Our First Union…

Rated: M / NC-17 (for strong sexual situations)

Author's Note: This occurs on the very next day following Ch. 4.

Vanille awoke to the glaring rays of sun peeking through the blinds, an arm immediately moving to hide her eyes before rolling to face away from them. The motion makes her head spin, a pulsing feeling throbs in her skull following shortly after. She groaned at the annoying discomfort of the obvious hangover. Her hand started seeking blindly for Fang, only to find she wasn't in bed.

With reluctance she cracked her eyes open, squinting around the room for any signs of her girlfriend. She pulled herself out of the bed with a groan and shuffled to the door, a hand errantly trying to fix her messy hair. "Fang?" She called as she walked into the living area. She sighed a little to find the taller girl was nowhere to be found inside, but noticed a covered plate and paper next to it on the counter.

She lifted the cover to find a full plate of breakfast that was still mildly warm. She picked up the note with her other hand, reading the delicate handwriting.

'Went out on a few errands. Be back around noon. Make sure to eat your meal. Love ya. -Fang' Vanille giggled at the simplicity of the note and sets it down before eating the generous offering. It was enough to satisfy.

She washed the dishes and, after opening several cupboards, found the one they belonged in and put them away. The dinging of a clock behind her caught her attention. "It's 11 already? I really slept in… Fang should have woke me up." She thought out loud. "Guess I can shower before she gets back at least."

Fang stood up straight and stretched after cleaning out the last stall. The stables had been asking her to help out a lot lately as they were shorthanded. While she appreciated the workout, she didn't so much enjoy the task. "Hey boss, I'm finished. I'm guna head on out now."

The manager of the stables waved her off as she walked past him. "Thanks for the help, as always." Fang tossed a hand up in a waving gesture.

She walked through the streets with her hands clasped behind her neck, thinking what she and Vanille could do today. A steady grin appearing on her lips as she thought about what she'd like to do, then laughing quietly at herself over the notion. 'Ya, great plan for an entire day there.'

She shook her head of the perverted thoughts as she approached her home. "I'm back!" She called out as she entered, and saw no sign of Vanille in the living area. "You better not still be sleeping." She walked into the bedroom to find Vanille standing up from a pile of her belongings.

"Fang, where were you?" She had her hands on her hips already.

"Me? I was only filling in at YOUR job. I would have run you up, but you looked too damn cute sleeping as you were. Not to mention you slept through the alarm all five times that it went off." Vanille looked away flustered.

"You still should have woke me, I hate sleeping in you know." She knelt down and started to clear up the mess she'd made. "Thanks for filling in for me at least, I'll be sure to get back out there tomorrow morning."

Vanille didn't notice as Fang walked up behind her, until she grasped one of her wrists. "Hey, I'm trying to clean Fang." She was gently tugged up to her feet and into Fangs arms. There was a familiar fire burning in Fangs eyes, and had she not of had the taller womans support she may have melted on the spot. No further advancements were made, she looked like she was thinking about something. Vanille brought a hand up and brushed some stray hairs away from Fangs eyes. "What's on your mind? It's not like you to hesitate."

Fang seemed to come out of her daze. "Date."

"Hmm? Date, what?"

"Let's go out on a date today, to the city."

"By city, you mean… Paddra?" Fang nodded, planting a gentle kiss on her lips as she did so.

Fang glanced at the clock. "The next train for there leaves in an hour. It's kind of a long ride, maybe three hours, but I thought it would be a fun experience. You've never been, right?"

"Mm. No I haven't. But I would like to." Fang placed another kiss on her lips, lingering a little longer this time, then stepped back out of the embrace and towards the bathroom.

"Great, I'm going to take a quick shower first, so be ready to go once I'm out." Vanille opted to finish cleaning her mess while waiting, which wasn't long, as Fangs definition of a quick shower was literally all of five minutes. She came out in her underwear a moment later, toweling her hair as she walked into the closet. Vanille watched the whole process, even as Fang came back into the room carrying her blue clothing, and the record breaking short time it took her to fold and wrap the outfit properly.

