One Of Those Days.

Summary. . . . . . . . . . . It was just one of those days, one of those days where everyone just needed a bit of good news.

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The pain was unbearable, stabbing and knifing at his throat, and his ears, and his nose, but it was nothing compared to the stinging bite that ripped at his eyes causing tears to well, and his vision to become blurry and hazy before it shut down completely and everything became dark. He panicked then, unable to see, unable to hear, unable to breathe. He'd flailed around, his arms blocking any attempt to help him, his mind thinking everyone was there to hurt him. He couldn't understand. He didn't know what had gone so wrong. He'd only stopped for gas. Why had he been attacked? His brother was going to be pissed. As he thought of his sibling he couldn't help but try and call out for him, his mind forgetting he wasn't there as his body struggled more and more for life saving air, until it could no longer cope and it sent him into oblivion.

God, at times she really hated her job! If she wasn't fixing up drunks so that they could leave only to drown their sorrows in the nearest bar, she was pumping stomachs of druggies, or stitching up knife wounds on thirteen year old gang bangers. Not a day went by in her life without someone dying as a result of some sort of senseless action stemming from the gangs that ran rampant through the streets of this run down neighborhood, and each time it happened a little bit more of the love she had had for the job drained away with the blood that ran from their bodies.

She looked at the file in her hands, and thought about the patient it belonged to, and the viciousness of the attack he had been subjected to, and for what? Because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time? The latest victim of a gang that was steadily getting more and more sadistic in their attacks. She skimmed over the results of the MRI and the X-rays she had ordered, thankful that it seemed no bones had been broken despite the savage and brutish beating he had sustained, he had been lucky but she knew from experience that he would be in serious pain for a long time whilst the deep tissue bruising lessoned, she hoped he would have the support he would need to recuperate, but she had seen the fierce determination that emanated from what she presumed was his brother and knew that he would have. Good he really would need the help. She had also other emotions flitter across the features of the brother, mostly love and guilt, but in his green depths, anger and hatred, and she couldn't help but feel sorry for whoever those two were aimed at, somehow she knew though that soon she would find out.

Pushing her thoughts to the back of her mind and concentrated on her reading, finding information she had been looking for stored on the last page, a small smile gracing her lips for the first time that day. Closing the file and pulling it close to her chest, her arms wrapping around it as though she was scared to let go and lose the small amount of happy news in her otherwise crappy day. With a small whoop of joy to herself, she began to move towards one of the beds towards the back of the emergency room, it's curtains closed tightly around it. Once she arrived she reached up to push the material aside, only to stop as she heard voices coming from inside.

"What'll we do Dean? What'll we do if this is permanent? I can't hunt like this. I can't research like this. I'll be useless to you. Nothing more than a burden."

"Stop it Sammy! It wont come to that. Everything will be fine, you'll see. That doc is gonna come in here anytime now and she's gonna have nothing but good news. You'll see."

"But what if she doesn't Dean? I can't see shit man. What if. . . . . . . . . . . .what if. . . . . . . . . . . . ."

"You gotta calm down baby brother. You heard what she said. You swallowed a bit of that shit they threw onto you. You might have damaged your lungs. Keep the mask on, it's there to help, please Sammy."

She could hear movement as she guessed the pushed aside mask was once more placed upon a face that desperately needed the help, knowing she was right when the next words came across muffled.

"I'm scared Dean. I can't see. This is the only life I know now, and if I can't see then I don't even have that. There'll be nothing left for me to carry on for."

"Don't you say that! Don't you dare say that! I know you're scared, I know Sam, but I promise everything will be okay, and if it's not then we'll figure something out. I wont leave you alone in this Sam, you'rethe only family I have left. Now get some rest, I promise I'll wake you when she gets here."

Knowing that rest was the best thing for her patient at the moment, but also figuring it wouldn't be nearly restful enough if he was still worrying about the results, she pushed back the curtain and stepped into the room.

"Mr. Bonham, before you take the much needed rest your brother suggests, I have the results back from your tests." She watched as two green eyes look expectantly towards her, the shiny orbs seeming to beg her for good news, and one bruised and battered face turned towards where it thought she might be standing, the skin around two bloodshot hazel orbs blistered and red raw, an irritation that was spread across his normally handsome features, and her heart went to him for the pain he must be feeling. She jumped slightly as a hand rested upon her arm, bringing her out of her thoughts.

"Doc, you're kinda scaring the crap outta Sammy here, you wanna share the news?"

"I'm sorry Mr. Bonham, I guess I'm just not used to this." She regretted the words she had spoken as both men seemed to pale significantly and wilt before her. "Oh crap!" She stated, her professionalism leaving her in front of these two strangers. "What I should have said was that I'm not used to giving out good news working here, but today I'm so pleased that I can." She allowed her words to sink in before adding. "Sam, I'm pleased to say that there are no broken bones visible in the x-rays, although I have no doubt that you will be extremely sore for the next few days, and I would recommend lots of bed rest. I'm also pleased to say that there seems to be no indication of permanent damage from the gasoline to your eyes." She smiled as the two men slumped in relief from her words this time.

"So I'm not blind?" Sam eventually asked as tears fell from his inflamed eyes.

"No Sam, you're not blind." She couldn't help her own smile from beaming as she took in the one that crossed Sam's face and emphasized his deep dimples. She turned to the brother who still standing at Sam's side, his hand gripped around his siblings, and marveled at the strength and togetherness that one gesture created. "Mr. Bonham."

"Dean, it's just Dean."

"We'd like to keep Sam in overnight for observation, just to keep rinsing his eyes and the surrounding area, and also to make sure there's no complications from the small amount of gas he swallowed. But baring any setbacks he will be released tomorrow morning. Because of the distress temporary blindness can cause I'm going to recommend you stay with him, although I doubt I would be able to get you to leave even if I wanted you too. I'll leave you now as we'll be moving him up to a room in a few minutes and I need to write some instructions down before I pass the case on. Good luck Sam, and for what it's worth I'm sorry that a visit to our town has resulted in this, maybe if you ever pass through again we'll have finally dealt with all the crap that's polluting our streets."

With those thoughts lingering in the air, she stepped back out of the curtain. Yeah, some days she really hated her job, really hated this town, but some days, those rare few days she got to deliver good news, she wouldn't trade it for the world.

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