The author is not in any way into poems she's just really into ichiruki!! XD

Reminder: If you can, please don't cringe...

Their World Under the Sky

By: WingStockRelyon

The world revolves under the sky

Believing what they thought could be

Deep hopes in nameless faith so high

'Cause people fear that which they cannot see

They'd go on living just like the way they did

Unknown to many a world exists

When death falls upon a soul in weep

Must be brought to this world to say the least

We could say that he knows the truth so well,

That ghosts walk the path of the living still

'Twas when he knew the absolute truth

She brought it down with bunnies to boot

At first he couldn't afford to bother

'What the heck!' is all he could offer

He brushed it off like it was a thing so silly

Unbeknownst to the start of the tale of destiny

From that moment a monster came

Forged from a soul which heart's in vain

She altruistically dared and saved his life

Still the monster advanced in its great strife

She could not move let alone fight

She now asked him in an honest deliberate light

There was a single way out or so she meant

Decide now before all things end

He accepted with no amount of hesitation

The Death God's sword pierced his heart in silent desperation

And that was when the blade swung down

It ingrained in him a reason not to frown

Now there was absolutely no turning back.

Breaking rules for the sole reason of being right

He did not realize the rain stopped in just a night

He now found a ray of light.

Sure, the world revolves under the sky,

Under the same sky their lives entwined...

White moon, Death, and, Chappy...

Black sun with a touch of strawberry...

Power to protect and the worlds asunder,

Had all started from one simple accidental encounter.

Elyon's note:

I once thought that if there will come a time that I would write a poem, I would definitely like it to be deep, vague and not so full of, you know, *cringe* rhymes. But as you can read above, it didn't go on as planned. *exasperated sigh*

So leave a comment. I will definitely appreciate it till kingdom come ^_^


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