Vanille giggled to herself as she remembered a moment from their childhood. "What are you laughing about over there?" Fang buckled her belt into place and started equipping her jewelry.

"Well, you remember that time I tried putting your outfit together for you and failed miserably?" Fang laughed at the thought.

"Remember? How could I forget, you had it completely wrong and it wouldn't stay on at all, not to mention me tripping over the skirt. I had to take it all off after a few minutes just to redo it myself, and then you went off crying about it." A few moments of shared laughter and they were on their way to the station.

"Oh! Fang, do you think we have time to stop by the leather crafters shop? I wanted to pick up something I asked them to make for me last night."

"Hmm, well it's on the way.. So as long as it's a quick in and out, we should be good for time."

It didn't take long to get to the store and Vanille headed right in while Fang chose to wait outside. A few minutes later and the girl walked back out, strapping a belt around her waist, a slab of bear hide attached to the back. Fang eyed the obscuring fur. "You don't have enough belts already?" Vanille giggled and placed her bind rod into the holsters on the back.

"Well, I wanted a better way to carry my rod, and it'll help keep me warm." She wrapped her arms around one of Fangs and they began walking towards the station again.

"Well, if you needed something to keep your butt warm, you should of just asked me." The comment earned her a pinch to the arm. "Ow. God, not back two days and you're already abusing me again. I should file for a restraint order perhaps." She looked thoughtful about the idea.

Vanille grinned up at her. "Hah, you wouldn't do that. Besides, I know you like it."

Fang raised a brow at her. "Oh really? And how did you come by information like that?" Vanille had a sly look in her eyes as she glanced at Fang, her arms tightening their grip around Fangs.

"Mm. Just a hunch I guess. I'm sure you would make it clear if you really didn't like it." Fang picked up the challenge in her voice.

"Ah, well, I guess you've got me all figured out. Okay, fine, I do like it when you're rough with me Vanille. As a matter of fact, you should do it more often, maybe even be a little more persistent about it." The backfire was making Vanille blush, just as Fang anticipated.

"Well… Oh look, we're at the station, we should hurry, right?" Vanille played off the situation and ran ahead a bit. Fang laughed at her victory as she walked to the booth to buy their tickets.

Within minutes the two were boarding the train, promptly guided to their seats and offered a menu of appetizers, which they refused. "Don't want to spoil our dinner tonight." Fang had said while eyeing Vanille, the shorter girl was sitting beside the window starring outside in anticipation. "Have you ever been on the train?"

Vanille looked thoughtful for a moment. "Hmm, once or twice, but only when I was really small, so I don't really remember." Fang wrapped an arm around her shoulders and pulled her into a quick kiss, then settled into her seat.

Throughout the long ride Vanille took to starring out the window in fascination at the scenery as it whizzed by, Fangs lance that was propped against the empty seat in front of them would shift every now and then with the train. Fang herself had nodded off into a light nap, a small trail of drool slowly making its way down her chin.

"Hey Fang, you don't think anything will attack the train do you?" The question only popped into the girls head when she saw a large familiar, snake like monster flying through the sky in the distance. When no reply was offered she turned to face her girlfriend, a soft smile spread across her face at the sight of Fang sleeping. She raised a hand and gently wiped the spit from the girls face with her thumb. Her fingers lingered a moment as she caressed the soft skin.

Vanille sat herself down in the seat properly and pulled Fangs head down to rest against hers in an effort to make her more comfortable. For the last half of the ride they sat like that, Fangs body slowly sliding lower and lower until her head was in Vanilles lap.

The train came to a stop and the speakers crackled to life with the attendants voice saying they'd arrived in Paddra. Fang awoke to the feel of a hand massaging her scalp, the sensation sending pleasant chills down her spine. "Enjoy your nap?" Vanille was looking down at her and Fang found herself fighting off a blush. To play it off she sat up quickly, kissing Vanille in the process, then standing to stretch.

