Though Romano looked up at Spain, desperately trying to manage an expression of warning, his found his voice to be lost, and his face busy at an attempt not to look too pleased. Spain was running one hand through his hair, and the other had begun to wander down his shirt, then move it up slightly.

"O-oi!" Romano's eyes shot open, sitting up slightly and looking down to what Antonio was doing.

"Ssh, Lovino," Antonio couldn't help but laugh softly, guiding him back down to the pillows, leaning in to kiss his ear softly. "Just enjoy it."

The younger of the two blushed heavily, muttering something that wasn't exactly audible, though sounded very much like a complaint. Unsurprisingly, he did not push the other away. In fact, he did seem to relax.

"Very good," Spain encouraged him softly, pushing Romano's shirt up more. He began to plant short, feather-light kisses across his chest and stomach, enjoying how Lovino's muscles twitched just slightly with each small touch. He pulled himself away long enough to coax the other out of his shirt entirely, tossing it aside as he leaned in, pressing gently kisses this time to Romano's jaw line. He took note of the fact that Lovino's eyes had closed, and he began to run a hand through Lovino's hair once more as he sucked very gently on his neck.

"Don't leave a mark," Romano mumbled, more of a sign than anything previous that he had truly given in. He was not telling Spain to stop, simply not to get overexcited. This caused the other nation to smile slightly against his skin.

Meanwhile, a pleasantly unaware Germany held the other Italy brother in his arms, watching as the smaller male dozed peacefully. He couldn't explain what had driven him to let the excitable nation win tonight, but as he watched the contented look on Feliciano's sleeping face, he couldn't really say that he minded. Using his free hand to pull the covers up over them just a bit, he took no real notice to the way Italy was beginning to squirm. Shaking his head slightly, he laid down against his pillow, using one arm to pull him a little bit closer.

He had only just begun to fall asleep himself, however, when he felt his shoulder being shaken slightly. At first, he grunted a response, trying to fall back asleep. But then, the culprit made himself known vocally.


"Go to sleep, Italy," he said lowly, trying to pull the other closer, but he was insistent.

"Germany, wake up…"

With a slight grumble, the blonde slowly opened his eyes, sighing heavily as he took in the puppy dog-like expression of the second occupant of the bed. "What is it, Italy..?"

"I'm kind of… well…" he inched closer to the taller nation, attempting his best pouting face as he nearly crawled back on top of him. "I'm turned on again…"


"Ah- wait! W-what are you doing!?" Romano found himself drawn from a curl-pulling-induced daze when he felt a hand at his pants. In response, Spain looked at him with a disarmingly innocent face.

"Getting rid of these. They're messy, aren't they?"

"Sh-shut up," Lovino blushed deeply, looking off to the side.

Of course, Antonio took this as a cue to continue. There never was an obvious answer with Lovino. Undoing the things that kept him from his ultimate goal, he carefully tugged down the younger nation's pants, careful not to make any sudden movements that might jar the other out of his complacency once again.

Tossing the pants to the side with the shirt, he bit back a groan of his own as he took in the sight; a slightly sweaty, blushing Lovino, mostly undressed, and with a renewed erection poking against his boxers. It was everything he could do not to just pounce on him right then! He leaned over Romano, kissing his neck, then his jaw line.

"Lovi…?" he whispered softly, reaching up to tug on the other's curl yet again.

"Mmh… Ah- what is it?" the other managed, his breath catching while Antonio played with his hair.

"Can I kiss you, Lovi?" he sat up slightly, looking for a reaction on the other's face.

Of course, the first thing Romano did was blush. But when he looked away this time, he did not turn his head. "Don't ask such a stupid question," he retorted.

Spain smiled, reaching down with one hand to cup Romano's cheek. He leaned in, kissing him in a soft manner, brushing their lips together gently. He began to place sweet, soft kisses on his lips, over and over until he felt Lovino begin to reciprocate. Then, he pressed their lips together, deepening it slowly. He reached up to pull at Romano's hair, and as the other gasped against his lips, he slipped his tongue in between them, licking them gently. The younger of the two caught on fast and their tongues began to duel, slowly at first.

Antonio reached down with his free hand, lightly groping Lovino's erection. As he groaned into their kiss, pushing up against his hand, Spain couldn't help but make a quiet noise of appreciation. This was what he wanted, not some circumstantial arousal from whatever Feliciano had been doing, but something he had caused himself. He had made Lovino feel this way.

Though, truthfully, it was probably almost as satisfying to Lovino that he was getting back at his brother for the embarrassment he'd been through earlier, he still couldn't deny that he really, really liked this.


"What is it, Italy? I told you to go back to sleep," Germany muttered, opening his eyes once more to look down at him. He certainly could be troublesome, sometimes…

"There's something I need to tell you… Something about my brother and I," he tried, burying his face against the blonde's shoulder.

"About your brother?" Ludwig's eyebrows furrowed. "Tell me tomorrow, Italy. It's time to sleep."



"…Okay, Germany…"

When their lips had finally parted, Spain began to slide Romano's boxers down, over his hips and buttocks, down his legs, and finally they were thrown aside, on top of the rest of the discarded clothes.

