"mmm Dom, you need to let go of me a little bit cuz I have a bruise, right where you pressing your head, so.."

"oh sorry baby, let me see"

She steped back a little so he could lift her shirt

The bruise was big. It started just under her breasts and ends above her navel. It occupied right part of her belly.

"Let, I think you have damaged ribs, they're not broken, cuz you wouldn't be able to walk without any pills, believe me, I know how broken ribs can hurt" he said and kissed her belly

"yeah, I know that too… don't you remember?"


"Hi dad, hi Dom" said Mia, walking in the garage.

"Oh that's my baby girl" said Antony Torreto, kissing his daughters head. He was tall, well build men, wearing a blue t-shirt and pair of jeans.

"dad! Your covered with grease"

"how was school today?"

"oh I've got an A in English" Mia said with a huge smile on her face "oh and I finished earlier, cuz miss Stevens is ill, and I didn't have maths, and then I went for shopping with Katie, and I bought a dress, you wanna see? Oh and…"

"Mia" Dom interrupted her. He was 20 years old now, wearing black wifebeater and jeans. He looked at her from under the hood "did Letty finished earlier too?"

"oh jeez Dom, I don't know. I don't have classes with her, remember? She is a year older. By the way I thought she stayed with you today, because she wasn't at school at all, she is your girlfriend, you should know where she is… so do you want to see my new dress?"

Dom knew something was wrong, if Letty miss school, it was only because she stayed with Dom in garage. She was living with her mum now. Her father left when she was little, her brother died in army. Her mum always draw troubles. She dated shady guys, and never cared about Letty anymore. She was an alcoholic. One day she bring a men to the house, who beat her and Letty and run away. Letty ended with a broken arm.

"Dad I need to go, see if she is alright" he didn't wait for his father approval. Just run of.

He run down the street to Letty's house. When he got there, he didn't bother to knock, just open the door and run straight to Letty's room

"Lett! Oh my god, what happened?" he found her lying on the floor of her room. She was bleeding. She could barely breath. He called an ambulance immediately and called his father to tell him that he is going with Letty to the hospital.

Dom, his dad and Mia spend two hours in waiting room. Finally doctor came

"she has two broken ribs, I managed to stop the bleeding from the cut on her leg. She has few bruises, but she will recover. She needs to rest a lot and take this pills. After she finish to talk to the policeman, I can let her out to house. I need a family member to sign this paper.

"I'm her father" Anthony lied. He knew that was the only option for them to take Letty with them. She was only 17 years old. If they knew, she had no one, they would call foster care.

An hour later, they drove back to Torreto's house. Dom carried Letty inside.

"put her in Mia's room" Tony said, walking in with his daughter.

Dom didn't answer, just went upstairs, followed by Mia.

"hey, dad said to put Letty in my room" Mia whispered

"I know, I've heard him sis, but I want her with me alright?"

They went inside his room. Dom put Letty gently on his bed. He kissed her on her forehead and said:

"I will be back in a minute, I just need to talk to dad"

"ok" she responded weakly

"Mia please stay with her, I will be right back"

"how ya livin' girl?" Letty asked looking at Mia, and trying to smile a little

"oh Letty girl… I'm so sorry, I should have told Dom earlier that you weren't at school. How can I help you? You want something to eat? drink? just tell"

"hey girl chill out, It's not so bad as it look like, really, don't worry"

"you're lying" Mia smiled at her "as always tough little Letty… well if you need anything just ask me, please! I won't go anywhere" Mia sat on a bed next too Letty

"Dad, I put her in my bed" Dom was standing in a living room, talking to his father.

"Dominic! I told yo…"

"I know what you've told me to do, I just can't.."


"no, dad let me finish please" Dom interrupted him, "I need to take care of her, It's my fault! I should have take her away from that house years ago, when it first happened. You remember? She will have nightmares, she is in pain. I want to be there for her, nothing will happen dad, It's different. She can barely move. I'm gonna be good" he smirked

"ok, but as soon as she recover, we will prepare Mia's room, so she could stay in it. She needs her stuff, I will go and pack her clothes, ask her what she needs from her room, you stay with her and Mia" Tony's voice was low and determined

"thank you Dad, really"

"Dominic! I swear to God if you hurt that girl…"

"chill out dad, she is special" and then Dom went upstairs

"hey Mia, please make something to eat for Letty" Dom said walking in the room.

"sure" Mia got up and left the room

"hey, how you doing?" Dom walked to the bed, and started to take off her shoes

"great as always. Did Tony know I'm here?"

"yes, don't worry, he is ok with that"

"really?" she asked looking sad at him

"yes, just don't worry… I need to take off your jeans, I don't thing you want to sleep in it" he smirked at her and she smiled. He unbutton, and gently pull them off. He saw a bandage wrapped her thigh. "you now.. you will eventually need to tell me what happened there"

He pulled his shorts from the drawer, and dressed her in them

"I know, just It's not that simple, you know?"

"yeah baby" he sat on the bed and put a his hand gently on her stomach

"you're in pain, I'm right?"

She nodded

"painkillers must have stopped working. I have some of them, doctor gave to us, but you need to eat something first"

"I'm not hungry"

"oh, I know" he smiled and lie down next to her "we need to wait for Mia, she will be devastated if you wont eat what she made for you"