While I have been writing my Carlisle story this came in to my mind. I loved Charlie because I think he is like my dad, and while I needed inspiration for my other story I thought of writing my ode to Charlie.

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Life use to be normal, uncomplicated and legends and myths only existed in books. Everything that I thought I knew changed when I met my granddaughter. But I'm getting ahead of myself. I'll start at the beginning.

Ok, so I got married fresh out of high school. The stupid romantic fool I was. I had bought us a nice small house in the small town I loved. Renee was totally thrilled with the house, even more with the ring I placed on her finger. My career in the police force did go according to plan, I was happy. Then after a few months of marriage Renee had a surprise. She was pregnant. You can't believe how happy I was.

On the 13th of September Bella was born, the most beautiful baby I ever saw. I don't think you could find an other person who was as happy as I was.

Happiness didn't last long. I always knew Renee wasn't completely happy in Forks. She always complained about the weather, she missed the sun. I had promised her to take her on a long holiday somewhere where the sun was always bright, but my job prevented that from happening.

After she had Bella she got more depressed with the weather, always being locked up in the house by the rain. Also the small town scared her a little, I had the feeling she would rather live in a big town. I did consider that, moving out of Forks, but I couldn't. I couldn't imagine leaving my home.

So I hoped Renee's depression would pass.

It didn't.

After a fight about the weather, Forks and everything Renee thought was wrong with it, she ran out the house. Suitcase in one hand and Bella in the other.

I'm a man, and men don't cry. At least that is what they say. I did cry and I cried a lot those dark days.

Renee contacted me again after a while, telling me she was in Phoenix. She wanted me to be involved in Bella's life. So we made an agreement that Bella would stay with me in the summer.

Slowly I could move on with my life. The police station became my wife and my fishing friends became my family. Billy Black was my shoulder to cry on as I was for him. A few years after Renee had left me Billy's wife died in a car crash. When he was there in my dark days I was there for him. After a while life turned normal. Working, fishing and eating out.

Every summer Bella would come and visit me. Those were particular happy days. I teamed up with Billy who had twins about the same age so the kids could play. Jacob, Billy's only son stayed with the Clearwater's those days, to young to join us. We had fun, spending most of the time fishing and visiting la Push beach.

When Bella got older she was more reluctant to visit in the summer. I suspected that Renee's opinion of Forks was beginning to affect Bella. I tried to make her happy, taking her shopping in Port Angeles, going out to dinner in a good diner, but it didn't work.

One summer Bella put her foot down and demanded me to visit her in Phoenix. It was difficult to take a day off from my job, I was promoted that year and I was now chief in the small town of Forks.

I did my best to get the time off and spend two weeks in the oven that was called Phoenix. It was to hot for me, I really couldn't imagine anyone living like that. Too hot and too big. Still I was with my daughter and that made me happy.

The years past by quickly. Then something happened that made my life, well not prefect, I still missed Renee a lot, but much better.

Bella called one day. She had the best news I could have asked for. She asked me if it was ok that she would come and live with me. I was surprised, I knew she hated Forks as much as Renee did, but I was happy to have her in my home for any period of time.

I contacted the high school as soon as I could to get her registered. I cleaned (or I tried to clean) her room every week before she got her. I was so exited.

A week before Bella would arrive she called again. I was afraid that she would cancel but that wasn't the case, she asked about the possibilities of a car. I expected she didn't want to ride in the cruiser a lot. She also told me that her mom wanted her to have access to the internet so they could stay in contact.

That weekend while fishing with Billy, Jacob joined us. He was complaining about the truck they owned. He wanted to build a car from scratch but Billy wouldn't let him. Even though Billy couldn't drive anymore, he didn't want to bring his truck to the dump yard. I suggested that I would buy it for Bella, that way his beloved truck would have a good future. The deal was quickly made.

Then Bella arrived. It was a joy for me to have her in the house. She was very happy with the truck, and I was happy to make her happy. For a teenager she was very quiet, I had been braced for anything but living with her was easy. After one day she had already taken control over the household, she cooked (which was very good), she cleaned and did the laundry. Never did I have to tell her to do her homework, never did she complained.

She didn't fool me completely. I could see she wasn't really happy here but she endured, never complained only when it was really raining.

Then on a particular cold day Bella had an accident. I heard on the radio that a ambulance was requested at Forks high school. In a bit of panic I took the cruiser and went to check. My heart almost stopped when I saw Bella on the stretcher. Apparently three kids were involved, the Crowley boy and one of the Cullen kids. They told me Bella was doing good but I gave them an escort to the hospital. I was terrified something was wrong with Bella, I couldn't sit still in the waiting room.

Luckily nothing was wrong with Bella.

The next few weeks it looked like Bella got more depressed. I couldn't understand what was wrong but I thought she missed her mother. For six weeks she mopped around the house always deep in thought.

Then one day I got home to a more happy and cheerful Bella. She was planning to go the beach at La Push next Saturday, I thought maybe she had finally made friends. She mentioned names of kids I knew and I approved. I was happy she had something to do because I wanted to watch a game. Bella never liked sports, sometimes I felt bad when she sat silently in the kitchen doing her homework when I watched the game. I wondered if there were things she wanted to see on TV, but she never mentioned anything.