"Ya, hard to not enjoy a nap when you're the pillow." She snatched up her lance, snapping it into its holster, then extended a hand out to help Vanille from her seat. "You ready?" Vanille nodded as she grasped the hand and was pulled from the seat.

The girl was enthralled with the sights of the tall buildings that filled her vision after exiting the train. Fang watched as Vanille expressed her excitement with a flurry of 'ooh's and ahh's' accompanied with flailing arm movements and pointing at everything, asking what they were. "Let's get going, you'll get to see plenty more." Fang grabbed hold of a hand and pulled the girl along, giving her a small tour of the areas she knew.

A while later, Fang had run out of places to show off. They had visited several stores and now she looked up to the sky to gauge the time, had to be around 7 if not later by now. "You hungry Vanille?"

"Mhm." The girl was looking up to her as she thought of where to go.

"Let's see, I think I know of a good place that you'll like."

An hour later the two exited the chosen restaurant with full bellies. "Wow, that was so good!" Vanille stretched as they walked down the street.

"Glad you enjoyed it." Fang had an arm around her waist, Vanille mimicking the embrace. "Should probably head on to the station, we should be able to catch the last train back to Oerba."

They had made it to the station just in time, the train departing short minutes after they were seated. The ride back was spent mostly with Vanille talking about her adventures and trials during her hunt, and Fang spoke of what she kept herself occupied with while the girl was away.

Finally arriving in Oerba, the duo headed straight to their home. "Ahh, I had so much fun." Vanille stretched as she entered the building, then removed her boots. She turned and gave Fang a peck on the cheek. "Thank you Fang."

"Anytime hun." Vanille giggled and slipped into the bedroom while Fang removed her own boots. She followed shortly after and was a little surprised to find Vanille had already laid herself under the covers. "Not tired are we?" 'It's midnight dummy.' Fang unbuckled her belt, allowing the blue fabric to fall freely into a pile, then climbed under the blankets herself, turning off the lamp as she did so. "You asleep already?"

Vanille hadn't so much as looked her way since she entered the room. Main reason being the furious blush on the girls face. She was shivering and had her eyes shut tightly, her hands gripped desperately at the cover, keeping it pulled up to her neck. Her breath caught in her throat when she felt Fangs hand rest on her shoulder. "You ok Vanille? It's not like you to just go to bed like this."

Fang could feel the girl tense beneath her hand, she gave a gentle tug to try and make Vanille face her, only to be resisted as the girl didn't budge. "Vanille?"

"I'm fine." Her voice came out shaky. A moment passed before Vanille finally moved. A subtle shift on her side at first as she hesitated, then gently turned, placing her hands against Fangs shoulders, pressing the older girl into the bed as she sat herself on her hips.

It was dark, but the full moons light provided enough lighting to clearly reveal Vanilles fully nude form. Fang was speechless, mouth agape, eyes wide as she took in the sight before her, a steady blush claiming them both. "V-Vanille.. Why are you…" Vanille placed a finger against her lips, which was quickly replaced by her own in a kiss. The kiss became heated quickly, their tongues rolling over the others in a fight for dominance. Fangs hands had remained firmly planted in the sheets, the kiss was driving her mad and since Vanille seemed insistent to go this far she gave in and wrapped her arms around the girls waist, pulling their bodies together. They both gasped as flesh met flesh and Vanille decided to free Fang of her top, furthering the contact.

As the kiss intensified Vanille began rubbing her body against Fangs, an almost electric feeling jolting them both every time their nipples brushed against the others. They finally broke the kiss off to regain their breath, Vanille took the opportunity to rid Fang of her panties, their kiss resuming immediately after. They had a leg between the others, every movement making their thighs rub against each other.

