Our First Goodnight…

Rating: G

Author's Note: Ok so, I've had this multi-chapter story swimming in my head so I finally decided to get it started before I lost the drive, lol. Basically this is a story about Fang and Vanille and "chapters" throughout their lives growing up together, not a day-by-day thing. First several chapters have no Mature content, but is given M rating for later chapters. No spoilers here, and there will probably be a lot of things that don't flow with the game seeing as I don't really know much about their past, etc, so I guess it's kind of AU-ish? On with the story!!

The first time they met, both remembered it well. The Matron of the orphanage had entered the main building with a short and thin, orange haired girl closely in tow. She had fresh streaks on her face from tears, her eyes reddened and puffy. She clung almost frightfully to the Matrons hand with a vice grip, a small stuffed chocobo doll clutched against her chest. Her emerald eyes darted to any new person or object that came into view.

Fang was the oldest female in the orphanage at the time at 12, with that she felt a slight responsibility to take care of the younger girls, this one would be no different, Fang thought to herself as she approached the two.

"Ah, Fang, I was looking for you. I need you to take little Vanille here. There should be a bunk open in your room, so make sure she gets settled in."

Vanille's eyes welled with fresh tears that looked as though they'd soon overflow as the Matron released her hand. She now looked even more distraught than when she came through the door. She had barely given Fang a glance thus far, that is until she held a hand out for her, she tried to smile as gently as she could to make her comfortable.

"I'm Oerba Yun Fang, just Fang will do. We're going to be roommates so let's get along, ok?"

She stared cautiously at the offered hand for a moment and then finally up to the face that came with it. Vanille sniffled and glanced back where the Matron had been standing to see she was no longer there, only the sight of her back which disappeared around a corner. A hiccup could be heard echoing in the corridor, the frail girls shoulders jumped slightly from the force.

"Come on now, I don't bite, no need to get so worked up, 'k?" Fang gently grabbed her free hand and gave a slight tug to urge her into the direction of the bedrooms. She hadn't said a word, but didn't seem to object at the notion of having somewhere to rest. Fang quickly experienced the fact that this girl had a rather strong grip. Its too quiet, Fang thought, a simple question shouldn't hurt. "So, what was your name again?… Vanilla?"

The mispronunciation caused the girl to shake her head slightly.

"Hmm, I thought that was it… ya know, I'm not guna know your name unless you tell me."

A few moments passed in silence as they continued walking through the hallways. Fang noticed the shorter girls grip had loosened a little bit.

"..Vanille" the girl whispered out.

Fang didn't quite catch it for her voice being so hushed. "What was that?" Fang leaned an ear a bit closer.

"Oerba.. Dia.. Vanille" this time the taller girl heard clearly the name.

"Ah! I was close! Vanille huh? It's a nice name" she smiled softly at her and Vanille eyed her warily. Their eyes met for a brief moment before Fang noticed the door just ahead and looked towards it.

Fang cleared her throat and tossed open the door, within was a single bunk bed, a desk and a dresser and a tall, red lance against a far corner wall. "This will be where you'll be living, I'll move all my things up and take the top, so you can have the bottom, k?"

Vanille glanced around the simple room, her eyes lit up slightly as they landed on the bed last.

"Just let me know if you need anything, I'll help you however.." Fang cut herself off as the girl released her hand and darted for the bed. Vanille had quickly jumped onto the bottom bunk and curled herself under the blanket. Fang scratched the back of her head, sighing softly, "I'm sure you've had a pretty rough time…" She walked up to the bed and sat on the edge, picking up a few pieces of clothing she'd forgotten to clean off her bed earlier then tossed them into a basket.

Fang sat with her back facing the girl, but could hear the sniffles coming from under the blanket clearly. "I know exactly how you feel right now. It's hard to accept things like this, losing family.. I went through the exact thing when I was 8, I lost both my parents right in front of me. I felt lost, and alone, I cried a lot at first as well." Fang clenched a fist, "it's been 4 years since then." She glanced across the room to the tall lance resting against the wall, her eyes heated a little. "I've sworn to myself to get strong so no one can steal anyone precious to me again..."

Vanille, with fresh tears streaking her face, had peered out from the blanket to look at Fang, she could see the smoldering look in her eyes. Something about just looking at the older girl gave her an odd feeling that she couldn't place.

Fang shook her head, "Sorry, I didn't mean to go off like that, ehehe. I should let you rest now…" She made to get up from the bed but felt two small arms wrap around her stomach. Vanille held her tightly in place. Fang tilted her head to try and see the girls face only to find it was buried into her back. "Are you ok? I didn't mean to upset you."

Orange pigtails bobbed back and forth as she shook her head. Her voice soft and muffled by Fangs shirt as she spoke, "Don't leave me."

Fang's eyes widened a bit for a second, then softened, a sigh escaping her lips. She reached a hand back and petted the girls head. "I take it that means you want me to sleep with you then?" A quick nod against her back was the only reply. Fang chuckled and spoke softly, "Alright, I won't go anywhere then." Two pairs of emerald eyes met as Vanille lifted her head away from Fangs back. A strange feeling struck them both, but neither understood nor acknowledged it.

Fang had convinced a hesitant Vanille to take a bath shortly after, she even stood guard outside the bathroom to make sure no one tried entering. Dinner was after that, thankfully for Vanille none of the other many kids there bothered her too much, for they all understood how she felt then. It was bedtime afterwards.

Vanille curled on the side of the bed closest to the wall, and a sleepy Fang joined a few minutes later after she made sure to clean any mess she had ignored previously. "Goodnight, Vanille"

"…Goodnight, Fang" a soft reply, but one nonetheless. Both slipped quickly into sleep. Throughout the night Vanille had inched ever closer to Fangs warmth, right up until they were back to back. A relieved expression on her young sleeping face, that night would bring her the most peaceful sleep she'd had in days.

It was a time neither would forget. It was then that was the beginning of their unbreakable bond.