I asked her Sunday evening how her trip to the beach had been. Besides her initial reaction that I did understood and didn't want to know about I was happy to hear that she had met Jacob Black. I didn't have had the chance to introduce them to each other.

Most or the time I left Bella alone, through the week I worked long hours and in the weekend I mostly went fishing, sometimes I had to work, just old habits. I was afraid I left Bella alone to much, specially when she mentioned going to Seattle on her own, but she didn't seem to mind. I offered to go with her, but the mention of clothes and shopping was enough for me to drop my argument.

A few days later she went on a evening out with her friends, dress shopping for a dance she didn't want to go to. I'll never get that girl-stuff. It made her even more happy, or at least I thought it was her friends that made her a bit more happy. I never expected the real reason.

I should have expected the real reason. I should have known that at some point a father worst fear would arrive. The weekend she had planned to go to Seattle I had made plans to go fishing. Bella cancelled her plans but insisted I should go fishing any way. I Should have know then.

When I got home that Saturday Bella looked so exited. There was light in her eyes and she was in a hurry to get to bed. I expected her to sneak out or something, but when I checked on her she was laying quietly in her bed. I silently crippled her car, just in case. Maybe I was the over worried dad I had promised myself I would never be.

The next morning I checked on her again, but she was still sleeping, maybe she had been just tired. Angry at myself for not trusting my daughter I reattached the cables in her car and went fishing again.

When I got home, I found out the real reason behind Bella's happiness in Forks. I wished I didn't.

When I walked in the house Bella seemed anxious, so to figure out what was going on I asked her about her day. After a bit of small talk we got to the point. She had a date with a boy that evening.

I thought my heart would stop and my head would explode. Bella never had said anything about liking a guy, not even when I asked about it the day before.

As a dad I could never approve of any guy for my little girl, but at least she had picked out someone decent, the youngest of the Cullen kids. He played by the rules, Bella told me he wanted to introduce himself to me. I thought it to be a bit old fashioned but I liked it.

They went playing baseball with the rest of the Cullen family. It irritated me a bit that it was Edward Cullen who had gotten my girl into playing or watching sports, but I remembered how it was like being in love and let it go. Besides that irritation there were a few other things I didn't like about this Edward, he was a bit to perfect for my taste, spoke too perfect, was dressed too perfect, and then his car. I knew the Cullens had a few cars but he showed up with the biggest one he could find. I was wondering if he was trying to impress me.

Just after Bella left Renee called. Things weren't going so well with her new husbands career and they were going home in two weeks if things didn't change. I wanted to feel bad for Phil, but silently, I still loved Renee and hope that some day she would see that life wasn't a fairytale. Also I was afraid of loosing Bella, if she could go home would she?

I could bring myself to believe that she would stay with my if she got an option.

Slowly that evening turned into a nightmare. First my team lost, not totally unexpected but a huge disappointment anyway. Not five minutes after the game ended I heard a car stop in front of the house. Then everything happened so quick, Bella screaming against Edward, than running up the stair, screaming at me that she was leaving. First I thought that Cullen kid had hurt her, I was already imagining him behind bars when Bella confirmed she wasn't harmed but that the one to blame was Forks.

I tried to reason with her, asked her to at least wait for her mom to be home. I thought it worked but then I heard the heart breaking words that echoed from my past. "Just let me go, Charlie." First I thought it was just my memory but then it hit home that the words were coming from Bella. She ran out the door promising, like Renee had done, that she would call as soon as possible.

The next twenty four hours were pure hell. Pacing in front of the telephone, I spiralled down in misery. First I blamed myself for Bella's abrupt leaving, I should have been home more, I should have questioned this Edward Cullen more, I should have taken care of her more. After a few hours the blame lay with Edward Cullen.

Then a phone call came, it wasn't Bella but the doctor, Carlisle Cullen, he told me that he, Edward and his daughter Alice were going after Bella to talk some reason in her and getting her home safely.

When I think back to that phone call I still have to snort in irony. Safely home, yeah right. Ok, ok, I know I'm not being fair to them, Bella had got herself injured so many times that I couldn't blame them for this time. Fact was, if Edward Cullen had stayed away from Bella she wouldn't have ended up in a hospital bed and 2 months of a leg in plaster.

On the other side I was thankful to the Cullens for talking Bella into coming back to Forks. Or at least I was thankful to the doctor and Alice.

I still didn't like Edward, I expected Bella to break up with him, but some way their fight had only brought them closer to each other.

Alice proved to be an angel. When Bella got home she was practically helpless. The first day after she got home she wanted to take a shower, which was practically impossible. I winched at the thought of helping my almost adult daughter taking a shower, but as always Alice showed up at the right time. Alice helped Bella every day getting ready for school, she was really a good friend for Bella and my saviour.

She also got Bella to go to prom. Which was a surprise. I knew she was going with Edward, who I still didn't like, but I had never expected Bella to go in the first place.

It turned out that day that Bella had a lot off admirers. An other boy showed up at my door. I called Edward to tell him that he had to bring Bella back but I never got the chance. I was happy to see that Bella had other options besides him, maybe some day she would show up with a guy that was better for her.

Back then I knew that was false hope, Bella looked to much like me, make a decision and stick to it. But still a father an hope.