Fang could feel her eyes roll as Vanilles tongue dove deeply into her mouth, then trailed along the roof of her mouth, then out across her lips and down her jaw. She took a sharp inhale when Vanille groped her breasts, arching herself further into them. A gasp escaped her when they were given a solid squeeze, and again when fingers started teasing her nipples.

Vanille was nibbling over Fangs neck now, stopping to suck and bite on a few random places, the bites causing the girl to whimper desperately. She continued moving farther down, halting her actions only long enough to take in the sight of Fangs breasts. She flicked her tongue over a taught nipple, gauging the reaction it caused.

Fangs entire frame was shaking from the excitement, her body arching to gain more contact with Vanilles mouth. The girl complied and closed her lips around the nipple, causing Fang to gasp. She placed a hand on Vanilles head, pulling the obstructive bands out shakily, releasing the girls hair from their pigtails then started grasping at the girls skull through handfuls of hair. "Bite.."

Vanille released her hold on the nipple she was teasing, tilting her head up to try and understand what Fang was saying. "Hn?" Fang had a furious blush on her face.

"Bite me. There." She was panting and her voice was unsteady as she spoke, not even totally coherent of the fact she was speaking, but her mind knew what she wanted to feel.

Vanille began teasing the other nipple with her tongue, but only for a moment then bit down. Fang cried out from the sensation, her hand tightening its grip, almost painfully, in Vanilles hair. Vanille endured the stinging in her scalp, once the grip had loosened she moved back to the other nipple and repeated the action, biting down, again earning her a deep whimper from Fangs throat.

She moved herself back up to claim Fangs lips, her right hand trailed down along her ribs. Tracing patterns along the taught and twitching muscles of Fangs abdomen, reveling at the firm contours, then slowly inched further down.

Fangs breathing hitched in her throat when she felt the fingers tracing over the single, neatly trimmed line of her pubes and finally beginning to slide over her slit. She fought the urge to buck her hips when a finger idly stroked over her clit. Her breathing was becoming more labored now with the building anticipation.

Vanilles fingers parted the labia, allowing her thumb to continue rubbing over the clit. Fangs hips occasionally jerking. Vanille was circling her opening with her middle finger. She glanced up to Fangs face from her position on her neck, her eyes were closed and mouth agape with her shallow breaths. She generously bit down on her neck, causing Fang to buck against her, and with that she gently, but quickly plunged a finger inside her.

Fang bit her lip when a second finger was thrust inside, a sudden stinging sensation caused a subtle cry to escape her throat. Vanille stopped her hands motions at the sound and began to pull her fingers out only to be stopped by Fang placing a hand over her own. She looked at the older girl with concern and before she could ask if she was alright Fang used her other hand to pull her into a kiss.

Vanille took this as an obvious sign to continue and obliged, a bit more gently this time. Thrusting her fingers in repeatedly, changing the angle occasionally. Her thumb would tease her clit whenever she slowed the thrusts down. Fang was moving against her hand now, setting a rhythm for her to follow, which was becoming more erratic.

Vanille had to use the weight of her own body to keep Fangs movements limited. The girls pants were coming out more as moans now, eyes screwed shut. Vanille thrust as hard as she could, arm getting sore from the exertion, she kept enduring until finally Fang tensed and shivered uncontrollably.

Fang let out a deep moan as she orgasmed and for a moment she couldn't hear or see anything, only pleasurable waves were felt continuously shaking her mind and body. Vanille slowed her fingers until Fang came down from her high then removed them. The girl grimaced slightly at the sight of the blood on her hand. Fang had an arm resting against her forehead as she regained her breath.

Vanille was going to relax next to Fang, but the idea was quickly wiped away as the taller girl reversed their positions, pinning her to the bed. She'd be a liar if she said she wasn't nervous. A glazed feral expression crossed Fangs face as she eyed the girl beneath her, a gaze that made her shiver.

Fang wasn't going to waste much time on teasing, she knew Vanille was already sensitive. Every little stroke over the younger girls nipples produced subtle moans and sporadic twitches. Fang kissed her deeply as she tweaked a nipple. Vanille tilted her face away from Fangs so she could breath. She traveled her way down, taking the other nipple in her mouth, enjoying the sounds she was getting from the girl.