When he looked back up, he came face to face with an expression that was best described as a pout. He tried not to laugh, but it was so cute!

"What is it, Lovino?"

"You still have all of your clothes on. It's not fair to me," he replied, raising an eyebrow as if daring Spain to say anything about it.

In truth, the older nation was too surprised. Admittedly, it was pleasantly so. Pulling his shirt off in one relatively fluid motion, he threw it aside. "There! Better?"

Romano didn't answer, but this didn't inhibit Antonio. He leaned in again, giving those soft, sweet kisses as he twirled the curl between his fingers. He knew how much it aroused Lovino, after all, he'd come purely from the link between himself and his brother earlier. But he was still more than a little taken aback as he felt fumbling hands working on his own pants.

"Let me help you," he said, sitting up a little to help guide his own pants off.

Lovino looked up, and they met eyes for only a moment before he looked away once more. "You talk too much."

Spain chuckled, kicking his pants off. He ran his fingertips slowly down Lovino's body, starting at his shoulders, and when he found himself at the other's erection, he paused. "Lovino. Is it okay?"

"…Stop asking."

A small smile of understanding graced Antonio's features, and he wrapped his hand around Lovino's erection. He moved slowly at first, experimenting with pressure. The other nation moaned outright.

"Do you want more..? Lovino?"

Lovino just moaned again, and there was a tinge of frustration laced in the pleasure. Antonio couldn't help but love the fact that vocalizations of any sort embarrassed Lovino - it was positively adorable.

After a few moments he relinquished his grip, reaching over to the side table, opening the drawer where he knew he had seen hand lotion before. Romano watched him, silently, but did not seem to mind or protest.

Triumphant in his search, Antonio returned to his previous position, taking a few moments to spread lotion liberally over a few of his fingers. He leaned down to kiss Lovino's ear once more, whispering softly. "Let me know if it hurts. I don't want to hurt you, Lovi," he said quietly, slowly pressing one finger in.

Lovino's hand fisted in the sheet, but he did not react adversely in any way. After moving the digit around a little bit, hoping to loosen the small male up, Antonio added a second finger. As he began to move the two in a scissoring motion, Romano squirmed. Feeling a little bit guilty, Antonio kissed his neck.

"Just one more," he assured him, adding the third finger. As he waited for Lovino to adjust, an idea struck him. He reached up, twisting the curl gently around his fingers, and Romano cried out in pleasure. Tugging on it gently as he began to move his fingers in and out, he soon found the younger nation lost in pleasure.

The mewl of disappointment that Lovino made as he pulled his fingers out went straight to his own erection. As he coated it with lotion, Romano began to sit up, watching him with what one could only think was arousal and interest, and an idea struck him.

Moving to sit up against the headboard, he offered his clean hand out as a gesture to the other. "Lovi, come here," he said, smiling just a little bit.

He wasn't sure if he should be surprised when Romano obeyed the first time he was asked, and he helped guide him in to a position where he was sitting over him, both facing the same way. Then, he pressed his erection against the other's entrance, his arousal twitching as the other made a soft noise.

Taking his hips, he gently guided Lovino down onto him, taking all of his self control not to move. He waited there for a few moments, feeling the other adjust slightly, before - to his astonishment - Romano began to move.

The movement was small and unsure, but it was there nonetheless. Antonio reached around to grasp his erection once more, pumping it slowly again. This time, however, he began to pick up the pace as Romano bucked into his hand.

Soon, they began to develop a rhythm - he thrust into Romano, and Romano into his hand - and he didn't think he could hold on much longer. He increased their pace, resting his head against Lovino's shoulder, kissing his neck softly. But he knew the one thing that he could do to set Lovino off.

He reached up and began to tug at his curl, careful not to be too rough. This caused the other to cry out loudly, his rhythm beginning to get harsh and erratic. "Aah- Spain… A-A-Antonio!" he cried out.

Hearing the other call him in such a way was just too much for the older country. Antonio gasped, thrusting forward as he came inside of Lovino, causing the other to moan loudly, coming with just one more thrust into Antonio's hand.


"What now, Italy?!"

"I know I said I'd wait to tell you until tomorrow, but… but it's really important!" Italy's voice was almost frantic, and Germany could feel his arousal against his leg.

With a sigh, he looked to the other. "Very well, Italy. What is it?"

"Lovino and I… we… we share this link, you know? And when someone pulls his hair like you did with mine… aah!" he buried his face against Germany's chest, squirming. "It feels really good!"

"So you're saying… the two of you share… a link between… your hair curls?" Germany frowned. It was such a strange thing to think about.

"Yes, and… and I think my brother… might be a little upset about earlier, or…"

"Wait, when we were - earlier… your brother knew!?"

"I'm sorry, Germany~!!"

Spain held Romano in his arms, the smaller nation's back pressed against his chest. He pulled the covers up over them, resolving to clean up tomorrow morning, since this had been his idea in the first place. He kissed Lovino's ear softly, earning a half-asleep mumble from the younger nation, and he closed his own eyes.

"Goodnight, mi tesoro," he whispered softly. He hadn't expected the night to go the way it was, that was for sure, but he was glad it had. He would have to thank Feliciano the next time he saw him… and perhaps Ludwig, as well.