Brian awoke the next morning, he rolled over expecting to see his blue haired partner lying beside him, however, all that was there were some ruffled sheets. Brian was very worried, that was until he heard a cry of "Holy shit, not again" coming from down stairs. He quickly put on a pair of trousers and went downstairs. He opened the door to the kitchen and was imediately hit with a wall of smoke. He coughed, which alerted Iggy to his entrance. "Oh heya honey, tip for the future, do not let me make anything that involves cooking"

"Isn't that pretty much everything?" Brian asked.

"Yeah, I have a thingamajig like things with those things in it, i always forget to take it out" Answered Iggy.

"Right, that is the oddest way I have heard someone explain their bad memory" Said Brian.

"Huh?" Said Iggy, Brian hoped that Iggy was speaking sarcastically and was attempting to build on his poor memory, however, "I don't get it?"

"You have got to be kidding me!" Brian laughed.

"I no mean to" Iggy cowered behind the oven, Brian was so awed by that action that he forgot what had started this and ran over to him and hugged him. The pair felt secure with each other in this way. They gently kissed one an other. Even though Brian was no longer purely looking for a sexual thrill, nothing could tame the wild instincts that were inbuilt into every individual.

He pushed Iggy to the floor "why are you so hot" exclaimed Brian, he pressed his mouth onto Iggys and made his tongue penetrate his partners mouth. After a few moments, Brian sat up and removed Iggys boxers. He fondled Iggys penis until it became hard, at this point he was so aroused he just wanted anything to happen, he decided that he'd see what all the fuss was about with oral sex. He gradually inserted the penis into his mouth. At first he found it a challenge, but after a while sexual desire took over.

He engulfed it whole and licked around the cylinder, this caused Iggy to groan "Oh my, why did I not make you do this earlier? This is the best blow job I have ever had" The groans suddenly increased in pitch and volume "I hope you like the taste" Iggy said, he had had enough, the pleasure was so intense bringing on orgasm, Iggy racked his brains trying to remember such a good orgasm. He looked up, towards his partner, he had expected to see Brian at the sink rinsing his mouth and shouting at him in the vain of "That was disgusting", however, he sound Brian sitting there spinning his tongue around his mouth.

"People who don't like that must have no taste buds, that was nice" Brian said in a matter of fact tone.

"That is odd, normally it is a aquired taste." Iggy said.

"I don't know, all I know is, I want more" Brian said, Iggy hatched a plan. he pounced on Brian and removed his trousers, instead of Brians hesitant entry, he engulfed it whole without a single issue. To Brians shock, after the initial deepthroating, he moved up so that only the top half was in his mouth.

He continued as he was, moving up and down the length and licking around. A long deep groan from Brian and a sudden increase in temperature in his mouth indicated to Iggy that Brian had climaxed. He got up and pushed Brians shoulders to the floor and pushed his own mouth against Brians. He enticed Brians mouth open and pushed the fluid from his mouth into his partners. He sat up and watched Brians smile broaden and eyes widen. "That is snowballing, how did you not know of that?"

"Because I didn't think" Explained Brian.

"Let me meet them, they will be ok with it I'm sure" Brian was heading home, Iggy was trying to persuade Brian to introduce him to his family, After the fiasco of the day before, Brian was undoubtibly hesitant.

"But what happens if they don't?" Brian asked

"I have met my mother, she's really bad, if they're even half as bad I'd be shocked"

"Fine, I'll take you" Brian sighed, on the drive over, Brian just became more nervous. As he opened the door, he was visbly shaking. Unfortunately for him, everyone was in the front room.

Lois was the first to turn around and greet Brian, "Hey Bri" she was cut short as she'd spotted the dog standing next to Brian. She had never seen such a beautiful dog in her lifetime, she went over to Iggy to introduce her self "Hi, I'm Lois, and you are?"

"I'm Iggy, Brians boyfriend" Iggy said, Brians eyes widened and he began to blush

"Brian, is it really?" Asked Peter

Brian looked down at his shoes before simply nodding. "Ah sweet" Peter ran over Iggy and took his hand "you've bagged your some a special on with Brian"

Brian was shocked at this response, he had anticipated a much worse one "So, your ok with this?" Brian asked the family. The Griffin children nodded, as did Peter.

"Yes, of course we are, why wouldn't we be?" Lois asked in reply.

"You made it out yesterday as if you were against it" replied Brian.

"Buddy, come on, we don't care who your banging"

"Thanks guys, this means alot"

"Iggy, would you like to stay for dinner, I'm a making my special dish. Noodle Kaboodle" Asked Lois.

"That'd be great, be nice to get to know my boyfriends family" Iggy smiled widely.

After dinner went, Brian went down to the basement. After he entered, the door closed suddenly. He turned around to see Stewie standing there. "What the hell Brian, I thought you were just going to get laid, not enter a fricking relationship." Shouted an angry Stewie.

"Stewie, relax. He'll be dead before long, then we can be together."

"I suppose, but you love him, don't you?"

"well, yes. But what has that got to do with anything?" Asked

"You'll see, you'll see the day you ask me to save his life, before he dies, meaning that you and me will never happen." Stewie left the room in a storm, leaving a shell shocked Brian behind, wondering.