One Of Those Days.

Summary. . . . . . . . . . . It was just one of those days, one of those days where everyone just needed a bit of good news.

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Dean stole a quick look at his brother sleeping, peacefully for the first time since this whole incident happened, in the passenger seat beside him. He looked back at the road as his anger grew into a rage, a rage that was aimed at the bastards that had done this senseless and random act of violence. He knew he needed to calm down, could feel the car speeding along driven by his heavier than normal foot. Pulling his foot back, he released his white knuckled grip on the steering wheel, removing one hand completely to flex the cramping muscles and seeing just how tight he had been holding on by the pattern of the leather imprinted upon his palm.

Steeling another quick glance at his brother, he took in the weeping blisters and redness that littered his otherwise pale features, Sam's usual healthy tan having disappeared over the previous days as he struggled to battle back to health. Dean could see the stark bruises peeking out from beneath the red, bruises he knew also coated his brother's frame. He released the breath he had been holding in as he thought of how close a call this one had been, and dragged in another deep one quickly, breathing it out on a huge sigh of relief. The events of the past three days were finally catching up with him, draining all of his energy until he felt he was running on empty, his body little more than a shell. Complications arising from Sam's attack had extended the overnight stay to a three night one, due to his overtaxed lungs. This whole week was one he wished he could forget, or if he couldn't forget, maybe turn back time and erase it completely.

It was Dean himself who had insisted upon stopping in, insisted that they needed a break from everything, insisted on stopping in that place, a place they would normally have driven right through. It was Dean who, on their second night there, had insisted Sam be the one who filled the car whilst he had gone to get food from the diner around the corner, his mind on amazing pie and the petite brunette with the big. . . . . . . . he had spotted there last night, and yet it was Sam who had paid the price, Sam who had fallen victim to those mindless thugs, Sam who was now sleeping next to him hoping that when he woke up he could see again, Sam who the doctors thought would have problems with his lungs for months to come. Dean swore as that reminder re-entered his mind, his fist pummeling the steering wheel in anger as he thought of the suffering Sam had endured, and the suffering he still had to come.

He wanted to turn back around and hunt those bastards down, wanted to extract his own form of justice upon those who had hurt his brother so badly, but as Sam seemed to feel his anger and chose that moment to shift beside him, a small cry of pain leaving his body, Dean knew that his vengeance would have to wait. Sam needed somewhere to sleep, somewhere he could stretch out and get the rest he needed to recover, and with his brother's eyes still troubling him Dean knew he wouldn't be leaving him alone anytime soon. As a neon sign came into his line of sight, advertising what looked to be a reasonably clean motel, Dean smiled for the first time in days. Maybe he wouldn't have to wait after all.

Getting a room cheap had been easy, the elderly owners having seen a report of Sam's attack on the news and recognizing Dean had readily offered one of their best rooms at a next to nothing rate. Getting Sam settled had been easy too, his brother exhausted from just walking from the car to the room, making it easier for Dean to slip him the stronger pain pills Sam usually would have baulked at, the stronger pain pills that would knock out a horse for the next twenty four hours. Dean had felt a twang of guilt at leaving Sam alone as he locked the door behind him, but the remembrance of returning to the gas station, of seeing his brother dripping wet and gasping for air on bended knees, of seeing what he presumed was the leader of the gang poised ready with a lit lighter in hand, of thinking just how much worse things could have been had he not dropped the bags and shouted his protest at the same time as an elderly man from across the street did the same thing, both men drawing guns and advancing, causing the gang to retreat; they all reminded him of what he could have lost, and the guilt he was feeling left, to be replaced by cold hard fury.

He moved away from the door and stepped quickly towards the Impala, the need to get some justice consuming him once more. He opened the door and went to get inside, stopping as the elderly owners left their office to come out to him.

"You're goin' after them that hurt yours?" The woman asked.

"Yes." Dean replied, not knowing why he felt safe telling them the truth.

"Good luck, but be careful, that boy needs his brother. Don't you be worryin' yerself about him, focus on what needs t' be done. I'll keep me eyes on him till ya get back."

Again unsure why he trusted these folks, but knowing that he could do so, Dean climbed inside, gunned the engine and drove back into the nightmare town.

Finding the gang turned out to be just as easy as finding the motel room and getting Sam to settle, the townsfolk readily giving him information, wanting someone else to come along and take care of the gang that was creating so many problems for them. Dean had bided his time, waiting and picking off members one by one, until the gang began to get concerned, relying on his years of training once they did so to take care of all the rest until there was only the leader left.

He forced his bruised and battered body to take one last stand, pushing it well beyond it's limits in order to take the leader down, making sure it would be a very long time until he ever felt the urge to hurt anyone again. He lurched back to the Impala, as the police and paramedics showed up, reclining across the front bench seat and trying to recharge his body for the journey back to Sam, unable to stop his eyes from drooping and sleep claiming him as the last week, and the recent battles his body had gone through joined together to exhaust him completely; his eyes barely opening as he heard the familiar squeak of the Impala's door opening, the doctor's face entering the opening.

"Move over." She demanded, her anger rising as she saw the damage that had been done to him.

"Why?" Dean inquired, but moving none the less, knowing that he wasn't in any fit state to drive and wanting to get back to Sam.

"Evie and James Potter called me and told me you might be needing my help. Dan Turner told me where to look for you." At seeing Dean's confused look she added. "The motel owners, and the elderly gentleman from the gas station. I told the Potter's to be on the lookout for you, figured that would be the way out of town you would take, and knew that you wouldn't travel very far with Sam as he is. I also figured that you would want revenge, so I told Dan to call when he saw you in town. Now do you want a lift back to Sam, or are you going to leave him there to wake up to unfamiliar faces?"

Dean reluctantly handed over the keys, knowing he had no choice, knowing that there was no way he would allow a blind Sam to wake up without him being there. He sank into the accustomed and comforting leather as she drove him back to his brother, this chapter of their life finally over, a new one just about to begin. Sam would get well again, live would return to normal, and whilst this town would always be associated with the horror of Sam's attack, it would no longer be avoided, there was four good reasons to come back sometime.

The End.

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