-Letty, how you doing, baby?

- Jesus Christ Leon!! You're asking me this every fifteen minutes! Everything hurts me, but I will handle, just get us to some motel in Mexico.

- but you need to get to hospital, maybe I…

-no! Leon no! – Letty cut him off – go straight to Mexico, don't stop and let me have some sleep please

- as You wish…

Letty fell asleep, and Leon was driving, he was very tired but he knew that he has to get them out of States. He was worried about Vince.. and Jesse, Dom was the only one who could help him.

Few hours later

hey Letty, wake up… we're in Mexico now. I have a keys to a motel room, come on I will help you get out.

He picked her up, closed car's door with his leg and carried her to their room.

It was a small motel near main road. Room was small and seedy but quite clean. It has two beds and one small bathroom.

Leon carried Letty to bathroom so she could get a shower and wash off dried blood. He left her and went to get some stuff from car that Mia managed to packed for them.

An hour later, Letty was lying in bed in clean clothes. Everything hurts her like hell, but she doesn't want Leon to be worried, so she pretend everything was all right. Leon was outside, smoking a cigarette and speaking on the phone.

Dom called – said Leon walking in – he is coming here, should be here in 20 minutes.

What about Mia, and Vince? Did he found Jesse?

He didn't tell … he said he will explain everything here.

Fuck!, something bad must have happened…

Leon went outside to wait for Dom. Few minutes have passed and he saw him pulling in.

hey man! How did you get this car?!! What happened?? you look like shit!

Oh thanks!..., I will tell You everything, but Letty need to hear this too. How is she, anyway?

Not good Dom. She is tough but I think she is in a lots of pain, and some doctor should see her.

I bought some painkillers, bandages, and something to clean wounds, let's see if it do.

First of all You need to get a shower and clean some wounds, look at you!

I'm ok, lets go

When they went to the room, Dom went straight to Letty, she was glad to see he was ok, but she was pissed of on him at the same time. He knew that well, he saw this in her eyes, anger and frustration. He lean down and kiss her forehead

I'm sorry – he whispered, and stroked her cheek with his hand, and went to bathroom.