Scandalous White Day Surprise

By: WingStockRelyon


Tomorrow is white day and he couldn't sleep

He stumbled and turned while he's thinking deep

'What would I give her?!' his mind screamed at him loud

He'd like to tear out his hair 'cause no one's around

He wouldn't want to be a scumbag so mean

When tomorrow's day is due

To come up to her and say,

'Me don't have a gift for you.'

That would be so cruel, so wrong,

And simply idiotic to say

'Cause he wouldn't absolutely take it

If she'd been taken for granted worst on white day

'This is pathetic' he now muttered low

'Cause truly he will not give flowers on a bough

Candies and chocolates to him spells like 'lame'

And all other treats from sugar friggin' cane

He knew she would love to have chappy plushies all around

But for him that wouldn't seem fair

He certainly does not want to lose her to –

Some mere fluff of abominable hare

After spending almost all night long thinking,

What to give this certain shinigami with a mystic flair

He decided that a white ornament

Would look best in her most raven hair

If he do not want to sound sappy and stupid

Yeah that would exactly do

'Cause it will give quite a shock if he whispered

'There's a white palace waiting outside for you'

Tomorrow did come and he felt somewhat unease

One, two, three, four, the clock ticks on the wall

Waiting, he leaned into the wall waiting some more

Expecting her to emerge any time now from the closet door

After a moment she finally did come out

She pointedly stared at him as his eyes wandered about

A strange white package deliberately came into view

He shoved it to her muttering 'This is for you.'

She examined the object with deep curiosity

As he turned and looked away

On it was a note, scribbled neatly

That says: 'Wear this for the day.'

A moment of thick silence passed

A moment of tension filled the air

One, two, three, four, the clock ticks on the wall

From her stare he wanted to run, hide and coil

Her eyes glared daggers piercing right through his skull,

As purple irises grew shades darker and darker

He couldn't quite comprehend what gone wrong

She had the looks that clearly says 'Your life is over!'

Outside, two figures loom around listening for his impending doom

As they thought the situation couldn't get any better

They shamelessly listened as they held glasses on the wall of the room

Their foolish, ridiculous smiles couldn't get any goofier

He didn't know what just happened

He does not even got a clue

All he knew is that a large bump was forming on his head

To where the box hit him right on cue

His face mirrored her expression in a while

As he decided to take a look himself

He picked up the box and 'twas when he realized exactly

What he accidentally gotten for the elf

He didn't know what happened

But now he did got a clue

Some fools should be behind this

Even you dear readers already knew

Ichigo there's a delivered package downstairs

They said that it was gift wrapped as a bonus for this day

He should have been paid more attention should have been more careful

He could've saved himself from an awful lot of dismay

For Chrissakes and Oh, for the love of all effin' holy

There was absolutely hell to pay

'Cause what's inside the damnable box is no other than,

a piece of scandalous white lingerie.

Elyon's note:

This serves as a white day giveaway for the IchiRuki FC at the Bleachasylum, for the theme: White lingerie.

For some reason I had a 'write an IchiRuki poem syndrome' for weeks. (I don't know why). So thus the birth of this chapter let alone this whole IchiRuki poem collection.

Somehow, I think I still fail at my original intentions to make free verse prose kinds of poems. The amount of rhymes and the simplicity of the whole idea in this crack my bones.


Oh, and if you are wondering who the two figures are, they are Isshin and Hats 'n Clogs.

So, should I spare the world and stop writing poems? What do you think?