My first Chapter, it's serious but hopefully in the next few chapters it will become funnier and more adult, that why i have given it an M rating

Chapter 1 Revelation

Oh no, I'll be right there" came a cry from the kitchen.

Suddenly Brian came running in frantically and shouted, "Jaspers in the hospital, he was on his way over here when he was in a serious accident, they think he may not make it through the night, oh I've got to go and see him."

"Okay" said Lois in a obviously apologetic voice "but take Stewie I have loads off lessons today and I can't be dealing with him he's being really needy today"

"Fine, where is he, oh there you are come on you are coming with me to the hospital" said Brian in a panicked tone.

After finding Jasper's room, the doctor told Brain that he had suffered near fatal spinal damage in the accident and there was very little chance of him recovering, "as his nearest relative, that can speak English, it is up to you to decide whether to pull the plug on his life support, but before making your decision I should tell you that even if he does recover he will be no more than a vegetable"

"Oh, it'll be better if you just pull the plug" it was evident to Stewie that Brian was holding back tears, "I'll miss you jasper" suddenly Brian burst into tears.

Suddenly Stewie felt like a mother and could only bring himself to comfort Brian " Come o-" Stewie was cut short, by Brian pushing him aside rushing out of the room, "what the Fuck, I'm only six I can't go home without him, oh this is worse than the time I was left at that club by Dominique" (Cut away)

(Now at the drunken clam)

Brian was sitting next to the bar when Peter walked up to him, "how you holding up bud", Brian couldn't answer through the tears but then Peter notices the masses of shot glasses piling up next to him, peter tried to cheer Brian up saying " hey, keep it up and you'll be kicking the bucket too eh"

Brian then ran out the door before Peter could explain "How did that upset him I thought he would want to be back with him, god I have definitely lost it, just like Mayor west"

Brian had decided to drive home drunk, "drunk and emotional wreck" he thought to himself "god am I as stupid as Peter, oh who gives a damn", whilst driving home, He found keeping himself awake was the biggest problem he faced, "what's the point", he willingly obeyed his body.

"Brian you're awake, oh we thought we were going to lose you" came the all too familiar voice of Lois, Brian decided to try and sit up, but the pain was excruciating, he gave up quicker then he began.

It was about midday, on the day after his seemingly fatal crash into Goldmans pharmacy, "where am I" wheezed a drowsy Brian.

"You're at the hospital, you were in a serious car crash and we thought you were going to die" cried an obviously relieved Meg.

"Well we had better leave Brian to get some rest, I'm sure I need some"

As the others left the room, a totally invisible to that point Stewie, "what's up B-ri, how ya feeling"

"well I've just woken after a serious car accident, I'm the last person in my family so yeah I'm fine" Sighed a depressed Brian "why didn't I die it'd been better, my life is meaningless" tears then began pouring out of his eyes.

"Now don't be like that, you matter to us lot, and much more to me, than even Rupert"

Brian knew that Rupert meant the world to Stewie and if he lost him he probably be in the same state as himself, suddenly Stewie jumped onto the bed leant over and kissed Brian on the fore head.

"Stewie, there you are I thought I'd lost you" came a voice from outside, they both turned to see the person that had made the voice, it turned out it was Lois who then scooped Stewie into her arms and swept him away after the family.

Brian had just realized that he no longer felt depressed; "Nurse" Brian called "do you know if DR Capland is working today"

"Hmm, I don't know, I could go and check for you if you want" replied the nurse.

"Yes please, and can you ask him to come to my room I need to speak to him", Brian had thought that the events of the day would leave him depressed for life but he was now feeling, though he wished it was not true, happy.

"Well, Brian, tell me what has happened" asked a concerned psychiatrist.

Brian then told Doctor Caplan, what had happened and finished by saying "…then Stewie kissed me, then he was taken away by his mother and then I sent for you 'cos I was happy"

"Okay how did you feel immediately after Stewie had kissed you?"

"To be honest happy, for some reason I had the same shiver that I always have when Lois is near me which was weird"

"Okay, I have a feeling that you could be a repressed Homosexual, before you interrupt let me explain what that means, everyone has an inset sexuality and most people who ignore this inbuilt urge are more susceptible to depression and other mental issues''

"Oh my god, so you're saying that I'm actually gay, hang on hang on, that doesn't explain why I'm no longer depressed." Brian said with his mind racing after what he had just heard.

"It does, when Stewie kissed you, you became aroused and your feelings came clearer, also there is something else, something simple."


"You love Stewie and I'm guessing he loves you"

Hopefully that has got you wanting to read on and i will put the other chapters up when i am finished with them