Her free hand stroked down to the girls bare pubis, the smooth area enticed a few whimsical patterns to be traced over it. Only teasing there for a moment then gliding down over her labia. She idly fingered over the wet entrance, stroked her clit and glanced up to Vanilles heavily lidded eyes, then gently shoved a finger in clear up to her knuckle.

The sudden action, swiftly and surely, tore the girls hymen. She yelped out from the pain, a few tears began sliding through her closed lids, a far more intense reaction in comparison to Fang.

Fang withdrew her finger to allow the girl to recuperate, swiftly kissing the tears away. It only took a moment for her to calm. "Fang…" The girl whimpered desperately. She needn't say more and a slender finger thrust into her once again. It still stung but as they got into a rhythm the pain was forgotten with a building pleasure.

Vanille was dripping wet and getting more into it, so Fang upped it a little and slid a second digit in. The girl moaned from the added pressure inside her and the palm now rubbing roughly against her clit was building the tension. Fang was thrusting harder and faster, sometimes curling her fingers and twisting her wrist to hit more spots.

It didn't take long for the girl to orgasm, Fang could feel the girls inner walls tightening on her fingers. A final stroke over her clit sent the girl falling over the edge, a loud, sweet moan spread throughout the room as she came.

Fang let her ride it out on her fingers, only removing them once the girl stopped moaning and her arched back settled back onto the bed, her breath coming out as shallow pants. She took a quick glance down and laughed mentally, 'guna have to buy new sheets.'

She slide herself back up, resting on her side next to Vanille, watching as the girl caught her breath, a soft smile gracing her face. "Have I ever told you how beautiful you are?" The question caught the shorter girl off guard, she looked up to Fang, not really able to form words right now, so she shook her head. Fang placed the gentlest of kisses on her lips, then the tip of her nose, and finally her forehead. Then wrapped an arm around her and pulled her close, Vanille nuzzled into her neck. Fang grinned. "You're really cute when you moan."

"FANG!" Vanille buried her face into Fangs chest, covering her ears with her hands.

"Haha! What's so wrong about that?" She tugged the girls hands, clasping them together in her own. Vanille looked tiredly up at her.

"It's not something you share out loud, even if there's no one else to hear it." Fang kissed her pouting lips. The shorter girl sighed and relaxed again, a hidden grin formed on her lips. "I win, by the way."

This time Fang was taken off guard by the random comment, tilting her head with a quirked eyebrow. "You win? Win what?"

"I knew you liked it rough." Vanille backfired on her taller girlfriend. The statement clearly getting to Fang with a fresh blush claiming her face. Her mouth opened and closed a few times like she was going to make a come back, but she honestly couldn't find any words, so she kept her mouth shut and let Vanille gloat over her victory.

A short lived victory at that as Fang decided to start a wrestling game with the girl. Fang won in the end, having her pinned beneath only to collapse next to her afterwards in a fit of shared laughter. Exhaustion soon claimed them both as they settled down, their limbs entangled with each other. They fell into a blissful sleep, their union only setting up the next stage in their lives together.

-The End-

Author's Note: … …… …… Ya, is what I have to say about writing smut. :D But there ya'll go, sorry if it didn't turn out as good as you'd hoped, but it IS the first time I write out a full smut scene. Yup.. Pretty much from there, about 2 years later is where events would happen that would lead into the games storyline. I had thought of adding another chapter for like.. a wedding thing for the two, but I don't think I can handle writing more smut right now, LOL, or writing anymore for a while in general, I'll just draw instead. (Link for my art page is in the profile if you're interested.) :D

So yes! A big thank you to everyone who R&R'd my story (also to those who will R&R it in the future), and to those who motivated me to keep on writing until the end!! *hugs you all!* Til next time!~ *In the words of Vanille: Ciao~*