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Touma Kamijyo Epitome of bad luck has learn that in life there were many types of shocks to mention somes he mentally look at the list he has made since sometime ago

First there were the type of shocks one Person gets when they discovered something they shouldn't hell everyone knew he was way too familiar with this one, like the time he discovered that Misaka Imouto was a clone out of ten thousand more (well they were less than that but he has always been bad at school).

Then there were the type of shocks one recieve only on the moments one thought they could died damn he was even more familiar with that one that he would like to admit been chase around academy city by crazy mages alchemists espers the daily gangs that love to mess up with defenceless girls ( and some that weren't defenceless mind you)...and god forbids, Misaka Mikoto's occasional Railguns.

And there were many other many types of shocks like the ones you receive while waking out of a nightmare and the ones you receive while in a lucky day ( Touma needs yet to experience that one even if he knew they existed ) and the list would go on and on. While some were truly a bother others were quite funny and good even making his unlucky days a little bit better.

Although he would said that the type of shock someone receives by a a sudden action was turning into his favorite faster that what he thought the ''Sudden'' event that make him think so was namely his lips been crushed upon the ones of a certain brown haired girl with and ''shocking'' personality....

Misaka Mikoto step away ( around twelve feets or so) face making an excelent representation of a healthy tomato of the vending machine in the park where a dazed Touma Kamijyo was pinned a few moments ago, the consequence of her impulsive acts crashing down on her mind quite harshly.

Meanwhile the unfortunate raven haired boy woke up of his shock sporting a red color blush he begun to short out the distance again, and a quite idiotic grin forming it's way on his face with every step he took.

Trying to save what was left of her normal character Misaka said the first thing that came to her mind which was a bad combination of words by the way (though it's till unknown to who)

''I-i-i-it like that!!...n-no...not at all!! t-t-there was soda!!...yes soda!!! on your lips an...''

It was a shock for Touma that her excuses were becoming lamer by the time

His face now inches away from her whisper in a teasing way

''Oi...Misaka-san...and did my lips tasted good?''...

Touma Kamijyo was lying on the ground seeing the sky above him and a slight smear of lipstick on his lips. One thing he now knew about shocks was been repeated one time after another inside his head , he hates the type of shocks Misaka Mikoto (AKA his girlfriend) gave...

The electrical type of shocks... alright.

''So unlucky''

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