Harry just sat quietly next to him.

"So, Harry why don't you tell me what you are feeling at the moment?" she then asked Harry, wanting to see if she could find anything else out.

Harry gave her a little smile and then answered, "well, I just feel tired all the time, and my bones just ache as well."

Sally nodded her head, which could mean a lot of things, "Have you had loss of appetite? Fevers?" she then asked him, hoping to get a better idea of what could be wrong. Though she wondered if there was some lingering damage from the poisoning that had happened.

"I don't really have an appetite at all, I eat because if need to." Harry mumbled a little.

Duo looked to his little brother and then to Sally, "I know that he doesn't eat a lot at all. He is always tired, and I know that he had a slight fever a few days ago, not long after he came to us. But it went away quickly." He answered her, since he could tell that his brother was beginning to shy away.

Well, I'm going to ask you to get changed into the gown, and yes Duo can stay with you. I will need to do an exam and I'm going to have some blood work done for you as well. It will take a few days for the results to come back." Sally told him as she stood up and showed him the small changing area with the hospital gown that was waiting for him. "I'm going to go out the room while you change, just call me back when you are done." She said as she left the room to the two boys.

Harry got up and went to the small changing area and changed his clothes. He then nodded over to Duo who went to get Sally back. She walked back in and smiled as Harry was sitting down on the chair again. The young doctor could tell that he was nervous and shy at being almost naked.

"Don't worry Harry, this shouldn't take that long." She reassured him as she started a physical exam.

Minutes passed and Duo could see the frown that was forming on his friends face. He was already worried about what that could mean as well. He could see that Harry had some bruising here and there, some looked old and some looked a little new. He wondered of the things that Harry got up to, when he remembered that the only thing Harry was doing a lot of was sleeping and resting. He was almost always tired and the few times her weren't they were only in the garden enjoying the sunny weather.

Sally finished her exam and the said softly, "the only thing left to do is get some blood."

Harry nodded to her and she quickly wrapped the rubber band around his arm, tapping the crook of his arm to make a vein pop up. She soon found one and drew the blood, filling up five vials of it all. Each one she marked and wrote down the information needed on it. She took out the needle and quickly replaced it with a cotton swab, keeping it in place with some surgical tape.

"I'm going to put a rush on this, so I should get the results back tomorrow. I'll give you a call and tell you to come in then." She told him, her voice was now almost completely serious without the friendliness that was once in it.

"What's wrong Sally?" Duo asked her as Harry looked at the both of them.

"Why don't you we let Harry get changed back and then I shall talk to the both of you." Sally gave a small smile as she left the room with the blood to make sure that it would be done as soon as possible.

Harry changed back quickly and the two of them sat down to wait for Sally to come back. It didn't take her that long, but it was long enough to make Duo fill with dread at what could be wrong with his new found little brother.

"So, what is it Sal?" he asked her, using her nickname for quickness.

"He has some bruising, as you no doubt saw, but there could be other reasons for that. I did find that the Lymph nodes are swollen around his neck, though they are not very prominent at the moment. The ones around his groin are a little more so as are the ones in his armpits. This could be a number of things. So we will have to wait for the blood work to come back for me to be sure of what is going on." She answered him softly.

"So, for what's wrong we will have to wait until tomorrow. No way we could get the blood results quicker?" Duo asked, he wanted to know what was going on with his little brother, and he didn't want to wait.

"It's the middle of the afternoon, lab work will take some hours to do, and most of them will be going home soon. There is a lot of testing to be done on it all and even if it was done now you wont get the results until tomorrow anyway." She soothed him a little; she could tell that the young man in front of her was worried. "Just go home and put this behind you for a little while. I'll give you a call tomorrow and we can discuses the results when they are done." She added.

Duo nodded in the end and looked to Harry, he could tell that the kid was tired again. "Come on Harry, let's get the others and go home." He smiled to his little brother. He could tell that Harry wasn't that interested in what was going on, he just wanted to sleep.

"Okay, thank you Sally." Harry smiled to her. He didn't think it was anything important that was going on. To Harry he was just going through Magical Exhaustion, nothing to worry about.

The two walked out and got the other and went home. The four of them could tell that Duo would tell them what had happened when they got home and when Harry was asleep. The longhaired man didn't want to worry his brother at all with all the talk of what could be wrong.

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